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Lookbook: ASOS Pleated Shift Dress in UK6

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First of all, if you haven't noticed, I recently put Google Translator on my blog. I think it's a coolest feature ever. I put it there so that international readers can easily translate this blog to their languages (all you have to do is click on the drop-down list and select your language). This feature is dedicated to some of my friends who still live back home. With this neat tool, they can easier translate this blog to Vietnamese and fully understand my passion for fashion

Today, I am reviewing my second dress from my ASOS order. Like I said in my previous post, I am very happy with this purchase. Their styles are interesting and different. The prices are so affordable. Even though I didn't get either free shipping or free return but I ain't complaint! The second dress from my order is ASOS Pleated Shift Dress in UK6. Click here to read more..

This is a simple and classic shift dress. It has sleeveless with pleated details throughout. This dress is made out of 100% cotton therefore it is very comfortable and easy to wear. What makes the dress interesting is that it has a square pleated neckline and it also has an exposed back zipper. I also like its colour. Coral is not something I would typically get.

With belt vs. without belt

I ordered this dress in regular UK6 and once again, it fits me really nicely. I wish I have a white blazer to pair with this dress. It would be a cute combination for work during summer. Since this dress is made out of cotton, it shrinks quite a bit. When I first got it, I try it on with and without the belt. Personally I don’t think belt would look right with that dress (because of the pleats) but I posted the pictures anyway. What do you guys think?

Getting fancy here :)

Unfortunately, this dress is no longer available. I guess free shipping both ways does generate sales for retailers. Has anyone take advantage of free shipping both ways? I haven't place another order yet but I am sure it'll happen soon. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Verdict: Happily to keep!




Oh I LOVE that color!! Don't you just love Asos?!


$13??? Great deal! I actually like it with the belt - maybe a different colour?

Coral looks beautiful on you.


Score!! That dress is fabulous on you and hello- amazing price. :) xo- karrie


I actually don't like it with the belt either! There is enough interest and focus around the waist because of the horizontal pleats. I love the neckline, so unusual! I think coral is often unexperimented amongst asians but what a shame, it looks awesome on you!


wow that is an awesome deal! i'm thinking about getting a dress too from asos, but it's $70....and it's for a black tie event. Not sure if I wanna fork out $70 f0r a one time wear. thanks for sharing!


I think the dress looks nice with a belt, but I'd suggest to use a wider belt...otherwise the thin belt get lost in there with the pleats ;-)

mich LA

OMG you totally scored with this dress! The pleats and neckline are absolutely gorgeous. I've only ordered from ASOS once before because it takes so long to scroll through everything the have, but will definitely be looking around more often.

Agreed with curls and pearls that the coral is beautiful on you! It's one of my favorite colors to wear, but so hard to find!


What?? $13? How are you finding all these deals! I actually posted a link to this dress a while back but didn't keep checking to see if it was on further sale. Also a 6 works on you because you're taller but us shorties probably need petites for sure.

I also agree coral is nice on you just need Coral Reef "super lustrous" lip gloss from revlon to go with this! I'm wearing it right now and love looks just as vibrant as your dress.

aradhana x3

I like the dress both ways! Just, if you wore a belt, I would recommend wearing a different pair of shoes so that the colors are more coordinated? Unless you're planning on throwing on a white sweater/blazer/whatever, then the white shoes make sense.


I think you could wear it either way for a different look/mixing and matching. It's a great buy though!


I think it looks amazing on you! I like without belt best, actually. And that's a great mark down!


oh wow! i totally love the color on you, it's so adorable :)


i actually like this belted :) what a great deal!

The Little Dust Princess

Wow, $13 is a steal! I love the colour of the dress and pairing it with a white blazer is a great idea. I guess a white blazer is next on your list. ; )

Really Petite

What a total score!!!! I like it with the belt! You have had such good luck with ASOS!


I love this color!!!

Pop Champagne

wow that's super cheap dress. and it looks so fabon you too. man I need to visit asos, i hear so many great reviews on it.


I love the color, the price is a steal too! I have only ordered from ASOS once but it was quite a smooth transaction. I was too busy to check out their offerings when they had free shipping so I guess I'll hold out for their next promotion. Thanks for the review.


Goodness, that is an awesome deal. I like the way you wore it with a belt.


oooh new blog layout. I like!

I can't believe people haven't tried out coral. I am addicted to anything coral or seafoam green. My fave combo is coral anything with turquoise jewelry.

This dress looks so good on you. I have a feeling though we are about the same size, I would still need to order a size down.

There's one more dress left right?! Again, sooo excited!

btw, is it $13 USD or GBP (£)?


I agree with everyone that corol looks nice against my skintone. This is the first and only coral dress I own. I am very basic when it comes to colour.

@AubreyOhDang: The dress is $13.00 USD (appx. 9GBP? I think). Yes, there is one more dress. I didn't mean to break up the order into 3 posts but I have been super busy for the past few days. I have no time to take pictures. It'll be up this week :)


Oh I actually like that you have been breaking down your ASOS purchases into 3 different posts, letting each dress get its own spotlight. I like the suspense and it gets me excited coming back to your page to check in. No pressure.

Thanks for the currency clarification.

Hayley Golightly Style

I love that dress! The color is so perfect! Omg asos is so amazing, they have the cutest stuff! The dress looks great on you!

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