Monday, October 18, 2010

Hello from DC

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I hope Monday is going well for you. This week, I am travelling to Washington DC for work. Even though it is business related, I am still very excited to visit DC. The hotel I am staying is within walk distance of the White House and the Capitol Building. Today is my first day of training. I really enjoyed the course and the instructor. I did pretty well on my first test (one down, four more to go). After the training, I decided to explore the city. Here are few pictures I took this evening.
China Town -  Washington DC

I was hoping to find some cute little toys at China Town for little one but there wasn’t any. It was kind of interesting to see LOFT's sign written in Chinese. There isn't much of a Chinatown in DC. While I was there, it wouldn't be complete without shopping. I walked into a HUGE F21 store. It is probably the biggest store I have ever seen. I really don’t know how many levels it has. I didn’t really shop. I walked around the store and left feeling overwhelmed. Right next door is another massive H&M. Retail stores are scattered throughout the area. I didn’t end up getting anything but it was fun to exploring the city.

Forever21 - Downtown Washington DC

I planned to take the metro and visit Georgetown tomorrow after the training. I have never been on the Metro before but I'd like to experience the metro system while I am here. Few readers have recommended places to shop in Georgetown and also the “must-have” Georgetown cupcakes. Although I hate being away from home but I enjoy visiting and exploring new cities while traveling for work



Have a ton of fun while you are there! That is really neat about the LOFT signs being in Chinese. You should go to the Smithsonian if you like museums, it's a great one.


Hope you have a great trip with good training! If you are looking for good Asian food, check out Rockville along Rockville Pike ( a little north of DC) for places like A&J (Chinese) and Bob's Noodle 66 (Taiwanese).

The Domestic Princess

I'm glad to hear your having a great trip and you made it safe ;) Be glad your not in the office this week

Lisa - respect the shoes

Have fun at DC - Georgetown is really THE place to visit in DC - tons of shops running the price gamut!


OH how fun! Even if you see the same stores, it's always fun to see them in different settings and just fun in general to explore! Take lots of pics!


DC looks great! I haven't been there since '95 yeesh xD


Thanks for sharing the DC pics! That store would overwhelm me, too. We just got a new F21 where a department store used to be located, so you can imagine how huge that is. Still have not gone in there!

Good luck on the rest of your tests!

The Little Dust Princess

Omigosh, I actually took photos with that Chinatown entrance before. haha :D Wow, that Forever 21 looks huge! I think there's one in Las Vegas that's really really big as well! Hope you have fun in DC : ) Take lots of photos (even though you're there for work)! haha

xx The Little Dust Princess


looks like fun! i like traveling every now and then for business. its nice to travel on someone else' dime. hehehe. i always like going to the same stores too even if i'm in a different city, i feel like they always tend to have different stuff.


WOW That is a HUGE F21!!!! mmmm have a cupcake for me please!

Have a good trip, try and enjoy while you're there :)


@TinyInTX: I am planning to go to the Smithsonian this week. People recommended it and it's also free :)
@SewPetiteGal: Thanks for your tips! I was looking for Chinese food earlier but couldn't make up my mind where to eat. I ended up with room service which wasn't too bad either
@Christy: You bet you're super busy at the office this week. I'll bring you back some cupcakes :)
@Lisa: That's what I've heard. I planned to go there tomorrow
@Michelle: Thanks so much. I am sure my brain will work to its max this week.
@Ping: LOL I feel the same way. I am sure I'll gain a few pounds this week with all the food and drink they have at the conference
@Curls-and-pearls: Thanks girl! I am sure I'll have more than one


Glad to hear you get a chance to take a small tour of D.C. while on business trip. I have never been there and would love to visit one day. Thanks for the pictures. Have a great trip :)


Would you believe I've lived close to DC my entire life and have never been to the massive Forever 21/H&M?! Georgetown is a definite must! There's no metro stop, but you can get off at the Rosslyn stop and walk across the bridge (takes about 15 mins), or there are shuttle buses right outside that'll take you in (sorry if this is something you already know!). One thing that's a pet peeve of locals is tourists standing on the left side of the escalator, especially during rush hour, everyone is in a hurry to get places, so be careful and stand on the right. I thought Georgetown Cupcakes was only mehhh... but the line is always soooo long when I pass by. Hope you have a good time and post more pics!


Lol... the LOFT Chinese characters actually spell out "Ann Taylor" phonetically (An Tai Le). Hope you have a good trip and find some good buys! :)

The Girlie Blog

Have a good time in D.C. Georgetown is fun at night ;O)


Hey Sydney! I feel like I should know DC better but instead I'm like a tourist whenever I go into the city! haha. Georgetown is mainly for shopping, there aren't any sightseeing spots I can think of. It overlooks the Potomac and there's a path to walk along the river, so that might be worth checking out. Oh! Be careful of the cab system, they charge by zones, so depending on where you're coming from, it could get expensive even for a 10 min ride.

Elizabeth W

If you have any free time during the day, check out the old post office tower. It's free and a GREAT view of the whole city. It's near the White House, so it shouldn't be too far.

Pop Champagne

sounds like a great time! I love going to new cities too, since my city doesn't really have a lot of stores and selection


So cool! Thanks for posting these pictures. I would love to shop in those huge stores, they sound really awesome!! Hope you have fun exploring the rest of the time that you're there and a safe trip home.

20 York Street

I've never been to DC but I am hoping they send me for work too! So, you have to go through training for work? Nice location though, right?


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I was just in DC too! Loved it. I walked around the Chinatown area too and thought the same thing about the signs being written in Chinese.

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