Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Meeting up with a reader

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How's everyone doing? I had a pretty good day. Training is going well. I took my third test today (two more to go). Remember I talked about taking the Metro to Georgetown in this post. I changed my mind and took a bus instead. I got on the wrong bus twice from/to Georgetown. Thank goodness, I asked the bus driver before he took off. Anyway, I made it to Georgetown last night. I had a chance to visit the shops at Georgetown Parks, had dinner at the Vietnamese restaurant and most importantly, visit the "must- have" cupcakes that everyone was talking about. I walked up to the corner of Georgetown cupcakes and there was a line at 7:00pm. I had to wait for about 5 minutes outside to get in. I guess the wait is worth it. Here is the picture I took (FB friends have already seen this photo). I got myself two cupcakes. They were pretty tasty but I have to say that I had better cupcakes before. That was yesterday…

Today, I took a cab to Friendship Heights and meet up with one of my readers after training. She doesn't have a blog but she followed some of the petite fashion blogs. She had lots of good things to say about the petite community. She said she has learned how to coordinate different colors, patterns, and accessories by reading the petite fashion blogs. We walked around from store to store and chatted for a good 2 hours. The only thing I bought today is this LOFTchunky tweed skirt. I am sure everyone has seen enough of LOFT lately so I am not going to model it. The skirt fits really nicely. I have been eyeing that skirt for awhile. It is such a nice piece to have for Winter. It costs $25.00 (after 50% discount – was $69.50). I got it in 00P and it fits like a glove. I think I have seen two of the 00P in store today which is rare
After walking around and chatting for 2 hours, we stopped by Cheesecake Factory and had dinner. It's time to say goodbye and I took a cab back to the hotel. This is my first time meeting up with a reader/blogger. She gave me all kind of useful tips in terms of how to get around DC, places to eat, attractions to visit. We are also very close in age. I had a good time and really enjoyed her company.

Readers, have you had a chance to meet any of your fellow bloggers?



Great find on that skirt. 00P was sold out in my local store when it was full price!

How fun that you got to meet up with a reader. Do we get to know who it is? I think from the comments on others blogs two readers come to mind who live in the DC area : ) I met up with one too a while back outside of a LOFT as well!


ahh what a wonderful find!! it looks cute and i'm sure its even cuter on you. such a good deal too. i love meeting up with fellow bloggers, i wished all the petite bloggers were in close proximity!


Lol... I have that skirt also, but not at such a good price. It doesn't fit me that well so I'm still on the fence about it. Like you said, I think everyone probably has LOFT fatigue so haven't been motivated to take pics for the blog either. I haven't met up with any readers, but got to meet Kelly from AN a while back and that was really fun (especially since I got my Ann Taylor porcini pumps in the right size thanks to her!).


You just HAD to post cupcake pictures?! There is nothing in my house right now that will satisfy the craving that you just brought upon me! :p

Awesome LOFT find!

I have not met up with anyone yet, but I say we all have a petite party here in Vegas. :p


@PAG: I was suprised to see 2 of that skirt in 00P in store today. I know it has been around for a while. You probably know who she is if you remember the one who asked you about the petite trenches. I forgot to share this story. It was kind of funny that we walked around BR trying to look for the blazer that Kelly reviewed. We kept saying to each other "I know exactly what you're talking about, I've seen it in this blog and that blog". We also checkout your perfect leather pumps at AT. Those shoes got marked down to $99.00.

@Ping: At least you are friend with Sophia :) None of my readers are from Ohio (not even close)

@PetiteXXS: It fits me perfectly so I can see why it doesn't fit you well. It was such a fun experience for me too

@Michelle: I think it's pretty good idea. Maybe we'll have a blogger meet up party in Vegas.

mich LA

OMG the cupcakes! I was just in DC in April and completely missed the boat on that place! I love the way they are stacked on cupcake holders instead of in the regular glass case that most places have them. :)

That skirt is super cute and such a score for $25! I just bought a similar looking one from BR since the tweed is a little more fall-friendly. Can't wait to see it on you!


cute tweed skirt! can't wait to see it on you


This is a totally late reply sorry! I didn't get around to read my comments till now but I really like the UD primer potion. It does make my shadow last longer and does make the shadows pop more.

The cupcakes look divine. {*drool} I'm a cupcake queen. I can't deny sweets.
Sounds like you had an amazing time meeting a reader of your blog. Making new friends who have the same interest as you is always a fun thing to do. I've actually had the opportunity to meet a few fellow bloggers not too long ago.

Although I'm not petite I do get a lot of outfit tips from reading the petite bloggers blogs. I'm horrible at mix and matching and you guys have inspired me in so many ways.

<3s Serena.


It's awesome that you met a reader IRL, it always gives you a different perspective of your blog. The tweed skirt is such a great find! And cupcakes, who doesn't love cupcakes? Sound like you had a great day! =)

The Girlie Blog

So cool you get to spend time with your reader! Hope you had fun. The skirt is lovely.


@Michelle, I'm always down for a Vegas trip! whooo!!!

I tried to get a SD petite bloggers & followers meet-up going. failed. I hope to see Kelly someday since she is now in SD.

but I must admit, you might be the only Ohio blogger I know/follow.


What a cute find, I saw that skirt too but didn't try it on, which, in retrospect, was probably not a stupid decision. And those are making my mouth water. And the petite blogger/reader meet up sounds so fun. One day I'll get to meet all of you, I am sure. :)


So lucky you were able to snag that skirt! They didn't have any size 00P left at my store but I was pretty happy with the ribbon waistband one that I did find. I love that tweed material and I can't wait to see it on you!

And how fun that you were able to meet up with a fellow reader!! That would make traveling so much more fun.


Hey Sydney! Just saw your post on my blog. I can definitely send you pictures of the purse if you don't mind giving me your email address :)



that cupcake store looks so fun! so can you just pick out whichever you kind you want off of the stands? or are those just for show?

Pop Champagne

wow the skirt is a nice find! congrats. and those cupcakes are so adorable, I think I can eat half a dozen of those at one sitting :)


Sounds like you are having a lot of fun in DC! I envy you. And what fun to meet up with a reader!

I bought the same skirt since $25 was too hard to resist. :)


That place is like a cupcake paradise!!!!!

So nice you got to meet up with your reader. I used to arrange two "meet and greet" events with my members when I ran a website ages ago. It was so much fun. Hope you have a wonderful tome for the rest of your trip.


I'm an Ohio reader :)

That skirt is so cute - can't wait to see how you wear it!

Good luck with the rest of your tests and hope you have a safe trip home!


how fun!!! The cupcakes look so delish. Glad you are having a great time in DC.

la petite fashionista

what a cute cupcake store! & i love the LOFT skirt! perfect for fall

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it was great meeting up with you =) i'm so glad you found that great deal and chatting away about petite blogger "friends" we have in common was so much fun! hope you get to go to pizza paradiso and eden center... lemme know how your weekend goes!


oh such cute cupcakes!! and the skirt is just perfect, i can imagine, for the autumn weather :)


Awww, I was hoping for the skirt to go on sale with that size! Too bad there isn't any online but I might try my luck in stores.

And those cupcakes, hoooh-my they look so delectable!

missy s

its a nice feeling to meet a blogger/reader! :) especially of you share a lot in common <3 <3 and its good to know shes inspired withb your community.


Hey1 I ust found your blog and I gotta say that your blog is amazing!

I am following it and I hope you will follow mine too!



How fun!!! I always love meeting up with new people!

Really Petite

Oh how fun and brave of you! I haven't done it yet but it would be awesome to meet readers/bloggers!!!

And awe............I am sooooooooooo jealous of you finding that skirt!! Darn it!!! I have been hunting that down!

its simple love

That is so cool! and what a perfect place to meet! I have been there and oh my those cupcakes are divine! Have fun dear!


p.s. I am hosting a giveaway for a paper party collection. Be sure to enter when you get the chance!

Mom Daughter Style

this cupcakes picture make me crave for cupcakes!


I love your blog! I am aslo a petite (5'1") and love to find things better suited for my height. I love to shop LOFT and their petites, so I love your posts regarding the deals you find and how you mix and match the pieces. Thanks for the inspiration!

amanda archambault

oh gosh that looks delish. I would eat them all then go home and realize I got fat. lol
follow me and I'll follow you!


I was watching TLC's "DC cupcake" and realized it's a show on Georgetown cupcake. I instantly remembered that you went here and that's how I recognized the inside of their store.

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