Sunday, November 7, 2010

Guess Post: LOFT Petite Military Melton Coat

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I hope everyone had a great weekend. I took a weekend vacation with my family so I didn't have anything prepared for today. I am excited to share a guest post from my reader. Enjoy!

Hello petite blogger community! Who knew such a world existed? I surely didn't, up until this past Spring. An innocent Google search for petite inspirations brought me to a petite blog, then much to my excitement, a whole community! others who understand my pain! Now I have at least a dozen or so bookmarks, all inspiring me while I stand in my closet every morning wondering what in the world I should wear today. And let me take a moment to thank all the wonderful bloggers who inspire me to look my best!

Sydney was gracious enough to invite me to be a guest blogger. I had a great time meeting her during her visit to DC. It was during this visit that I stumbled upon this adorable purple military coat. Continuing my obsession for purple (and my deep sadness for not having the opportunity to afford J.Crew's Double Cloth Lady Day Coat
I instantly felt an attraction. I tried on the 0P... YAY! But paying the full-price of $188? Sad face. As Sydney commented on the perfect fit, she checked the tag (80% wool), she even agreed it was a great find! But wait for a discount. Lo and behold, by the following week, I sign onto my email on a Monday morning and there is a 30% off all new items, free shipping email sitting right in my box (blast!). My prayers have been answered! By the next day, I head to the nearest Loft, pick up the 0P as well as the 00P, in addition to about 10 other sale items =) and head to the dressing room. I thought the 0P was perfect, but the 00P fit like a glove.
Outfit details:
Jeans: Seven for All Mankind in 25 (similar here and on major sale here)
Coat: LOFT Petite Military Melton Coat (buy it here)
Shoes: Tory Burch flats in 6.5 (similar here or here)

I really liked the military details and buttons, but most importantly the purple color. I was sad to see that this coat was $75 for a one-day sale yesterday (I bought the coat 2 weeks ago and Loft only does price adjustments for purchases made within the past 7 days), but at least I didn't pay full price! I hope many of you were able to take advantage of the $75 sale yesterday!

Thanks Soo for being a guest on my blog. I really enjoyed reading this post. I took advantage of the sale and got the exact same coat in 00P for $75.00 (originally $188.00). The store manager was kind enough to order it for me with free shipping. I will share once it arrived. Have a great week, everyone!



welcome!! i didn't know about this petite blogging community until my friend(sophia from kechiko) told me about it a few months ago. i've had a blast since then. the jacket is super cute and i love your tori flats!


Soo! How nice to see you guest blog here : ) The purple coat looks adorable on you and I too love those flats.

A few notes ... I learned (through Vicky at vicky's daily fashion blog) that LOFT DOES do price adjustments outside of their "policy," you just have to be lucky. When I mentioned i was gong to return something they agreed to go ahead and adjust it. Also I guess you coudl've bought another one that day and return it with the old receipt..but I'm sure LOFT won't like me if they see this comment.

Yesterday I was in J.Crew and I was surprised that they had a 20% off coats sale stackable with a 25% off $150 purchase sale! I should have asked whether they'd allow ordering petite sizing since they don't carry it in stores, but it slipped my mind. If they allowed it, you would've been able to get that J.Crew coat at a decent price!

Really Petite

Awe...welcome! How great that PLG has guest blogger!!

I love the purple coat and know that a few other petites picked this up too! I ended up getting the swing coat in the melange blue. But after seeing this, I want this too! :)


Hi Soo! I loved your outfit for PFC #3 and am glad to see you as a guest blogger here. The LOFT coat looks so perfect on you. The color makes it great for styling with casual or fancier outfits. I'm bummed I missed out on the sale =/


The color is absolutely gorgeous - it looks beautiful on you :)

Sydney - Love the new blog layout!

The Little Dust Princess

Yay! I love guest posts. :D Great should really start a blog (if you haven't already)!!! The deep purple coat is really really pretty. What colour are you wearing in your photo? It looks black, but the 2nd one looks eggplant. haha

Sydney, I was shocked when I came to your page. I was like, "I don't remember this blog!!" Great new layout!

xx The Little Dust Princess

The Girlie Blog

Love the double-breasted look! Beautiful!


that coat is fabulous!


The coat looks great on you...and LOFT and AT's return policy is flawed...they usually won't budge when you ask for a price adjustment but when you ask for a return usually they will agree to the price adjustment...just something I picked up along the way.

Looking forward to seeing most from you, you should start a blog.

Sydney - love your new layout!


Purple coat is so gorgeous and you got a fantastic deal too. Welcome to the Blogging community, is is such a fun and addictive place to be :)


This jacket looks absolutely lovely on you and I have a hankering for purple too! Thanks for the guest post and hope to see more of you in the future!!



Oh it DOES fit nice!! Perfect length, width, color... all around a great buy and looks wonderful on you! And $75? That's the icing on the cake! :)


Sydney I love the new layout! And Soo what a great post! You should DEFINITELY start a blog of your own. That colour is just gorgeous on you!


hi :) thanks everyone! sorry for the poor quality pics. the close-up shows a more realistic view of the jacket. sydney also mentioned that i should start my own blog, but i am torn (mbe afraid i'd have no followers :P) but i'll seriously think about it...thanks for the encouragement everyone!

sydney i <3 your new page!


I always get so disoriented when I see a new layout! But glad to see you changing it up :) I'd love to have an eggplant coat too, but I'm afraid the 00P will still be too big on me. And Soo, I'd love to see you start your own blog too! Don't worry, you'd already have a built-in community of followers in all the petite bloggers :)


Thanks everyone for your comments. I am glad you guys like the new layout. I am pretty happy with it

@Soo: Now you have no excuse not to start your own blog :)

Shoe Splurge

This coat is very pretty on you!! And how nice of that girl to put you as a guest blogger!


Hi there! I'm extremely new to this blogging community but being a 5'2" female trying to stay on point with fashion, I CANNOT tell you how fortunate I feel having stumbled on this community! Great post by the way! LOVE the jacket!


@omgitsjoyce: Welcome to the petite blogger community! I hope you'll find useful information reading through all my posts and from other blogs. I am also 5ft2. Do you have your own blog?


I've been eying that Jcrew coat for a while also. My previous experience with their coats have been satisfactory and well worth the money. However, I do agree that $188 is really steep, although the quality is great. My Jcrew coat is still in great condition despite it's 2 years age through thick and thin wintery New England weather.

The Loft Melton Coat looks great on you. I think it's a great replacement for the Jcrew one. The purple looks gorgeous.

Chelsea Lane

this coat is so gorgeous, I'm obsessed with LOFT! so chic


20 York Street

You got that coat for $75? Now, that's a perfect steal!


Come say hello:



That is an adorable coat! I recently bought a different one and I love it..they make good classic coats!


Oh and thanks for visiting my blog :)


I'm so happy you choose new eyes instead of boobs. LOL! You are gorgeous and petite just the way you are! :)


Ooops wrong post reply. LOL!

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