Thursday, September 30, 2010

Petite Fashion Challenge #2

**Last day to enter my giveaway, click here for more details. Thanks everyone who entered**
I had a blast joining other petite ladies in PFC #1. Petite Fashion Challenge #2 is hosted this time by Kelly @ AlterationsNeeded. I had no hesitation in joining everyone again. Personally, I think this challenge is a bit easier to accomplish than the first one :)

The challenge: In honor of the fast approaching cool, fall weather, what better way to get ready than to find ways to make your wardrobe do double duty. Pick at least one item in your closet (not jeans, that's too easy!), and create two outfits, one for spring/summer, and one for fall/winter.

My item: A pair of shorts :) Obviously, shorts are for summer. One thing to keep in mind is that not all shorts would work. The key to success is to choose a winter fabric such as wool, herringbone or tweed. Those fabrics are winter appropriate and any of them would work. I found this herringbone pair of shorts at Express the other day and am in love with them. Size 00 fits me perfectly. I rarely found anything that would fit me off the rack at Express but this pair is an exception. It has shorter hemmed which makes my legs look longer

You can clearly see the 2 outfits below are definitely summer outfits. I love these shorts. They fit snugly around my waist, great length and pretty lace panels on the sides

Outfit details:
Shorts: Express Herringbone in 00 (get them here)
Tops: Both are from Macy's  - very old (similar here and here )
 This top is very similar to the one on the right & still available in XXSP 
Sandals: Steve Madden (buy similar style here)

To make this outfit wearable during cold months, I paired them with:

- A basic blazer (any blazer would work as long as the color coordinated). The blazer I am wearing was a gift from my friend oversea. Since the shorts already had some kind of patterns, I’d have to pair them with a solid blazer. In general, I would love to have this tweed blazer or this wool blazer (still available in 00P)
- A pair of booties. I got those booties the other day at Target and I really like them. They are not the most comfy boots but for the price, I am not complaint! Very cute details on the sides
- Black tights to keep my legs warm. I also got these tights from Target. They're Hanes. These tights are thick and sturdy enough to my liking
- Some jewelry to lighten up the outfit (any statement necklace would work). I picked that necklace because it standouts and adds an interesting touch to the outfit but still blended in. Mine was on clearance but Express has some similar styles in stores. I would stay away from black necklace

The outcome: Here is my final look! What do you guys think? I would not wear this outfit when it's snowing outside - I am not a big fan of cold weather. Winter in Ohio can be brutal. I definitely am seeing myself wearing this outfits many times during Fall

**Update**: Just in case you're wondering (Twitter friends have already knew about this), I am hosting PFC #3 in October. Mark your calendar and join me for a fun challenge. More details will be posted in the near future.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Say hi to my sister and our blog sale


How was your weekend? Mine was fabulous. Lots of good food, good laughs and great family time. Speaking of family, I'd like to welcome my sister N. to my blog. She is also a petite herself (at 5ft and 93 lbs). She has been following my blog for a while and really enjoy it. While I have passion for fashion, her passion more towards jewelry and make-up. We thought it would be perfect to combine our interests and open up a blog sale. Although I would love to join the fun at AN's marketplace but I don't have the access to it during work hours. Click here to see our featured items

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CLOSED - Giveaway: Win a $40.00 Gift Certificate from CSN Stores

I am so thrilled to be contacted by CSN stores asking if I am interested in doing a giveaway for my readers. Of course I am! I have met many wonderful friends on here. Therefore, I’ll jump at any opportunity to give back as much as possible. I’ve heard of CSN stores before but had never shopped there. This is also a perfect opportunity for me to check them out and I did! I am in love with this drop leaf table while browsing their sites

Store highlights:

- CSN stores is an online store that literally has hundreds of shopping sites linked to. You sure will find everything that you're looking for from modern furniture, home accessories to cookware and of course, premium shoes and handbags
- Free shipping and free returns on just about everything
- Shopping is easy and convenient! You can shop at all of their sites with one cart

I encourage you to check them out. CSN stores generously offer $40.00 gift certificate to one lucky reader of The gift certificate can be used as you wish on any of CSN websites (does not cover any shipping costs - if applicable). This giveaway ends Oct 1, 2010 at mid-night (EST) and is open to US and Canada. The winner will be announced shortly after that. Entering this giveaway is simple! Maximum 3 entries per reader

1. Be a follower of by clicking on the “Follow” button on my sidebar (Mandatory - 1 entry)
2. Visit CSN Stores and let me know what are you planning on getting if you’re the winner of this giveaway (Optional - 1 entry)
3. Choose ONE of the methods to spread the words (post/tweet/blog) for addition one entry (Optional - 1 entry).
A big "Thank You" to CSN stores for sponsoring this giveaway. Good luck, readers!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

ASOS (again!)

My post title said it all, I took advantage of free shipping both ways to U.S and placed another order with them. The free shipping is extended until 09.25 if you’d like to try. I have ordered from them twice in the past and both orders turned out fine. Although I still had to return some of the stuff but I was able to keep a few things that I like. Just when I started to get comfortable with them, they failed me! Everything in this order is going back to ASOS for several reasons.

I can never have enough pencil skirts. I have tried different skirt styles and pencil skirt fits my body type the best. They’re also appropriate for work environment. I have only one white linen skirt from Bebe and I wear that skirt to death during summer. I thought it would be nice to have an alternative. I ordered  ASOS Workwear Linen Pencil Skirt  in regular UK6 as my back up

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Recent purchase from BB Dakota and PLNDR

Hello friends,

I hope the week is going well for everyone. This week has been hectic for me. The company that I work for is having a major software release next week and that means there are deadlines to follow. Speaking of work, I have an upcoming business trip in Washington, DC. Do I have any readers from DC? I’d love to hear from you in term of where to shop/eat and places to visit near White House.

Little one has started kindergarten for a month and it’s in full blown. I have activities book/stories/newsletters to read every night. Just a funny story I’d like to share with you guys. Her teacher hides a “secret” word in her newsletters that she sent home every day. She’ll ask her students the very next day what the secret word is to ensure parents read her newsletters. Tricky huh? Kelly, you can use this trick for your newsletters. I am just kidding! I read your newsletters regardless and I enjoy reading them. I am sure everyone does too.

BB Dakota Owen Skirt (size 0)
Anyway, just a quick post today to show you my recent purchase from I am relatively new to this site. Unlike other popular sample sale sites such as Hautelook, Gilt, Ideeli, Ruelala, BeyondTheRack, items for sale on PLNDR are very limited. You probably are never going to see brands such as Gucci, Theory and other designers on there.  When they have items on sale, they’re such bargains and unbelievably cheap. Shipping is much faster than Hautelook.  I discovered PLNDR through Elle @ FFFF. Thanks Elle for recommendations!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tucker for Target

Tucker for Target collection by designer Gaby Basora has hit the stores and today. I was up this morning at 8:00 o'clock and wanting to go to Target. I have never waked up before 9:00 on Sunday morning. I try to sleep in as much as I could on the weekend. Since I missed the sale on few weeks ago, I was anxious to see what they have in stores. I went to the closest Target and as soon as I walked in, there are racks of Tucker for Target. I was extremely excited and took every XS I can find to the fitting room with me. Below is what I ended up with.


What I am wearing:
Dress: Tucker for Target in XS (buy it here)
Boots: Aldo (similar here)
Necklace: Lia Sophia - Fancy that necklace (buy it here)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fabulous styles at affordable prices

I am a big fan of “The look for less” kind of thing. For me, I do not wear my clothes enough to make them worth the money. I usually save my cash for splurging on purses and coats but for the most part, I only buy clothes if they’re on sale. While browsing online the other day, I was surprised to see many similar styles of AT/LOFT available at The prices are much more affordable. I am sure the quality are not as well-made as higher-price retailers but these are good options for someone who is on the budget and still want to look fabulous. Click on links to shop and use code SHIPFREE for free shipping on purchases over $40.00 (free shipping ends 09.12)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My birthday and why l love my family

I turned one year older yesterday. At this age, birthday is not a big deal to me anymore. Well, it never was. I wasn’t going to do anything big. Maybe go out to a fancy dinner with my family but my sweet husband had plans. Few days before my birthday, he took little one out shopping for Mommy’s gift. The thought of someone who cares and plans my birthday few days ahead just makes me smile (especially his typical work day is 10-12 hours for the past few months).

Monday, September 6, 2010

Urban Outfitters haul

I thought I could resist the jacket that everyone was talking about among the petite blogging community but I failed! Especially when UO has free shipping both ways + 10 % additional discount. This is my second time ordering from them (see my first order here). Before ordering this jacket, I was 100% convinced that this jacket will fit. I am going to start with  Kimchi Blue Knit Gingham Peplum Jacket in XS (on sale for $29.99- was $48.00).  See another version of the same jacket on Kelly @ AterationsNeeded, Chloe @ TheChloeConspiracy , Jen @ FromHeadToToe , PetiteXXS and same version on Jess @ Stylepint.  I can see why they're loving this blazer. If you are my size or one size bigger than me, I recommended size Small instead of X-Small because it is truly tiny. In this photo, I am wearing this blazer over my sleeveless sheath dress. Click here to read more

Friday, September 3, 2010

Labor Day weekend starts now

Today, I get to leave work 3 hours early. My company is pretty awesome. Did I say I love to work there? I do. Anyway, they let everyone goes home early to start the holiday weekend. Since I have a few hours to kill before picking my daughter up, I stopped by the mall to check out a few things and also beat the crowd. I know it will be crowded this weekend and most of small sizes will be gone in no time.

For those of you who took advantage of AE denim deals or thinking about getting them this weekend, I hope to give you a bit of helpful information below. The first pair I tried on today was AE Skinny Jeans . Click here to read more
Wash: Mid-night indigo
Size: 0 Short
Price: $39.99
Liked: Fit great, no waist gap at all
Disliked: Material feels thin and so stretchy

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Review: AT new pant collection

Ann Taylor has introduced their new pant collection few weeks ago and it was love at first sight for me. Everything looks so pretty online. When they sent out an email for $20.00 off any new pants plus free shipping, I decided to try them out. Since Fall is just around the corner, I thought I could use some work pants for the upcoming cold season. I ordered the Modern Houndstooth Straightleg Pant in 00P. Click here to read more