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Review: Banana Republic Wool Short Trench

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Winter has most certainly arrived, and for those of us in the Midwest, winters can be brutal. Living in the area that winter could last for 3 months, a warm jacket is essential. I don’t mind spending $$ on a good coat that would last me for years. It’s just not that simple. Finding a jacket that fits with no alterations can be frustrating. If I didn’t already have 3 long coats, I would totally see myself getting the JCrew double-cloth lady day coat . This jacket has great reviews from other petite bloggers and is currently on super sale. I was on a hunt for a shorter length jacket that can be easily dressed up or dressed down, classic look, wool and not black. Here it is - The Banana Republic Wool Short Trench. Continue reading...


What I am wearing:
Coat: BR wool short trench in XS Regular (click here to buy)
Jeggings: A&F dark grey in 25 (click here to buy)
Booties: Madden Girl Rouched Bootie (click here to buy)

Most of us have at least one irresistible obsession, and my husband’s happens to be outerwear. He always spots outerwear first before he looks at anything else when we go shopping. We went Christmas shopping one day and the first thing he spotted was this jacket. I asked him “what size was it?” He replied “it’s a small regular”. I told him “It’s not going to fit” without even look at the jacket. He insisted I try on. I finally did and was shocked of how tiny this jacket was. It was just a tad too bit. I wasn’t swimming in it at all.


I thought for sure that I was going to get this jacket for Christmas but nope, Santa did not get me this jacket. I decided to ask Santa and he said it was completely sold out the very next day in store and online so he couldn’t get it for me :) Since then I was on the hunt for this jacket.

Fit: This jacket fits tiny. I am wearing a size XS Regular and I couldn’t ask for a better fit. As you can tell from the photos, the shoulders, the sleeves and also the length fits me where it supposed to. Just like other petites, sleeve length has always been an issue for me. Not for this jacket, the sleeves are just long enough to cover my wrist bone (which is an ideal length for me). This jacket is available in both regular and petite sizes.


Material: The jacket contains 84% recycled wool and 16% nylon. I am not familiar with recycled wool but I found many articles online talking about recycled wool. According to Style Forum, “Recycled wool tends to be weaker than new wool because of its shorter fiber length. It is frequently blended with stronger synthetic fibers such as nylon or acrylic to make a more durable fabric. Recycled wool tends to shed more lint than new wool. Fabrics made from recycled wool may appear somewhat darker and duller in color. Recycled wool is sometimes used in lower-priced, heavy weight clothing, such as winter coats.” I gave this jacket 4.0 out of 5.0 because of the material.


Cost: For this jacket, prices are all over the place. I have found recently that the online prices at BR/Gap are typically higher than the in store prices. It is true in this case. There is even a discrepancy in prices between regular sizes ($199.99) and petite sizes ($149.99). This jacket was marked down to $169.99 in store plus another 25% off on New Year Eve. One thing to keep in mind is that the SA won’t be able to place an online order for you at the store and give you the in store prices. My husband had to call 3 stores and finally able to located one in Philadelphia. I also had pay $8.00 for shipping when it is supposed to be free if I order online.

What I love about this jacket:
- I love the look of a classic trench coat with a thicker/warmer material for Winters
- The color is so versatile that I can also wear in the Spring
- It can be easily dressed up or dressed down
- The most important thing is that it fits me perfectly. Thank you, husband for all your efforts trying to hunt down this jacket for me.

We told each other that we’re not going to spend anymore $$ on shopping starting the first of the year . We made the last shopping trip on New Year Eve and walked out the BR store with 3 jackets. The husband got this jacket in both colors and I got my now-favorite jacket.


The Little Dust Princess

The jacket looks amazing on you, Sydney! Does it come in other colours? For me, it would be too pricey because it doesn't look warm enough for my winter. I'm not sure how it is where you live. Your husband is too sweet for tracking it down for you. : )

xx The Little Dust Princess


Wow that jacket is such a great fit on you! It was definitely worth the effort. These are really great pictures too, you look beautiful!


Oh Sydney, you look fantastic in this jacket. Great find. Wow I'm amazed by how tiny this regular sized jacket is. I love everything about the jacket. Stay warm!


I really love this jacket! It is perfect on you!



Oooo I really like this outfit!! I love the jeggings you paired with the jacket too!


Wow- I cannot believe the fit! Is it because you have longer legs and arms that this "reg" sizing fits you? You are so lucky!!!! This jacket I lusted for when it first came out but it was so expensive!

Great find Sydney! You look amazing!!!


I love the coat on you, I think it fits almost perfectly on you. I tend to not love shorter length coats as much but this one is a winner!


I think it's so cute that your husband could hold up a piece of clothing and know it'll fit you, regardless of what the label size is. It's like having a second pair of useful eyes when shopping :)

You look great in this jacket! It fits you so nicely. I love gray and if I already didn't have peacoats and trenches, I would totally consider it.


i love this coat on you and it's a nice fit too! i agree that you can definitely dress it up or down. i also like that it's a lighter color. i'm gonna go see if they have this in stores. i don't have a jacket this color and have been wanting something like this. thanks sydney for sharing!


Great fit! Love this blog and how it addresses us shorter girls ;) Thank you for stopping by my blog.


I remember seeing this online and passed because there was a negative review for the petite sizing, but it looks good on you! I really like the color too. Your husband is so sweet... I don't think I can get mine to call stores for me to track down a clothing item!


This jacket looks so great on you! Thanks for the review!


the pockets are soooo deceiving! Makes you think it's a flap pocket, but it's a slit instead.

looks way better on you than on the model from your link. the sleeves are too short for her, but just perfect for you!


This looks amazing on you! I love that it's a trench coat style that's made out of warm wool. It is not too big at all and is super flattering. I would love to get a coat like that. Love the gray too.


THREE new jackets - wowsa! This coat looks very nice on you, you and your taller build! Shorter petites probably wouldn't fare as well in this coat. I'm impressed that an XS reg fits so nicely in the shoulders, torso, and sleeve length.

Oh and yes I see the flash of pretty color that is the F21 ring : )


this jacket fits you very well and definitely shows off your long legs. i love the color and it looks so warm. great find!

cute and little


I see they have a short version of this really nice coat; I got one dark green/grey/black a year ago, but it was much longer. The fit was pretty small as you had mentioned.

I think the short version looks fabulous on you. An although it looks a tad big, I presume it'd be comfy with a thicker sweater on the inside. Great outfit as well!


@The Little Dust Princess Unfortunately, this jacket is available in this color only. You probably need a thicker jacket than this to survive the weather in CA

@ReallyPetite Since I am 2 inches taller than you, this jacket probably fits me a little better. Overall, the cut for this jacket is very petite-friendly. You should try on the petite version and see if it works for you.

@Ping I really hope that you can find this jacket in store (petite version). I am always curious to see how the same item would fit different body types.

@AubreyOhDang! Thanks Aubrey! The cute details throughout is what I love about this jacket.


This jacket does fit you quite well and looks like it will be really vesatile too. I'm curious as to how warm it really is. Our weather has been averaging 20 degrees for the that about right for this coat do you think?

20 York Street

Oh that exact same jacket is sitting in my closet waiting for a jury to decide on whether I should keep it!

I think I will! Thanks to your post hun, I find it really helpful! Plus you look sooo good!

Stay Happy and Positive!





Just came across your blog via The Daybook. I love that jacket and your outift! You have great style. To see my awkward style journey, visit:


great coat, it looks very nice and the fit looks great on you!

Beauty Bag 411
Fashion Bag 411


Wow, its perfect for petites. So great you were able to find it again. I think its sweet that your husband spotted it first:)

Aesthetic Lounge

Fashion Meets Food

I look terrible in trenches you look absolutely gorgeous!


Fruity Lashes

i love the details on this coat! really pretty.

btw, i'm having a contest/giveaway on my blog if you're interested.


Fits you perfectly! I love the color, too.



I love this trench! Perfect for the cold weather...I wish it was still available.

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