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Review: J.Crew double-cloth lady day coat in 0P

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Hi ladies,

Just a quick post today to show you how the J.Crew double-cloth lady day coat would look on me. I have been a huge fan of this coat since the day it came out. I kept seeing reviews from other petite bloggers and it looked so flattering on every single one of them. I kept holding out for better prices. The day has finally came when I was able to snag this lovely coat at a fraction of its retail price. J.Crew is currently having 30% off sale items again with code LOVEIT (promotion ends 03.31). I don’t believe this coat is available in smaller sizes anymore. However, J.Crew updated their inventory every morning around 6:00 EST so do check back frequently. There were so many great reviews on this coat so I won’t bore you guys with the details. I am just gonna go over what I like and what I don’t like about this coat.

JCrew (1)

What I like:
• I ordered this coat in a 0P and couldn’t have asked for a better fit. As you can tell from the pictures, the fit on the torso and the shoulders is perfect. The length is also great for my height. I believe this is the first coat that fits me the way I wanted.
• The color is gorgeous. It’s different from a typical black and grey but it is still muted enough for everyday wear.
• This coat is with Thinsulate (which is a plus). This is exactly what I needed for living in the Midwest.
• As for quality, J.Crew coats are worth every penny. The Thinsulate makes a big difference. The weather in Ohio has been dropped to the mid 20s. I worn this coat outside for 30 minutes and it kept me super warm.
• The price was unbelievable!


What I don’t like:
• There is only one thing that I do not like about this coat. Unfortunately, it is kind of a “big” one for me. I should have learned from other reviews and order a 00R instead. I don’t think it was available at the time but I could be wrong. As you can see clearly from the pictures, the sleeve length is too short for me. I asked my husband for his opinion and he said it’s fine. I know this isn’t a huge deal for some people but this is something that would bother me


My goal this year is to purchase only items that I love. Although this jacket has more pros than cons, I am still not 100% in love with it. I am considering having the sleeve lengthened. I’d like my sleeve length to be hit at the point where the thumb starts. The sleeve length for this jacket is about 2 inches shorter than what I would have liked. I am not sure how much the alterations is going to cost. The tailor has to let down the sleeves (along with the lining) and reposition the buttons. Does anyone have a rough idea of how much the job would cost?



DSK Steph

Great color! I haven't seen it modeled in blue before. :)


The blue looks gorgeous and the overall length is perfect on you!! I have this coat in purple but since I'm just under 5'1", it hits me either right above the knee or at the knee. :( When I'm wearing skirts it's fine, but since I normally wear jeans it doesn't help my short frame. I still love the cut of the coat and hope to get a few inches off so it hits me several inches above the knee like it does for you. You're so lucky to be "taller" petite. :)


I don't think that it is possible to make the sleeves longer on this coat. Because the sleeves have cuffs, letting the bottom of the sleeve a little bit out and repositioning the bottoms would make the cuffs look strangely long. Also, looking at the bottoms I can see that these are "real" bottoms with its corresponding holes. If you wanted to have the bottoms repositioned the tailor would have to sew those holes shut and make new ones. I believe all this work might be too costly and you might still not like the end product.


I have the same issue as you and I agree it's an annoyance. The blue is absolutely gorgeous on you though but I do wonder about the fit of 00r. I think the sleeves look even shorter on me

Alterations Needed

The coat looks amazing on you!! Too bad the sleeves are that teeny tiny bit too short. I don't think I even checked the inside of the sleeve for extra fabric when I tried the Lady Day. Is there enough fabric under there to let the sleeve out?


I love that colour on you!!! If you can live with the sleeves I think the coat is a keeper.


Love this coat & it looks fabulous on you!

The Little Dust Princess

Wow you look AMAZING in this colour!! I'm so glad you got it! Why are the sleeves so short on everyone?! arghh


I didn't even notice the sleeve length until you mentioned it. I have no idea if sleeves can be lengthened, so I'm no help there =/ You could try wearing longer gloves?


@Anonymous Thank you for your advice. That's what I am afraid of. I have to take it to the tailor and see what she has to say. If it is too costly and/or not doable, I might have to let it go.

@Alterations Needed I am not sure if there is enough fabric under there to let the sleeve out. I have to take it to the tailor and let's she figures it out.


Lovely color and I think it complements your coloring! But I did notice the short sleeves... and even if it was a good price, I think if you're not 100% happy, you should wait for the right one! Definitely try 00R as I keep hearing that the fit is better, especially since you're one of the taller petites.

Miss Southern Prep

Beautiful coat! That color looks wonderful on you!


great review syndey. i do love the length on you and this coat is great for you slender body too. your review makes me want one too! i think you picked a nice color too, definitely compliments you well.


Agree with everyone on the color, unique and pretty. Very flattering on you.


i love the color of this coat!! everything is perfect except for the sleeves which i think are a tiny bit too short. it's not too bad but i think it you could get it let out a bit, it would help. hopefully it won't be too expensive...

cute & little


Oh no! I love the color of this coat and it's too bad that the sleeves are too short. I really wanted to get this coat in warm taupe but alas it sold out in my size a long time ago. :(


It is such a pretty color...sorry its not a perfect fit, what a shame!!


sleeve length is so impo. esp for a coat.


Oh wow the coat looks so fitted everywhere else but the sleeves! I love the color on you too. I really wanted to get the colletta coat in that color.
I haven't turned in my JCrew to the tailors yet since the weather was so cold and the coat was so warm to not wear. I wonder if it is possible to have the tailor undo the seams around the shoulder area and extend the length just a bit? I dunno if that is possible though. I do know for a fact that everywhere there is seaming that there is fabric left to insure that it doesn't fall off. It is looking like you would need at least 2 inches so I don't know if that is too much extension for the sleeve length.


This is such a gorgeous color on you and I really love the fit too! I didn't really notice the sleeve length until you mentioned it. Not sure about altering longer since I really have only had experience making things smaller :( Good luck with it!


It is gorgeous...but I agree...the sleeves are too short. :( I say get a quote from your tailor, and base your decision on that. You did get an amazing deal for this perhaps that will make it easier.

Really Petite

What a gorgeous color on you! I am glad you ventured out to blue- it suits you!! And bummer about the sleeves but at least you have long arms!! LOL

I say get a quote and see if it's worth it you think you can get away with it- it doesn't look that bad.


Love this colour on you! I hve no clue about letting down the sleeves, but it doesn't hurt to ask!


Great coat! I had one similar in gray from Tulle. The sleeves were toooo big on me.


this color looks gorgeous on you!

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