Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Recipe: Gingerbread cookies

I hope you're all done with your Christmas shopping. I am glad that we don't have to do gift giving this year. We still have to pick up a few things for the little one though cuz she's special =) On another note, I am catching a cold but hopefully, it won't be too bad. Today, I wanted to share a holiday recipe with you guys.

I try not to have too much sweet stuff in the house but it’s hard to resist those sweet treats during the holidays. I’ve been a long time follower of and I love her blog. Last week, she posted a recipe for gingerbread cookies and I had to try it. The little one was thrilled to have something to play with. I did exactly what stated in her post but bought the Dunkin Hines icing instead of making it from scratch. Those cookies turned out great. The decoration wasn’t as neat as hers but I promise they taste pretty good =)

Happy Holidays, everyone!


  1. Your little girl is freaking adorable! I love this post- more please:D

  2. Happy Holidays to you! :) The ginger breads look so festive!

  3. Looks like you guys had great fun making it, the finish product looks really good and I love the m and m's for gum drop buttons :)

  4. Your daughter is just the CUTEST thing! And those cookies look absolutely delicious.