Sunday, January 15, 2012

Something Old, Something New

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These pictures were taken last week when the weather was super nice. I really wish the weather would just stay the same this week. Lately, it's been my goal trying to incorporate old pieces with new items. It's always fun to get new clothes but that's not realistic. This LOFT skirt has been hanging in my closet unloved :( I decided to take it out for a spin last week. I love the combination of textures and the outfit is interesting in a good way. As for the new item, this J.Crew IconTrench was one of my Christmas gifts from the husband. It was no surprise that he picked out this jacket for me. It's the classic trench in stadium-cloth material (which is J. Crew’s warmest fabric). I love a good timeless silhouettes coat and this one is absolutely perfect!

What I am wearing:
Skirt: LOFT (old) - size 00P (buy similar)
Sweater: Old Navy printed pullover - size XS
Shirt: Ann Taylor perfect shirt - size 0P (buy similar)
Jacket: J.Crew icon trench - size 00R
Shoes: Target Milena suede wedges (love! - will do a review in a later post)

Readers, how do you make old things seem new?



Gorgeous! I can't believe that LOFT skirt didn't get worn until now! I love it, I wish I had one! I love the color as well as the pattern on it.


PS - I own those grey Target wedges and I love them! Super cute, versatile, and comfy.

Really Petite

I love this outfit on you. I regret not getting this pink skirt last year :(

Girlie Blogger

Is that waves in your hair? Very pretty. You should wear it like this more often.

The sweater looks great with the skirt. Good idea digging old things up from your closet.


this is a nice mature yet fun look sydney. i love your pretty hair and the slight curl!


Cute outfit! I love finding old clothes I hardly wear and mix it with something new!

With Each Passing Day

Your husband has good taste. My goal this year is make the most what the items I have in my closet. I'm trying not to buy any thing new unless it's something I need or do not have. =) I like how you styled your outfit with textures.


Very cute! I remember that skirt from last year! I love that you paired it with cheetah! So many great Old Navy finds this season!

I make something old new by pairing it with something it has never been with before...just like you did. :)


I really love the print of this sweater on you! Kudos for incorporating something you haven't worn in a while :) I've been trying to make old things new by adding a fun / funky element like a print or a dramatic accessory lately.

Simply x Classic

great outfit!


This is off topic are sooo gorgeous Sydney! :)

The J. Crew trench fits you really well, your hubby has a great eye! When something doesn't get worn in my closet...that something eventually gets donated because there is a reason for why I never wear it. I do love your LOFT skirt though and look forward to seeing more of it when the weather warms up for good!

hope in high heels

This is such a fabulous outfit... I love the print on the sweater and must get myself that trench! Thanks for your lovely comment. Am following and look forward to seeing more :)


Very cute pics, I really covet that coat :)

erica marie

beautiful outfit, and that trench is amazing. I try to add a new accessory like a belt, brooch, or layer it with a sweater to make an old look seem new again. Love your blog, I'm following. Hope you will continue to stop by mine.

xo erica


sydney-- this is a beautiful outfit! i love that animal print sweater. i went into old navy looking for it a couple of weeks ago, but had no luck. the trench looks so nice and a good fit. i would love to see more of it! :)


Love the skirt and the whole outfit here!


you look SO chic! Really love this :)


thanks for the sweet comment again! I am loving the texture of this skirt, especially with the combination of the leopard blouse.



I love that coat! I've been looking for something similar but haven't had any luck. I try to mix my old stuff up with something unexpected like a pop of color.


Such a pretty outfit Sydney and I love that coat!!


i love how you styled this leopard sweater with the white oxford shirt peeping through. great spin on classic pieces. xx


love your sweater! you look great :)


That sweater is really adorable! I might buy it now that it's on sale. :)

I try to "shop" my closet by combining pieces that I did not previously wear together.


Fitted Frames

The pink LOFT skirt is such a great piece. I love the unique texture and delicate color of it.

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