Sunday, November 25, 2012

What to wear: Holiday family pictures

I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving. I enjoyed spending time with my loved ones and stuffing my face with great food. I am not a huge fan of turkey so we opted for a roasted chicken and crawfish. These little guys were so delicious and flavorful =)


We had our family pictures taken yesterday. The first question that came to mind was "what will we wear?". Trying to figure out what to wear for family portraits can be stressful. We didn't want the same outfits for everyone, but also didn't want any clashing colors. At the end, we settled on a neutral color palette. In my opinion, the point of family pictures is the faces and eyes of the people so you don't want the clothing to detract from the faces. As for my outfit, I paired a brown sweater with my sequin skirt for a festive look.


There is a story behind this skirt. I fell in love with this skirt after seeing on Wendy last Christmas. Even though I loved it so much, I wasn't willing to pay full price for it. I waited and waited. It finally went on sale but of course, my size wasn't available anymore. Months later, I saw one at my local store for under $20. However, it was a size 10. I took it home with me and tempted to do my own alterations. I am pretty proud of myself for being able to fix this skirt to fit me perfectly =)


For me, less is more when it comes to make up. I went for a more natural and understated look for this photoshoot. As for the jewelry, I wanted to wear pieces that have special meaning behind it. My girl and I both wore the necklaces from this post. I also wore my beloved David Yurman bracelet from this post. A quick note on this bracelet - it only took 4 weeks (instead of 12 weeks) for the bracelet to come and a size small fits me perfectly. I love most of my jewelry but these two particular pieces will always hold a special place in my heart.


What I am wearing: 
Skirt: Banana Republic - altered (buy similar here or here)
Sweater: H&M - size 2 (buy similar here or here)
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Coat: J.Crew Lady day coat (buy this year's version)
Necklace: Tiffany& Co heart lock necklace
 Bracelet: David Yurman 5mm cable bracelet


Originally, we wanted outdoor photos but the weather didn't cooperate. It was snowing yesterday. There is no way I am taking my 9-week old girl outside in 30 degree weather. We had our pictures taken inside our home instead. I was a bit disappointed because I love taking photos in natural light but it was the right thing to do for the sake of our children. If they get sick, I will suffer too =) Thanks to my husband for snapping these photos after the photoshoot.


I have so much in my life to be thankful for. This time of the year always reminds me how lucky I am to have a supportive family, a husband always puts me and our children first and of course, my precious 2 girls. They make my life complete. I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend.



  1. I really Love your outfit. you look pretty on it. Yours kid are so adorable too.

    Oh food! want some of your crawfish, I only had once in Louisiana :-)

    have a good day and everyone

  2. Hey Sydney! That is awesome that you found the skirt so cheap and were able to alter it yourself! Like that you chose neutrals and the jewelry choices made it more special. Glad you and your family had a nice Thanksgiving weekend. :)

  3. I love crawfish! I could eat that all the time.

    That is amazing that you altered a sz 10 sequin skirt to fit you- great job. Love the neutral and pop of color in the coat :)

  4. Great choice with the neutral palette. And you did an amazing job altering the skirt! I wouldn't have guessed it was a size 10 before.

  5. Hope we get to see some of your family photos! Your girls look so cute! I don't think I've ever seen a neutral theme Xmas photo, so that's a new idea! Love your skirt!

  6. Hope we get to see some of your family photos! Your girls look so cute! I don't think I've ever seen a neutral theme Xmas photo, so that's a new idea! Love your skirt!

  7. Your girls are just adorable. Inside pictures can turn out well, too. And you can always take more next summer when the little one is big enough to not want to pay attention, lol. And I still can't believe that skirt! And that you look perfect in it 9 weeks out... Oh wait, you looked back to normal after like a week ;)

  8. you did a great job on the skirt!

  9. What's your crawfish recipe? Looks delish

  10. The roast chicken and crawfish looks amazing! Pls share recipe. I've never had crawfish but always wanted to try! And great color palette for the shoot! Hope they turn out as you hope!!!!

  11. Good job on fixing your skirt. You have a beautiful family.

  12. You look incredible, Sydney! I can't believe your baby is already 2.5 mos old. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  13. You look beautiful Sydney. Gorgeous jacket. And God Bless your beautiful little girls!

  14. Your little girls are so darn CUTE! LOVE! That coat is so beautiful, this is the Vibrant Flame color right?

  15. So chic! Love the skirt and the ravishing red coat!
    Happy holidays to you!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours