Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Happy 10th Birthday, little C! and Amusement Park Tips

I am a private person for the most part. Having a public blog, I always think twice before hitting that publish button. I am also a true believer that every moment in our life doesn't need to be shared on social media (especially when it comes to family and loved ones). However, on rare occasions, I don't mind sharing some of the things that truly are precious to me on here. My first daughter turned 10 yesterday. Ten!!! How is it possible? I still remember the day I brought her to work to show her off to my coworkers. She was 5 weeks old at the time. I blinked my eyes and she turned 10. I might be bias because she is my own flesh and blood but she became everything I hoped a daughter would be. She is bright, a social butterfly but very caring and listens well. For her special birthday, she asked if she could spend the day at an amusement park with a few of her closest friends. We've done a gym party, 2 pool parties and a sleepover in the past for her birthdays but have never planned a day trip. After much consideration, we agreed to take Courtney along with 3 of her best friends to Kings Island to celebrate her birthday. We had 5 girls to ourselves for 12 hours (including Madelyn). At the end of the day, exhausted was a serious understatement =) To ensure the day goes smoothly, I did a little planning and thought I'd share a few tips today.

{Courtney's outfit: Lemon printed top | Shorts | Slip-on sneakers}

Tip # 1: Plan ahead and save - For a group of 6, tickets to an amusement park can be costly. A single-day admission to Kings Island would cost $62 per person. If you buy it online, a discounted ticket is $45. I scoured the internet and found a discount code for $35 per person. Just a quick search, I saved almost $200 on tickets alone. Same goes for parking fee.

Tip # 2: Start your day early - Plan to arrive when the park opens to beat the crowds. You'll get a closer parking spot when you arrive and will have a shorter walking distance when you leave. The rides are more enjoyable when the temperature is still cool.


Tip # 3: Pack your food: Theme park food/drinks are way overpriced. Try to pack cold cuts or pb&j sandwiches for lunch. It'll save you a lot of money. We also brought snacks, empty bottles and fill them at a drinking fountain throughout the day. Most amusement parks do allow you to bring coolers inside.


Tip # 4: Get familiar with the park's layout - If the park has its own app, I highly suggest you download it. It helps you navigate around, gives you estimated wait times plus other useful information. Considering grouping the rides. We did all the water rides first, then changed clothes and continued with other thrill rides. By doing so, the girls didn't have to walk from one area to another in wet clothes

Tip # 5: What to bring and what not to bring - other than the obvious like comfy sneakers, and sunglasses, make sure you bring a change of clothes. If you need something in between an umbrella stroller and a full-sized stroller, I highly recommend this Chicco stroller. It's lightweight but very study. I love the adjustable recline feature. It can be set completely flat for nap time. Put sunscreen on before heading for the park and leave all that stuff behind. Also, forget about your DSLR. I brought this Sony point & shoot camera with me and it was perfect for the day.


I couldn't have asked for a better day. The weather was perfect. The girls are well behaved. We hit almost every single ride. It wasn't easy managing a group of tweens but I take every chance I get to be with my little girl before she turns into a teenager and only wants to hang out with her friends =) We love you little one. Happy Birthday!


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