Friday, July 29, 2016

How to read a Chanel retail tag

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For this week's handbag chit chat, I wanted to share some information regarding the Chanel retail tag. This might be old news to some but if you're not familiar with it, I hope you find this post helpful. Below are 2 of my Chanel tags: the one on the left is from my boy bag and the one on the right is from my brooch. Let's decode the left one first!

  • Line #1 consists of 3 parts: 
    • Part # 1 (year/collection): 15C (2015 Cruise collection). The rest of the seasons are as follows: Spring/Printemp (P), Summer (S), Autumn/Fall (A), Continuous line (V) and of course Cruise (C)
    • Part # 2 (style code): A92193 -Quilted boy flap - Size: New medium. More style codes can be found here
    • Part # 3 (the combination of leather/hardware): Y09938
  • Line # 2: Flapbag: The style description
  • Line # 3: 2A001: The color code
  • Line # 4: Dark beige: The color description
  • Line # 5: NSZ: No size
Now moving onto the right tag:
  • A61457: Chanel CC brooch
  • Y02343: The metal type
  • Z2047: Costume jewelry color codes start with letter Z. The 4 digit number is the actual color code.
  • REV stands for revolve
  • UNI?? I am not sure what it stands for
There you have it! Is it important to decode the tag? Not really but it's fun to know the meanings behind those letters and numbers =) Enjoy your weekend!



Great idea to share! Do you save tags for your luxe items? Happy weekend & God bless!


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