Wednesday, December 14, 2016

5 luxury gifts under $500

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I scouted my closet last night to find 5 luxury items that are under $500 to recommend to you ladies. I do realize they're expensive but they put a smile on my face every time I have them on. As a luxury lover, I would squeal with excitement if any of the items show up under my Christmas tree


Chanel earrings and Chanel brooch: I received these earrings and this brooch as my Christmas gifts last year from my dear husband. I believe both pieces were under $500. My Mom just picked up these earrings a few weeks ago and they were $350. Chanel costume jewelry are very well made (at least the pieces I have) and prices are somewhat "reasonable"
Movado watch: The brand is known for its contemporary, sleek and minimalist designs. As a watch enthusiast, I would be thrilled to receive one as a gift
Designer sunglasses: Personally, I don't think it's worth buying designer sunglasses. However, if you find a pair that you love and wear everyday then cost per wear can be used to justify an expensive pair of sunglasses. If you're a regular reader of my blog then you know I wear this pair to death. They fit extremely wear and I have a typical Asian nose and low bridge
David Yurman jewelries: My husband got this bracelet for me probably 5 years ago and it's still one of the most treasured pieces in my closet. This particular one is slightly over $500 but there are many of his designs that are under $500. They're just so beautifully made and would make a wonderful gift for a special someone in your life.



Sydney I absolutely adore all the pieces! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday!


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