Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

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I am not a girl who usually gets excited about V-Day. Personally, I think it is way more important to cherish and appreciate the ones you love everyday than any gifts that you can find on V-day. My husband and I do little things for each other each year. I am not too upset if we don't do anything at all. Instead of pulling our hairs trying to decide what to get for each other, we decided to take little one on a ski trip for the first time as our V-Day gift. Although, there were a few tears dropped on the slopes, she enjoyed the trip so much. She got up after falling and determined to try it again. That's my girl! At the end of the day, she went down the hill without any problems.

{My little girl is in action}

I don't expect anything today at all. To my surprise, hubby came home with flowers, chocolate and a shopping bag from Ann Taylor. What else could I ask for? I am not a big of fan of roses. I don't know why. Tulips are my favorite flower. Last month, we went shopping and I felt in love with the Petite Silk Silent Clusters Sheath Dress. Although, it is really pretty and perfect for the upcoming Spring, the price tag wasn't very appealing to me. It is way more than what I am willing to pay for a dress. I totally forgot about it until he brought it home tonight.


He bought a size 0 regular and of course it is way too big on me. We just reordered the dress in 00P and hopefully, it'll arrive on time for our date night this Saturday. Don't forget to use the code "10000000121" for additional 30% off. Ann Taylor is also running a free shipping promotion on everything (ends tonight). I told him even though I love everything but it was unnecessary to spend $$ on V-day for me. His response was "This isn't for V-day, this is just a way to say thank you for everything". My heart melted.


Happy Valentine's Day <3


Really Petite

Awe.......PRECIOUS!!!! Loved the video too- so adorable! And what a super nice hubby you have! Major kudos to him!!! So sweet!!!

Really Petite

Oh and your little girl is so good at Skiing! She is so brave!!!! :)


What a great hubby!! Very cute.


Love to watch the kiddo skiing down hill. The dress is soooooo beautiful. can't wait to see it on you!


Ok, I might be the Valentine's Day Scrouge but I totally love the fact that your husband knows how to give you gifts! Wow, kudos for him to buy a dress for you and to remember that you liked it when you tried it on.
Awww, and the video of your little girl skiing is so cute! She is a pro if this is her first time!

The Little Dust Princess

Aww your hubby really nailed it with the gifts. He's so sweet! : ) The video is beyond adorable! I miss skiing!!

xx The Little Dust Princess


Very sweet! Tulips are my favorite flower too!!! Something else we have in common ;) Your daughter did a great job!


your hubby is the sweetest! i love the dress pattern and the tulips are gorgeous (my fave flower). :) and your daughter is a really good skiier!

cute and little

Natasha xoxo

awwwww.... too sweet! That dress is beautiful by the way :)

xoxo, natasha
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Awwww your husband is so thoughtful. 3 of your favorite things, what more could a girl ask for?! I'm DYING to see you in the AT dress. That is the one I've been itching to get myself too. Reminds me of a subtle leopard/watercolor print from last season that I totally missed out on. Happy Valentine's Day, Sydney!


that was such an adorable video clip! her first time? She ski's so smoothly! I felt like applauding when she slowly stopped and turned around, so cute!! Happy V-day! You do have the coolest family!


Aww your hubby is so sweet to you! That's nice that you and your family all went skiing together - I'm not big on celebrating Valentine's either :)


Your hubby is too sweet, what a beautiful dress. I'm forwarding this to the bf...maybe he'll get the hint. :)


awww how sweet of your hubby! he is so thoughtful! can't wait to see you in the AT dress.


Loved the video!! Thanks for sharing! :)

That was sweet of your man! Can't wait to see the dress on you!


so sweet! i'm glad you had a very special valentine's day this year! <3


the video is so cute!!!

so sweet of your hubby to do that.. he really pays attention that is a very good quality in a man haha!

i love mochi

your husband is so thoughtful and sweet, the pattern on that dress is amazing!


Your husband sounds like a wonderful man, how thoughtful and generous! My favorite flower is the tulip too (and they're so easy to grow) benefit! I hope you do a post in your new dress, I haven't been to AT lately, so I haven't seen their new arrivals.


Thanks ladies for your sweet comments. I certainly feel loved by my family. My dress is on its way. I can't wait to try it on.

Couture Carrie

Very sweet, darling!



You have a great blog. Love your style.


Julie and Lauren

Just found your blog- love it. You have such a sweet hubby!!! Hope you will visit and follow : )


ee! What a sweet story Sydney. Don't you love it when men are romantic, unprovoked? Can't wait to see that dress on you. I like the pretty watercolor-like print.


Sounds like you had a great Valentines Day.

20 York Street

Awww, what a lucky, lucky girl! Thoughtful husband with a great taste - he's absolutely a keeper, yes?



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I guess it's a good thing he didn't get the right size because you ended up saving some money by re-ordering! I enjoyed the the twitterpic preview, can't wait to see how it looks on you! :)


It's good to have a loving hubby! :-)
very sweet! i love your video!


SO cute!!! Your daughter is adorable and destined to be a great skier lol. That was so sweet of your husband too. I really like that dress:)

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