Sunday, May 23, 2021

Hermes lipsticks :: Are they worth it?

Happy Sunday, everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. We took the boat out for the first time this year and spent a few hours on the lake yesterday evening. It was wonderful. Today, I have a lipstick review for you. If you're a regular reader, you know I am not a beauty junkie. I use the same beauty products for years and rarely switch up. However, if there is one beauty product that I am willing to try, it's lip products. On March 4th, Hermes released lipstick with 24 shades in matte and satin finishes. I purchased the Rouge Hermès Satin Lipstick in Rose Encens a couple of weeks ago. I am here today to share my thoughts just in case you're curious.
  • As expected, the packaging is sleek and luxurious. Each lipstick comes in its own orange box and its very own little dust bag. The case is magnetic. It's weighty, feels and looks like a piece of art. 
  • The formula is super lightweight. It glides on like butter and feels like I was wearing nothing at all. 
  • The main ingredients are sesame seed and raspberry seed oils help soften and nourish. I can attest to that. It does a great job keeping my dry lips moisturized.
  • These lipsticks are refillable. After your lipstick is gone, you can replace the product inside with a different shade if you like. I think that's pretty neat!


  •  Color payoff is not the best. I know this is a light shade but it wasn't very pigmented at all. I ordered this lipstick online without seeing the actual color in person. Maybe for my complexion, I am better off getting the next shade darker.
  • The lasting power isn't the best. Even though I was careful to avoid drinks or food, I noticed the lipstick wore off after a couple of hours. Although, it faded evenly.
  • Last but not least, the lipstick is definitely a splurge

Overall thoughts: At the end of the day, no lipsticks that are actually worth the $70 price tag. If you're a fan of the brand and wanted to see what the hype was all about, then it's fine. I enjoy treating myself myself to some affordable luxuries once it a while. It's not a bad product by any means but it did wow me, either. Since Hermes is not a beauty brand, I didn't have high expectations when it comes to beauty products. I bought it because I was just simply curious.

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