Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Amazon Prime Day :: Top 10 recommended items (ending soon)

Amazon Prime Day ends in a few hours (midnight PST on July 17). If you're a prime member, take advantage of it now. There are some amazing deals to be had. Below are my top 10 recommended items that I personally own and/or am interested in buying

- Fitbit Alta HR ($60 off) - I own one myself and have been enjoying it
- Yeti cooler ($105 off) - I can't even tell you how much I love this cooler (don't miss this deal)
- Instant pot cookbook - A great gift for someone who loves the instant pot (a.k.a me)
- J.Crew gift card - Who knew Amazon sells J.Crew gift cards for less =)
- Sun dress - An easy piece for summer (available in 30 colors/patterns). Has amazing reviews
- Instant pot - #1 best seller on Amazon (under $80)
- iRobot Rooma - I put this on my Christmas list this year (save $120)
- Alexa Echo - I own this and have been enjoying it (30% off - has over 27,000 reviews)
- Adidas sneakers - I own these and can't recommend them enough (50% off!!!)
- Philips air fryer - Another kitchen gadget that I own and love (44% off)

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Polka Dot Ruffle Bikini

My family and I just came back from a weekend getaway and we had so much fun. With everything going on this summer, we decided not to take a big trip. Instead, we're taking weekend trips and/or doing things close to home. It's been a fun summer so far. The kids look forward to something every weekend. This week, we took a road trip to Silver Beach, Michigan. To be completely honest, I am not a fan of beaches that aren't on the ocean. They're just not the same. None of us have been to Michigan before. However, our visit was a pleasant surprise. The beach is super clean, family friendly and has tons of attractions for kids (lots of happy visitors here). It's probably one of the best "lake" beaches that I've ever been to. Definitely something we consider going back in the future. I wore this polka-dot swimsuit and got a lot of compliments. How adorable, right? The top is a bit revealing but the bottom has full coverage (double lined). It's so chic and girly at the same time. For under $15, it was a great purchase. I don't know about you but vacation planning gives me joy. On the way back home, my little girl said "Mommy, I had the best weekend". The hubs looked at me and said "Honey, you did good!". Make my heart so happy. Outfit details: Shein swimsuit *size S* | Free People sunglasses | Brixton hat

Friday, July 13, 2018

My top 5 recommended items from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Happy Friday, ladies! I survived my first week at work. Starting a new job can be overwhelming but thankfully, my team members are super nice and helpful. It's been a stressful week at home as well. As mentioned in my previous post, the hubs is putting a lot of time into the patio (on top of his 50 hour work week). I've been juggling to get things done lately. Between the girls' summer activities, summer camp and play dates, I am so glad it's Friday. We're taking a weekend road trip tomorrow and I am looking forward to spend some quality time with my family.
Now, I know your feed is probably filled with the Nordstrom Anniversary sale posts and they can be overwhelming. However, the discounts are definitely worth checking out. Below are 5 items that I personally own and love for years. You can score them now for up to 40% off. I wholeheartedly recommend these items (even at full price)
1. Zella leggings: I am a huge fan of Zella leggings. I own several pairs and they seriously last for years. My most favorites are the live-in leggings and the moto leggings. I tried to take a picture to show you but it didn't turn out so great
2. Spanx faux leather leggings: These leggings have over 1200 reviews for a reason. They're so amazing. They're comfortable, hug your curves in all the right places and do not look cheap at all. Give them a try and I guarantee you'll love them as well. They run a bit small so please size up. I purchased a size S (I am 5'2 - 100 lbs)
3. Hunter tall boots: You can't go wrong with a pair of classic rain boots. The blush pink version is unfortunately is not on sale but the black one is 40% off (they go with everything)
4. Longchamp expandable tote: Read my full review here. Still one of my favorite (and practical) bags.
5. Nordstrom stud earrings: These are my everyday earrings. If you don't want to spend $$ on real diamonds, get these. They're so beautiful and sparkly in person. These are also great for travelling if you don't want to take an expensive pair of diamond earrings with you. My picture doesn't do them justice. There's a ridiculous amount of sale items this year, check them out if you're in the mood for shopping

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Breaking ground on our patio

OutdoorLiving_SydneysFashionDiary {Our current backyard}
I am so excited! Construction is well underway on our patio. In just a few short weeks, we'll have a little outdoor living to enjoy. To stay within the budget, we decided to hire contractors to do the foundation, electrical work and stone setting. Most of our budget goes toward the natural stone because I do not like the look of a paver patio. The hubs is going to put in the work for the grill, the fire-pit as well as some finishing touches. He is building our pergola from scratch. A 21' x 10' pergola would cost roughly $7K. There is no way we can afford one. My husband bought all the materials he would need to build the exact one for way less. He's excited for this project and I am excited to see how it'll turn out =) If you're thinking about getting your patio done and/or any question, feel free to leave them below.
OutdoorLivingIdeas_SydneysFashionDiary OutdoorLivingIdeas_SydneysFashionDiary

Sunday, July 8, 2018

The most flattering wrapped dress

Hi ladies! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was great. Yesterday, my oldest daughter and I went to Taylor Swift concert. I am not necessarily a Taylor Swift fan but I enjoyed spending time with my daughter and I enjoyed the concert. The tickets were quite pricey even though we were no where near the stage. However, I can honestly say they're worth the money. The show was amazing. There is no doubt Taylor puts a lot of effort and time into her performances. Onto this wrapped dress, I've been a fan of Express wrapped dresses. I bought 2 long sleeve wrapped dresses last Fall and I love them to pieces. I believe Express came out with the short sleeve version in the Spring but I missed out. I picked up this cami version recently and I am in love with it. The cut is so flattering (especially if you're on the shorter side). I am 5'2" and wearing a size XS regular here. It's available in other colors and prints and I want them all =) How cute is this gingham version for summer? Tomorrow is my first full day at my new job. I look forward to meeting my team and hit the ground running. Outfit details: Express dress *available in petite sizes as well* | Louis Vuitton Speedy 25B | Free People sunglasses | Michele watch | Cartier bracelet | Target sandals
ExpressWrappedDress_SydneysFashionDiary ExpressWrappedDress_SydneysFashionDiary ExpressWrappedDress_SydneysFashionDiary

Thursday, July 5, 2018

My Fourth of July

{A rare picture of my brother and I}
Hi ladies! Hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating Fourth of July. Mine was well spent with friends and family. I started off my day with a 4 mile run with a group of amazing mamas. The heat index was insane but I felt good getting it done. I then headed home to get ready for our community parade. My daughter's cheer team was in the parade. Can't believe I have a teenager. The phrase "the days are long but the years are short" is so true. They grow up so fast. My family and friends came over to our place for a cookout and we had so much fun. A big thank you to my brother for being a good sport and taking charge of the grill even though it was brazing hot outside. We ended the night watching fireworks. I said it before and I will say it again, friends and family are so important to me. It's a blessed thing to love and feel loved in return. My Fourth of July started off well and ended well. Outfit details: H&M overall *love it - wearing a size 4* | Forever 21 bodysuit | Free People sunglasses

Monday, July 2, 2018

Fourth of July sales

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Tomorrow is my last day at my current job and I am looking forward to spend lots and lots of quality time with the kids before starting my new position. Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays and I can't wait to spend it with my family and close friends. There are so many great sales going on right now if you're in the mood for some shopping.
Express: Entire store buy 1 get one $19.90 - I picked up this dress in black last week and I can't get enough of it. It's so flattering (especially if you're under 5'2"). Will do a full review next week. I ended up getting a size XS and I love it so much. Now, I want the same dress in every color =)
Abercrombie & Fitch - I don't shop at A&F often but I do find some nice pieces once in awhile. I love their denim shorts and will be picking up a pair or two this summer. All shorts are $20 today (was $58). Most of their jeans are $19.99 right now (was $88). I tried on this one piece last week and am impressed with the quality. If you're short-waisted, this would look great on you. It's super cute in person and appropriate for a family gathering. Shop the rest of the sale here including this adorable chambray jumpsuit
Baublebar - Up to 75% off these pretty pieces. They have some of the most trendy pieces at affordable prices. Shop all sale pieces here
Other incredible deals I found online:
Proenza Schouler PS1 bag (50% off) - While I don't own any PS bag, I can appreciate their classic design. This bag is a great option for work and it's currently 50% off!!!
Becca one-piece swimsuit - I have always been a fan of Becca swimwear and this one piece is amazing (40% off and available in black and white)
Topshop white denim - Another closet favorite. The white version (which is perfect for summer) is currently 30% off. They rarely go on sale (run small so please size up)
OYE swimwear - 70% off some OYE swimsuits
Sam Edelman nude sandals - A closet staples and on sale
Loeffler Randall mini Rider bag - The color is so pretty

Friday, June 29, 2018

White eyelet summer dress

My little angel had a surgery this morning. Thank goodness that everything went well. She is napping right now (the anesthetic hasn't completely worn off yet). Keeping my fingers crossed for a speedy recovery so we can enjoy Fourth of July festivities. Onto today's outfit, I love this dress. I am a huge fan of wearing white pieces in warm summer months and this dress is perfect for that. It's wrinkle-free, lightweight and the eyelet detail is so pretty. The bottom half of the dress is lined for extra coverage. To add a pop of color, I paired it with these gorgeous earrings and my beloved Chanel WOC. Have a great weekend, ladies! Outfit details: Shein dress | Chanel WOC | Lisi Lerch earrings | Cartier bracelet | Free People sunglasses | Almost identical mules
WhiteEyeletDress_SydneysFashionDiary WhiteEyeletDress_SydneysFashionDiary WhiteEyeletDress_SydneysFashionDiary

Monday, June 25, 2018

My engagement ring

I posted this picture on IG and got a couple of DMs asking if I can share more details about the ring. I'm a little wary of sharing something like this but I hope you don't take it the wrong way. I love reading reviews. Online reviews play a huge role in influencing my purchase decisions. Therefore, I don't mind sharing what I know and hope this information is useful to some of you.
The background: I have this ring since October of 2017. As you can tell from the blog, I barely wear it. I am not a jewelry person. I just have a few special pieces and usually take all my jewelry off as soon as I get home (other than my Cartier bracelet of course). This was an "upgrade" from my original engagement ring. However, it wasn't a planned upgrade (or at least, not anytime soon). You might not know, my husband and I are a huge fan of the Bachelor/Bachelorette show. It's our guilty pleasure and we enjoy watching the show together for years. One of the things I look forward to at the end of every season is the engagement ring. Some I liked, some I didn't like but the one that stood out the most to me was Emily Maynard's ring.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Achieved my goals for 2018

Happy Friday, ladies! I am so excited to share a bit of good news with you today. On 01.01.2018, I wrote a post recapping 2017 and setting goals for 2018. In that post, I set 2 goals for myself: Goal # 1: Run my first half-marathon (which I did in April). I am currently training for my 2nd half-marathon (in October). I will talk more about it in the near future. Goal # 2: Make a career move. I've been actively looking and am so thrilled to announce that I have accepted a job offer! I put in my 2 weeks' notice earlier this week and will be starting my new position right after the holiday. As mentioned in the same post, I've been with my current company for almost 9 years. I enjoy what I do and the people I work with but after 9 years, I am ready to take on new challenges. Some people might ask, why don't I move up to management? The answer is simple - I don't want to. My husband has a high demand and super stressful career, I want to be the one who's there to take care of the girls and the family when he can't. A management role comes with additional responsibilities and stress and that's not exactly what I am going after. I am all about work life balance. The technical side is where I want to stay (I work in software development). With that  being said, I am excited for the opportunity and new challenges. I look forward to meet my new team, hit the ground running and work hard

I feel amazing knowing that I achieved the goals I set for myself. Other than wasted my time on a so-called friendship (which is already a thing of the past), 2018 has been great so far. I truly believe beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity. I can't wait to see what the second half of 2018 has in store for us #blessed