Saturday, January 18, 2020

My luxury wishlist for 2020

Sharing what's on my luxury wishlist for 2020.
1. Gucci belt bag: I wanted to try the belt bag trend for awhile. Thinking about putting my Christmas $$ towards this adorable belt bag (also available here and here)
2. Louis Vuitton Keepall 45 in monogram  macassar: This is the only print I am interested in. I probably would never purchase a Louis Vuitton luggage but I love the idea of having a Keepall. Since I always pack light when I travel, this duffle bag would be a great additional to my handbag collection.
4. Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pumps: These shoes were 30% off last October. It was a decent discount but I had other priorities at the time so I had to pass. These shoes are high on my list this year. They're so beautiful and elegant in person (also available here and here)
4. Van Cleef & Arpels earrings: At some point, I'd like to get the VCA Alhambra earrings to match my necklace. Not sure if it's going to happen this year or not but that's the plan =)
5. Canada Goose Chelsea parka: If you remember, I reviewed the Rideau parka last year. In that post, I said I was going to exchange for a size XS instead. Well, I never ended up doing that due to other commiments. This year, I stumbled upon the Chelsea while browsing at my local Saks and fell in love with it. The fit is even better than the Rideau. The only issue is that it has real coyote fur as trim and I am just not a fan. I wish they make the non-fur version of this jacket. I would buy it in a heartbeat (also available here and here). The search continues...

There you have it. Those are the 5 luxury items on my wishlist this year. What's on your wishlist for 2020?

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

My first time getting Botox

Botox is probably the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment these days. I've been thinking about getting Botox for awhile. In fact, I wanted to schedule an appointment on my 40th birthday. That didn't happen due to a schedule conflict. I simply didn't care enough to reschedule. It wasn't a high priority. I'll be 42 in September and I have never had any facial injections prior to this. Not that I need to explain myself because I definitely don't. I firmly believe that less is more when it comes to getting injectables. I have nothing against plastic surgery in general. You do what makes you happy. Personally, I would never go overboard when it comes to this kind of stuff. I thought long and hard before giving it a go. I asked you on IG if there is anything that you'd like to know about Botox and got a few questions. Today, I am sharing my first experience with Botox with you. I filmed a short clip with my surgeon. Check it out if you're interested.

Why did I decide to do it? I decided to try it out of curiosity. I don't have static wrinkles. I can only see them when I smile, squint, frown or make other expressions. The skin begins to lose volume between the ages of 30-40. If you're thinking about getting Botox, it's best to begin treatments before the lines have a chance to become deeply imprinted.

Who are the best candidates for Botox? Like mentioned above, people with no static wrinkles would be the ideal candidates for Botox. If you have established lines/wrinkles, Botox will not help with those. You would need dermal fillers to fill static wrinkles.

How many units did I get? The right amount of Botox is different for everyone. The exact number of units is customized for each person. I asked my surgeon to go conservative and she recommended 30 units. I fetl like it was the right amount. The wrinkles are completely gone but I am still able to make normal facial expressions. When in doubt, get less. You can always go back for touch-ups.
When did I see results? I noticed a visible difference in the appearance of wrinkles 3 days after the treatment. A week later, I can barely frown no matter how hard I try =) My forehead is so smooth and I look well-rested and refreshed. I look like I had a really good night sleep. The results were amazing!

What does it feel like? My face felt tighter and I have less control over it. It wasn't uncomfortable. It just felt different. After a few days, I didn't even notice it anymore. It felt normal.

Was it painful? I have a high pain tolerance and it was kind of painful for me (especially between the eyebrows). I would rate the pain level as an 8 on a scale from 1-10. The good thing is that it didn't last very long. The entire treatment took less than 10 minutes.

Do I think it's worth it? Yes, 100%. If you have the $$ and want to treat yourself, it's 100% worth it. A Botox treatment will last 3-4 months and honestly, the cost isn't that bad.

Will I keep up with it? I am not sure yet. I'll see how I feel after 4 months. If I decide to keep up with it, it won't be forever. Everyone ages. Sorry, you can't stop aging. At some point, I just have to embrace it. Until then, I will enjoy my wrinkle-free forehead (lol!). I hope you find this helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

My favorite coat is 50% off

My favorite coat is currently 50% off. It's a rare opportunity to pick up a great coat for a great price. Mine is several years old but still remains one of my favorite coats in my closet. I own several colors of the exact same coat. If you're looking for a great winter coat, grab it now. I wrote a comparison between petite vs. regular sizing here. Hope that helps =)

Thursday, January 9, 2020

2020 goals :: Stages of life

We're well into 2020, it's time to talk about those New Year's goals/resolutions. I am a big fan of planning and setting goals. Setting goals gives your life direction, boosts your motivation and self-confidence. Before sharing my goals for 2020, I wanted to look back on my 20's, 30's and what I am looking for in my 40's.

My 20's: I graduated from college when I was 23. Got married a few short weeks after graduation. I don't know what the heck I was thinking. At 23, I thought I could conquer the world. I don't regret any decisions I've made in my life but I would for sure do things differently if I could turn back time. Decisions I made shape my destiny. I spent my 20's figuring out my identity and my blueprint for life. At 29, I decided to call it quits because the level of happiness and fulfillment in my marriage weren't growing. We were just going though life instead of experiencing life together.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

How to get salon quality gel nails at home

As you make your list of New Year's resolutions, I am sure setting a financial goal is one of them. Reducing expenses is typically the first step toward making your financial goals a reality. If you're a nail salon devotee, you know it can get very expensive. The average price for a full set of gels in nail salons is $50. Gels generally last 2-3 weeks then you have to pay another $50 to get them filled. If you love getting your nails done but don't want to pay $50 every two weeks, I am sharing a way to get salon quality gel nails at home for a fraction of the cost. When Modelones reached out to me, I feel intrigued. They offer so many bundles and sets. There is certainly something for everyone. I chose this starter set and let me tell you, it has everything that you would ever need to do your nails at home and then some. I am really impressed with the quality, the packaging and how easy it is to create salon quality nails at home. If you're interested, check out the video below to see how I did it. Thanks, Modelones for sponsoring this post.

DIYGelNails_SydneysFashionDiary Modelones_SydneysFashionDiary Modelones_SydneysFashionDiary

Friday, January 3, 2020

What I got for Christmas 2019

Happy New Year, ladies! Yesterday was my first day back to work after a long break and let me tell you, it was rough! 2020 is finally here and I am very excited for what is to come. Today, I am sharing what I got for Christmas this year. I know I am truly blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people. I can't wait to put these items to good use.
WhatIGotForChristmas2019_SydneysFashionDiary (2)
1. Dyson V11 animal cordless vacuum: I am a huge fan of Dyson in general. We purchased a Dyson vacuum almost a decade ago and it's still running. Now that we have a puppy, having a clean house is even more important to me. I do vacuum every single night. This vacuum is absolutely amazing. I will do a thorough review in the near future.
2. MacBook Air: My husband got me a new MacBook Air because he's tired of looking at my 10-year old laptop sitting on the kitchen counter top (lol!). The battery won't hold a charge anymore. It has to be plugged in at all times. I don’t have a real need for a new laptop but I am glad to have this rose gold MacBook under the tree =)
3. Dyson hair dryer: In addition to the MacBook, he also got me the Dyson hair dryer. He knows that it's been on my wish list for years. I've heard great things about it. I just had a hard time spending $400 on a hair dryer. I love it so far!
4. Chanel manicure set: Courtney got me this set for Christmas (she knows me well). I don't wear regular nail polish anymore but I am over the moon excited for the hand location. It smells heavenly.
5. Jo Malone body lotion in lime basil & mandarin: Little Madelyn got my this travel size Jo Malone body lotion and I absolutely love it. A little goes a long way. The scent lasts all day even after washing my hands multiple times a day.
6. Coach Cassie crossbody bag: This is a Christmas gift from me to me =) I picked up this bag a few weeks before Christmas and I can't get enough of it. I love a good cream bag during Fall & Winter. If you've been thinking about this bag, I say go ahead and get it. The quality is absolutely amazing. I will do a review soon.
7. Chanel espadrilles: Another from me to me gift. My very first pair of Chanel shoes! I got a text from my SA saying that these babies were 40% off! I couldn't pass them up. They come in 3 colors. They are a little hard to find now but still available in some boutiques. I am so excited to rock them this Spring.
8. Money from my in-laws: My in-laws gave me some money for Christmas and I am so grateful for it. They really didn't have to do that at all. Thinking about putting the money towards a belt bag. What do you think?
There you have it! Those are the things I got this Christmas. I had an amazing Christmas break with my family. My husband and I are back to work. The kids will be back to school next week. We are heading into a new year and a new decade with new goals to achieve.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

A look back at 2019 :: What's next for 2020?

2019 is coming to an end. At the end of each year, I like to take time to reflect on the past year and set goals for the new one. While the theme for 2018 was spendy, 2019 was all about friendship. We made a few new friends this past year and continue to build trust in existing friendships. 2019 has been an extremely busy year for us. Life has always been good but I honestly think 2019 was our best year yet. Looking back on a few highlights from 2019:
- I changed jobs (not once but twice): I took a big promotion in August and was lucky to able to double my income in less than a year.
- Took 2 international trips to Aruba and Peru and 2 weekend trips to Chicago and Kentucky: We finally crossed Machu Picchu off our travel bucket list.
- Celebrated our 10-year anniversary: It may sound cliche but I am incredibly proud of our marriage and the connection we have. Life can be tough sometimes but I know we'll always have each other's back.
- Madelyn got selected to join a competitive gymnastics team: She's doing amazing well and ready for her very first competition next week! - Courtney continues to do an exceptional job at school: Being parents, there is nothing more satisfying than having a well-rounded teenager. This girl has big dreams and a plan to make her dreams come true. As a freshman, she's already working on a roadmap to Harvard (her dream college). I don't know what the future holds but whatever she does, I want her to be successful in life.
- We welcomed little Finn to our family: I have never been a pet person. My perception completely changed after having him. He's a total sweetheart. He brings so much joy to our family. There were many accidents in the house but thank goodness, he's fully potty trained by 5 months old
- Ran 2 half marathons
- Went to a Celine Dion concert
- Finally finished our backyard: It only took 2 years lol. It's been a long journey but now, it's time to sit back, relax and enjoy it. I will share my backyard in the upcoming Spring.
What's next for 2020?
I typically have a pretty good idea of what I want to accomplish for the new year. However, strange as it may sound, I don't have much on my list for 2020 and I know why. My husband and I are probably are older than most of you. We've done a lot of the hard work already. We built our dream/forever home together, we are both driving our dream cars, we have a solid work history/experience on our resumes, we have a financial plan in place, we own a boat, the kids' college funds are growing. We've accomplished a lot in the past 4, 5 years. Our goals were very different back then. We're finally at that phrase in our life where we have built a solid foundation for our future. We are not looking nor in a rush for the next big thing. We're 100% in a life maintenance mode. I still set goals and continue to strive towards but those goals are simple and easier to achieve.
With that being said, below are a few things on my to-do list for 2020:
- BTS just announced their 2020 tour. No dates/locations yet but once they release the information, I will plan a family weekend trip to accommodate Courtney to the concert.
- Planning a family trip to Disney to celebrate the little one's 8th birthday. Still deciding whether we'll do Disney World/Land or a Disney cruise.
- My Dad turns 80 this November (gosh, where does the time go?), we might take a trip to California to see the rest of his family.
- Re-carpet the entire house: Our home is about 5 years old and the carpet is builder-grade carpet. Now the kids are older and the puppy is potty trained =), it's time to give it a fresh look
- Redo both of the girls bedrooms: When we built the home, the kids were still little. They didn't know what they really wanted. Now, they seem to know what they like so we're going to redo their rooms.
- We're planning a family trip to Japan in 2021 so more than likely, there won't be a big summer vacation this year.
- 2020 luxury wishlist: I have a few things in mind but nothing big. I will share my list with you in a later post.
What I share on here might sound boring to some of you but my life is pretty low key to begin with. I am an open book. I don't sugar coat anything. This is my personal space to share my thoughts with you. Another year has come and gone, please know that I truly appreciate every one of you. We only get one shot at this life. Do what makes you happy. May this new year be filled with love and happiness. Cheers to 2020!

Up to 80% off sale items

I scoured the Internet to find you the best sale items that are still in stock. Check them out below if you're interested. Prices are so good!
1. Windowpane wrap coat ($38 - was $220): I did try this coat on in store and it's lovely! I purchased a XSP online
2. Faux fur bomber jacket (65% off)
3. Everyday suede pumps (only $18 - was $128)
4. Denim jacket (70% off)
5. Suede jacket (50% off)
6. Saint Laurent burgundy Kate bag (30% off)
7. Top handle bag (60% off)
8. Tory Burch boots (50% off)
9. Gucci sunglasses (40% off)

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Christmas 2019

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you all had a joyful, relaxing holiday with your loved ones! My in-laws are in town celebrating Christmas with us. We had good food, great company and lots of good laughs. My prime rib came out perfect! Our little puppy made this year even more special. Having time to spend with my family during Christmas is something I am always grateful for. We are always so busy, and Christmas allows us to slow down and be together. I must have been a very good girl this year 'cause Santa treated me well =) Stay tuned for that. I am taking the rest of the year off from work and I am very much looking forward to it. Outfit details: My dress is here, our matching PJs is here.
Christmas2019_SydneysFashionDiary Christmas2019_SydneysFashionDiary [My 5-month old puppy is getting so big] Christmas2019_SydneysFashionDiary Christmas2019_SydneysFashionDiary

Monday, December 23, 2019

One of my Christmas gifts is 50% off today

I finally caved in and treated myself this bag for Christmas. I briefly talked about it here. Let me tell you, it's absolutely beautiful in person. I was debating for the longest time between the white and the pewter. It wasn't an easy decision but I went with the white. However, the pewter is 50% off today. That's the lowest price I have ever seen. Trust me, I stalked this bag for months. This is the perfect everyday bag. I am not a fan of big bags so this little beauty has more than enough room for my everyday essentials. At this price, I might snatch up the pewter one as well
CoachCassie_SydneysFashionDiary CoachCassie_SydneysFashionDiary