Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend Outfit: Black and White

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I was thrilled to receive an invitation for the opening celebration of Ann Taylor’s Concept Store at the Green Town Center – Dayton, OH. I went yesterday with my sister and a friend . I have to admit, it was rather disappointing. There wasn’t much celebration going on. The store was clean and well-organized. However, the petite section was insignificant. I asked the lady if I could take a couple of pictures and she said “You’re not allowed to take photos here. Pictures of all items are available online”. Duh! Don’t you think I know that?

This is what I wore to the opening yesterday. I didn't feel like wearing anything from my 30x30 pile so I cheated  =) I've always loved how clean-looking and classic the combination of black and white is. The button down shirt was a recent purchase from Ann Taylor.

What I am wearing:
Shirt: Ann Taylor cotton shirt - size 0P (buy here)
Shorts: Club Monaco - size 0 - really old (buy similar here)
Necklace: Amrita Singh Montauk necklace (buy here)
Shoes: Unknown brand (buy similar here)
Clutch: Banan Republic exotic leather clutch (buy similar here)
Belt: Banana Republic skinny snake belt (buy similar here)

We didn’t end up getting anything at Ann Taylor. We did stop by the outlet mall on the way home for some more shopping. Overall, it was a fun day catching up with my friend and spending time with my sister even though driving back and forth for 4 hours wasn’t really worth it.

P.S: Don't forget to enter this week's giveaway for a chance to win a gorgeous Ann Taylor Coil Snake bracelet (ends this coming Tuesday).


Alterations Needed

How disappointing that the Ann Taylor celebration wasn't really a celebration afterall. :(
And I'm always confused about the "no photo" policy some stores have. It makes no sense. We take photos because we love your store and promote your items on our blogs...duh! It's a good thing!

At least you looked super chic! :)


LOVE black and white! You look so crisp and refreshed even though I am sure it was 90+ in Ohio! Sorry to hear the petite selection was insignificant.


Love the simple colors. The button down shirt actually makes the outfit quite formal.


I like your crisp and clean outfit here! Ugh, how disappointing to hear about your AT trip. I also did not find the concept store to be any different than the old store except the layout, and the location of my concept store doesn't even carry 00P. I did score one shirt though and got to hang out with Khatu that made it better. And the no photo policy - even during a "grand opening" ?? Bah!

John B. Marine

Casual, yet classy. Great outfit, Sydney! Looking lovely as always.


aww, it's too bad there wasn't much of a celebration. i do love your classic black and white look. and beautiful green necklace too!

cute & little

purses and puppies

i also love the crisp look of the black and white. the green necklace is beautiful! especially against the background of the pics
Easy Petite Looks


Sorry your experience was so underwhelming! :( cannot believe they did not want pictures taken! That would be great publicity!

You looked great in your outfit, though!! :)


Newish reader here! This is a beautiful outfit, so crisp and timeless. I do like how you've modernized it with a nonchalant half-tuck. :)


Annoying that the opening wasn't more least you rocked that outfit!


you look so polished! love it!

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali

Love the look. The Green Necklace accent is great!!!


Ugh, sounds like a disappointing trip...and that no pictures policy is bs. why invite the press if you are prohibiting photography, that's the most ridiculous policy ever.

That aside, I loveeee your outfit!


black and white is also a classic! you look very chic. the lady sounded very snobby..should of just took some pix anyway. They should know that your helping them..oh well at least u spent some time with your friend/sis!


You always pull off the botton down shirt beautifully, Sydney. I like how casual but stylish you look with a gorgeous green necklace.

Too bad the trip was not really worth driving and the lady was not so friendly :(


You look lovely! I really love how you styled this simple outfit to look quite elegant. The green necklace for a pop of colour is great too.


Caroline Robianto

you look very chic


you look stunning. great outfit!


love this combo! so classic and chic!


@Alterations Needed I was so surprised when the SA told me about the “no photo” policy (especially when I know you took some at the opening in LA recently). Oh well, there wasn't that much exciting stuff to see anyway =)


@Alterations Needed I would just snap pictures anyways. then they'll say stop. then do it again. what? are they gonna call the mall cop on you?

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews)

LOL at AubreyOhDang - mall cop :P

I thought I read that about another AT event - that they invited all these bloggers but they had to take pictures OUTSIDE of the store - so strange. I could be wrong though could have been another company.

Sydney you look adorable in that crisp white shirt!


love your outfit!! i'm looking for a pair of black shorts yours look fantastic.. i swear girl you've got legs for DAYS!!! so envious haha.


Aww, boo! I knew how excited you were about AT's opening so I was looking forward to pictures. Looking classy and chic, Sydney!

The Little Dust Princess

haha you know...I usually just slyly take pics with my phone or cam. No one notices ; )


Sad to hear that the AT celebration was so ho-hum especially after you had to travel so far to be a part of it :( Great outfit - I love the classic black and white with the pop of emerald green in your necklace!


what a bummer about your grand opening experience. well... at least you looked cute! there's nothing better than a crisp white shirt! xx


I love this classic look Sydney, the python belt and green necklace go together so well and really make it look super classy.

Sorry to hear about a bad experience at the opening party- sucks when the PR doesn't get it right for an event!

Hope you're having a great week!


very chic indeed


@AubreyOhDang! Guess what happened at the mall today? You should consider yourself a fortune teller =)

Carlis & Katya

lovely skirt!! ;) the green necklace adds the extra fun in the outfit! sucks you were not able to take photos! that's the best part of attending events! there is always a next time. Thanks for visiting our blog! ;)


chic and simple! I love your style!


Well that's just disappointing! You look great though :)

What is the Ann Taylor Concepts store anyway?!

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