Sunday, August 7, 2011

Closet Remix: Playing with color

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My style has definitely changed since I started this blog. I've learned (and am still learning) so much from other fashion bloggers. I feel much more comfortable wearing color. I also try to be creative and wear what I have in my closet different ways. I bought this romper for my vacation a few months ago. After a wash, it became too short (the typical quality of F21 clothing). Instead of letting it go, I decided to wear it as a top because I love the color so much. More than likely, this is how I will wear it from now on (see the romper version here).

This silk skirt was a recent purchase at Banana Republic. It was a mere $6.00 (originally $79.50). I couldn’t believe I found both colors in a size 0 (regular) in store. The silk material feels really nice and luxurious. I love the bold pattern but not the fit. It looks a bit boxy on me. I am thinking about slimming down both sides.

What I am wearing:
Romper (worn as top): F21 - size S (buy similar here or floral version here)
Skirt: BR Ikat silk skirt - 0R (buy here  or dress version here)

This outfit probably is the brightest outfit I have ever worn =) Those colors are striking but the fabric is keeping me cool during those hot summer hikes for sure.



I vote for slimming the skirt down a bit. It does look rather big on you. I love the color and pattern of it though. LOL on the last picture, sitting stylishly on a bucket of driveway coating. Have a good night, Sidney.

Really Petite

I agree with Vicky- the skirt looks big and wide on you. I like the unique colors and print. So great for color blocking. And the blue looks amazing on you:D

purses and puppies

slimming it down would be great. $6?? thats crazy! great find :) i do love the bright colors in this post, tho. the skirts pattern is so pretty


That skirt is fabulous and unique! What a great addition to your wardrobe. I agree with you, it does seem to need some slimming. I really love the romper, in the photo it looks like better quality fabric than what is typical from F21, but judging from your shrinking experience, I guess it's not. It looks great as a top though :)


What a coincidence, I just bought this skirt myself! It will arrive tomorrow (I've been tracking like crazy) and I'll post pictures as soon as I get it! I was planning to pair it with a blue top as well :)

Needless to say, you're looking great!


Bold colors is something that I've been wanting to wear more and more lately, thanks to all you bloggers out there :) Way to expand your style, Sydney! I think the skirt is worth slimming b/c you bought it for so cheap. it would look great worn higher-waisted as well as like a normal pencil skirt.

PS - Your hair is GORGEOUS today. I wish I had the patience to straighten mine to look like that all the time ;)


I LOVE the cobalt blue + orange! This is such a stunning combination and looks so fab on you Sydney! Hope you had a wonderful weekend :)

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews)

Looove that skirt Sydney, the pattern is gorgeous and wow for the price that's awesome! Was this from the BR outlet or the store? I wonder if I could find it here since our outlets don't carry petites. it will probably fit me since it's slightly big on you :)

That romper makes a nice top. I never jumped on the romper trend b/c I didn't like the idea of taking the whole thing off to go to the bathroom :P


I got mine for $6, too! I just added your link to my post here:

Now that Vicky mentions does look a little wide. I am about to go into my closet to try it on again! Lol! But for $6, it is a great buy for 100% silk!

The Little Dust Princess

Gorgeous colours, Syd! I love how you used contrasting colours - blue & orange. The top is cute like that and I'm glad you're still making use of it.

DSK Steph

You look great in those colors! I love the outfit. :)


I love the bold color/print combination! Very unexpected but totally addicting!


wow, you found this skirt for $6?!! that's an incredible steal! i love how you paired the blue with the orange. definitely one of my fave color combinations. you wear color so well, Sydney!


i love the ruffled details on your romperrr !

www.glisters and


great colour-mix ! love it . I also love your blog !

wanna follow each other?

have you seen my new look? !


blue and orange is one of my favorite color combos, and girl, you are rocking it! I agree with you about slimming the sides...but totally worth it when the skirt was so cheap!


I just love that blue color on you! since it's a romper I have something similar to that but Im afraid it's use restroom if your in public places when wear a romper and a skirt outside.


@Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) Elaine, this skirt was from the regular BR store. It probably still is available at your local stores. You should check it out.

@Michelle Thank you for reminding me. I totally forgot you have the same skirt =)


I love the color mix, so pretty! I do agree with everyone that maybe slight tailoring at the sides would help slim it down just a tad.


@Anna Thank you for letting me know. I can't wait to see it on you. If you're looking for styling ideas for this skirt, check this out =)

Dilan Dilir

you look awsome :)

Natalie Liao

I love the brights!
They look lovely on you.
Stop by sometime, Xoxo Natalie


I so wanted this skirt when i first saw it on Anh from 9-5chic. But was too pricey for my budget. And one day when I went window shopping n found this skirt for $13 + 50% off on sale.. My heart skipped a beat. but when I tried it on.. it was too boxy n big n didnt look good at all n so I left it behind. waiting to see your altered skirt.

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Caroline Lie

Beautiful outfit, I love the blue romper!! Nice blog! xx.

sabrina maida

i love sliming skirt , love it :D

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