Saturday, November 3, 2012

Designer Outerwear on Hautelook: Soia & Kyo

It's that time again - winter coats and boots! Although, I have more than enough coats to last me a life time, I am always on the lookout to "upgrade" my older jackets with better ones. Hautelook is having a designer outerwear right now. One particular brand that I am interested in is Soia & Kyo. I heard so many great things about this brand but personally do not own any outerwear from them. The smallest size available is XXS which is really hard to find from mall stores. Below are a few styles that caught my eyes.

For these styles below, prices are cheaper on Hautelook but there are more sizes available on Bluefly.

1. Soia & Kyo Pinko Tweed Coat (cheaper on Hautelook but also available on Bluefly)
2. Soia & Kyo Bergi Double Breaste Coat (cheaper on Hautelook but also available on Bluefly)
3. Soia & Kyo Ziara Belted Down Coat (cheaper on Hautelook but also available on Bluefly)
4. Soia & Kyo Mabel Belted Coat (cheaper on Hautelook but also available on Bluefly)

These styles are available on Hautelook only:

2. Soia & Kyo Colette Toggle Coat
3. Soia & Kyo Noreen Puffer Jacket

Have a great weekend!


lisacng said...

Love the details on that top camel trench! The curved bottom is so special!

Anonymous said...

I have tried several Soia&Kyo coats in XXS before and never found one that really fit me. It's true that their XXS coats run narrow, but I found the sleeves and overall length way too long for for my 5.2" frame and the proportions off. I think that even though their coats are cut for a very slim figure, they are meant to be worn by a much taller person. But maybe you will be more lucky than me!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

In Seattle, we NEED outer wear. All sorts of outer wear. I love the camel-colored coats. They are great for our weather.

Phoebe said...

Oh my goodness...the coats you posted are gorgeous and I love the simple yet sleek design that make them look timeless.
I totally understand what you mean about upgrading coats. Our tastes change and since we have to wear them we might as well have fun with them. :) xoxo, Phoebe

audrinajulia said...

Beautiful! Love all the coats most especially the 1st and second style on the last row. Great recommendation,Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Considering that marketing for these more high-end designers acquire the most photography for these coats, the fabric of all the coats looks cheap. All the wrinkling reminds me of the $20 range winter coats from Forever 21. I love Forever 21 for their drapey tops but their structured coats are atrociously wrinkly and cheap looking. These don't look any better for the same reason.

But this is all just my honest, objective opinion. I hope I didn't offend in being candor.

Anonymous said...

most expensive and overall fabulous photography*

Anonymous said...

with my candor*

Unknown said...

Love your choices! I love both my S&K coats - did you end up getting one?