Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend wear: Sweatshirt

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I hope everyone is having a great weekend. It's been a warm but rainy weekend in central Ohio. I wore this outfit to lunch at my parents today. I had my eyes on this sweatshirt when the Neiman Marcus x Target collection first came out. I was super excited to find it on clearance in my local Target for a mere $8.99. It's super comfortable and easy to wear. This is my kind of outfit for the weekend.


What I am wearing: 
Sweatshirt: Proenza Schouler Sweatshirt - size XS (70% off)
Jeans: c/o Petite Legs (buy similar)
Rain boots: Banana Republic (buy this year's version
Bag: Coach Willis via eBay


My Mom treated us today with the delicious hot-pot lunch. It was the perfect meal for a rainy day. The husband said I secretly enjoy visiting my Mom because of her cooking =) She has made our tummies very happy today!



Easy but chic outfit. I looked for that sweatshirt but too late for my local targets! Too bad for me!

Carolines Day

I'm drooling over the hotpot!!


Love the sweatshirt on you!

Amber @

yum! we had the same weather here, it was wonderful!


Oh the hot pot looks perfect for a midwest winter. It's freeeeezing here in Minni.
Love that sweater on you. I was actually pretty surprised at how soft the sweater was and the cost of it compared to the rest of the collection. The coach willis purse looks tres fab!!! :D xoxo, Phoebe

Always Maylee

I love it when my mom treats me to hot pot too, yum! Love your sweatshirt, perfect for a casual weekend day!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Carol Li

I love the sweatshirt on you. I've never had a hot pot like the one in your photo but it looks yummy!

phiphis blog

love hotpot! moms are the best!

i love this sweatshirt on you - casual but chic too! perfect. hope you had a great weekend!! xox P

phiphi's blog

Northern Style Exposure

I love that bag!!!! I bought it for my mom last year.

lisacng @

Cute sweatshirt and at a great price! That hot pot looks so good! Is that broth spicy? It look so flavorful. Moms cook so well. I'm not a good cook so I hope when my son gets older, he'll say something nice about my cooking as I try to improve over the next few or 10 years :).

@lisacng @ It doesn't have to be spicy but we love spicy stuff especially when it's cold outside. Yum! =)


Great outfit, looks really comfy. And that food... Your mum must be a terrific cook!:)

Yvonne Huynh

i have the same sweatshirt! i ordered mine online around that price too! It's super comfy but I got a Medium since I like my sweater a bit big. Hot pot is a fav of mine especially all the yummy seafood and veggies, im dropping now lol

have a good week!


Cute sweatshirt!!! We never get too old for mom's cooking :)

Vittoria @ The Beautiful Things

i have the same sweat shirt...isn't it super comfy!

xoxo from nyc &


You make a sweatshirt look so chic! Will you be partaking in the Prabal Gurung / Target collab? There's a dress that looks interesting, but I'll have to see it in person to really judge


Thanks for tweeting about this sweatshirt, right after seeing it I was able to get the last one (thankfully an XS) at my Target :) And your vintage Coach looks like it's in really great condition. Did you do anything to clean it?

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