Friday, February 7, 2014

Splurge vs. Steal: Designer Looks for Less # 3

Today's post is another series of Splurge vs. Steal. I wanted to share a few look-alike designer pieces that I found while poking around the internet. Hope you enjoy this post and have a wonderful weekend!
Splurge vs. Steal (under $50)

 Splurge  vs. Steal (under $55)

Splurge vs. Steal (I got these in store for under $50)

Splurge vs. Steal (under $50)

 Splurge vs. Steal (under $75)


Carylee said...

Oh man! Those pants are calling my name!! These are great dupes - thanks for sharing!

noone said...

love these ideas. and honestly you have to pick your battles on where to spend the money or else you'd go broke!! :D

Gina Daily said...

Great finds, Sydney! Isn't it funny how they all come up with such similar stuff? Those pants are basically identical! -Gina
On the Daily Express

Stephanie @ said...

Great finds. I definitely love getting the same look for less, especially for trendier stuff that I know I probably won't be getting tons of wear out of. Gotta pick and choose when you're not shopping on an unlimited budget!