Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fall Trend: The plaid scarf (under $50)

Plaid scarves are a huge hit this Fall. Every fashion blogger I follow owns a variation of a plaid scarf. While I haven't jumped on the bandwagon (yet), I found a few options below if you're looking for one. Everything pictured below is less than $50. Happy Thursday!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the round up syd. it def helps me more than a bunch of tabs opened. I think i'm gonna go for the Multi Plaid Raw Edge Scarf from choie's. never ordered from them before but what the heck, it's free shipping!!! yipee! -aubs

update: 15-18 working days for North America (Canada Mexico). holy moly!!! will it even be cold enough then?! hahahaha. CA gets cold in jan/feb anyways

Darcy said...

L:ove them! I just ordered a blanket scarf and I cant wait for it to get here!

Kreyola said...

I have one on this that I will be getting, and I was looking for that too. Nice shares :)

Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

Christie Lo said...

love these scarfs!

Just out of curiosity, I have stumbled upon the scarf on the corner right from but am hesitant on ordering since I have not heard of the company. Have you ever shopped there? If so, how are their quality?


Sydney's Fashion Diary said...

@Christie Lo I have ordered from them before. They are usually hit or miss. As far as quality goes, they are in the same bucket as Forever 21. For $17 plus free shipping, I think it might be worth a shot.