Friday, July 31, 2015

KushyFoot Review


Today, I wanted to share some of the most unique socks on the market. KushyFoot reached out to me last month and offered to send me a few samples of their socks to try. Out of everything I received, I am most excited about the flats to go. I love wearing heels. However, it's not always practical for me to run around with my daughters in heels. I always have a pair of flats in either my car or my purse. I love these flats because they're very compact and great for emergency uses. Please note that there is absolutely no support in this flat whatsoever. They're portable and suitable in case of style emergencies only.


The package also came with several pairs of socks. They're so fun to wear. I especially love the lace toe covers with clear slingback (how awesome are they!). If you think socks and open toe shoes isn't a winning combination, think again. No matter what kind of shoes you're wearing, KushyFoot has the foot cover choice for every shoe and every situation.


Disclaimer: Thanks to KushyFoot for sponsoring this post. All opinions shared are my own


Anonymous said...

Hi Sydney! I just wanted to ask, do the foot covers for flats slip down when you're walking? I typically have that issue with flats socks and have been shopping around forever for a brand that doesn't slip down when I walk.

Sydney's Fashion Diary said...

@Anonymous Hi there, the heels of these foot covers have silicon grips that keep them stay on. They do not slip down when I walk. Hope that helps!