Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Guest Post :: The Season's Hottest Cold Weather Accessories

You know it’s time to invest in new winter wear when you’re able to see your frosty breath and you’re still shivering beneath your coat. Sometimes just wearing coat and pants won’t do the trick. When the temperatures drop and you need extra layers of clothing, there is one more important aspect of dressing for the cold that many people sometimes overlook. One word: Accessories.

Whether it be a hat, scarf, gloves, or even socks (yes, socks are trending!), there are plenty of winter accessories that will make the difference both in your level of warmth and your level of style. It seems that now more than ever, accessories are almost more important than the actual base clothing itself. So to get your winter style on point, peruse this list of the hottest winter accessories this season. You’ll be happy you did!

1. Brimmed Hats: Keeping your head warm has never been this fun. Out with the beanies, and in with the Indiana Jones-esque toppers this season. According to Fashionisers, a big brim is in! Not to be confused with the floppy sunhats we saw saturating the streets during warmer months, the winter brim hats are structured, poised, and make any winter getup instantly more chic.
Faux Fur Stole
2. Socks With Heels: This may sound like ultimate fashion no-no, but forget every fashion “rule” you’ve ever learned, because they simply don’t apply anymore. Case in point? Elle’s comprehensive roundup of the runway looks combining socks with heels. Making a fashionable winter much more possible, pairing some socks with your favorite heels has become the new norm.

3. Fur Stole: Regular scarves are so overrated. This season, it’s all about the fuzzy fabric that turns any outfit into a cozy one. Faux fur hit the market hard this year, and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping. If you want to look a little bit luxe on your outing around town, throw on a fur stole sure to keep you toasty.

4. Thigh-High Boots: For those days you’re just not into the whole socks-with-stilettos thing, a pair of thigh-high boots will be your savior. Successfully shielding the larger part of your legs form the abominable winter elements, these over-the-knee styles also elongate your legs for ultimate style satisfaction. Editorial-meets-retail website Lyst recommends a look-at-me black leather pair if you’re looking to spoil yourself.

5. Arm Warmers: One of the worst parts about winter is when you can’t text (let alone do anything!) on your phone with a pair of gloves on. Harper’s Bazaar found a remedy to this catastrophe, and it’s kind of the best thing ever. They’re called arm warmers, and they’re basically add-on sleeves that keep your hands free and your internal body heat close.

All it takes to spice up your winter wardrobe is the addition of one or two trendy accessories. It’s a great way to update your style without having to overhaul your current closet. And what’s better? These accessories actually add to your comfort level rather than subtracting from it. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Disclaimer: This is a guest post by Sylvia Dixon, a freelance fashion blogger based out of Chicago. She enjoys online shopping, writing and walking her dog, Wilson

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