Wednesday, June 14, 2017

OTF 6-week fitness challenge :: Week # 1


As mentioned in this post, I joined Orange Theory Fitness's 6 week fit challenge. This past week was my first week and I am here today to share my thoughts. Let me start by saying I am a newbie to the fitness world. I eat whatever I want, whenever I want my whole life. I rarely look at nutrition labels and certainly do not count my calories. As I get older, I am a little more cautious about what I eat and try to pick the healthier options (no red meat, no soda, no eating after 7:00 p.m., fast food once a week...). I know I am skinny but I also know that I am not strong, not toned and have no muscle. I took a trial Orange Theory Fitness class in February and loved the variety of the workouts. When my local studio offered a 6-week fitness challenge, I jumped at the chance. I had my InBody scan on the first day. I am sharing my numbers below because I think some of these numbers might surprise you. They did surprise me.


Body Composition Analysis: I am currently at 104.9 lbs. Body weight is the sum of Body Fat Mass (28.8 lbs) and Lean Body Mass which is composed of Dry Lean Mass (20.3 lbs) and Total Body Water (55.8 lbs)


Muscle Fat Analysis: These numbers surprised me. When I told my Mom I joined a fitness challenge, her response was "what do you need to lose? You have no fat" =) Well, the numbers say otherwise. Compare the bar lengths of Skeletal Muscle Mass and Body Fat Mass. The longer the SMM bar is compared to the BFM bar, the stronger the body is. The easiest way to remember is you want your chart to look like the letter "D" which means the length of SMM is longer than BFM length. Right now, my chart looks like the letter "C" which means I have more body fat mass than muscle mass.


Obesity Analysis: BMI is an index used to determine obesity by using height and weight. PBF is the percentage of body fat compared to body weight. Again, these numbers surprised me. Healthy ranges is 18.5 - 24.9% (BMI) and 21-24% (PBF) for a female. I am at 19.2% (BMI) and 27.4% (PBF). Definitely have more body fat than I thought I do.


Body Fat - Lean Body Mass Control: Based on current body composition, the recommended change in Lean Body Mass and Body Fat Mass for a good balanced ratio. Based on these numbers, I need to lose 1.8 lbs of Body Fat Mass and gain 14.3 lbs of Lean Body Mass (that's a lot!). Basal Metabolic Rate is the minimum number of calories needed to sustain life at a resting state. Mine is 1116 calories per day.

The bottom line is I have quite a challenge to build lean muscle and get stronger. Will I get there in 6 weeks. I doubt it but I know I will be on the right track. This is my very first body scan and I am still learning all these numbers. Are they bad? Not really but there is a lot of room for improvement for sure.


I also wanted to quickly share my progress from the past week. The physiology behind the OTF workout is to keep heart rates in the "Orange Zone" which is a target zone that stimulates metabolism, increases energy and burns extra calories for up to 36 hours post workout. Looking at the chart below, my cardio endurance clearly increases after each session. I stayed in the "Orange Zone" for only 2 minutes and 39 seconds the first time, 08:24 the second time, increased to 16:53 the 3rd time and I was in the "Orange Zone" for 18 minutes at the end of my first week. Huge improvement if I say so myself. That's a wrap! I hope you find this post helpful. I have not reached my goal but I am well on my journey. Thanks for letting me share!

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Awesome job! You can do it Sydney! Have a blessed weekend!