Sunday, July 23, 2017

UK Swimwear review :: Watercult Nomadic swimsuit


Today, I am partnering with UK Swimwear to review this amazing one-piece swimsuit from Watercult. You might recall that I reviewed a couple of sports bra from UK Lingerie in this post. UK Swimwear is another division of UK Lingerie as well as UK Tights. I will be doing a review for UK Tights next week. Anyhow, I am super excited to have this one piece swimsuit right before my trip to Florida. I got several bikinis for my trip but ended up leaving them at home due to 4 incisions in the abdominal area from the surgery. For those who were asking, I had a rough recovery but am feeling much better now. I had a severe allergic reaction from the surgical glue. The skin was irritated and the itching was unbearable. My surgeon put me on steroid for a week and the rash finally subsided. I was happy to cover all that up with a one-piece swimsuit to say the least =) Outfit details: Watercult one piece swimsuit *UK8* c/o UK Swimwear | Brixton hat | Sunglasses


I am all about affordable swimsuits but after putting this one on, I can see why people investing in high-end swimsuits. The quality, fit, fabric and details of this suit are impeccable. I've never heard of Watercult swimwear before. After doing some research, I believe their swimsuits are designed/made in Germany and are widely available across the UK. I chose this one piece because it's one of the styles available in a UK8 (US4). UK Swimwear carries a huge selection of swimsuits from a variety of different brands but most styles starting in size UK10 and up.


I was afraid a UK8 might be too big but am happy to report that it fits perfectly. I wouldn't want to go smaller. This one-piece definitely runs small. It's gorgeous in person. The ethnic print is vibrant and the embellished neckline is to die for. For reference, I am 5'2" (short torso) and a UK8 fits absolutely perfect. This one piece has build-in slightly padded bra cups without any wire. These build-in bra cups give amazing support yet so comfortable. I practically live in it. Since it's a full coverage suit, the scoop low back and the side cutouts add a touch of sexiness. I feel comfortable running around the resort with my kids in this modest suit. Overall, I am super impressed with this suit and highly recommend it. The navy blue version is no longer available but the orange one is still available here. I hope to get a few more wear out of this bathing suit before packing it up for the season.

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Dash of Fash and Finance said...

Hi Sydney! I love the print and the fit of the swimsuit! Its very flattering and beautiful on you. Pray that you have a blessed week!


Katherine said...

That is a unique design of swimsuit :) Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bathing suit! I think that's next for me :-) Jenny