Sunday, September 23, 2018

Boating Day

2019YamahaAR195_SydneysFashionDiary  {2018 Yamaha AR195 boat - isn't she gorgeous?}
The temperature has dropped quite a bit yesterday but the sun eventually came out. We decided to take advantage of it and took the kids out for a boat ride today. We bought this boat a little over a month ago and have been enjoying it so much. We took family and friends out every weekend since we got it. As someone who doesn't know how to swim, I don't care too much for a boat. The husband, however, grew up doing all kinds of water sports. Owning a boat was on our list but it wasn't a high priority. An opportunity came up and we were happy to pull the trigger a bit sooner. Plus, we live 5 minutes away from a beautiful lake, it's silly not to take advantage of it. From our house to the dock is literally a 5 minute drive. It warms my heart to see him in his element. Can't wait to take a boat ride next month to see the Fall foliage along the lake. Outfit details: Star sweater *super oversized* | Target sandals | AE shorts | Rolex watch | Cartier bracelet | Le Specs sunglasses

The weather is getting cooler but it's not cold enough for bundling up. This sweater is perfect for this time of the year (especially when I am near the water). It's easy to throw on for a little added warmth. The quality is absolutely amazing. If you're looking for a heavy knit sweater, look no further. Not to mention those stars are so adorable. This sweater looks and feels way more expensive than it actually is. Pink is my least favorite color but this sweater is an exception =)
2019YamahaBoat_SydneysFashionDiary StarSweater_SydneysFashionDiary 2019YamahaBoat_SydneysFashionDiary StarSweater_SydneysFashionDiary BoatingDay_SydneysFashionDiary
{A short clip of hubby water skiing}

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