Monday, January 14, 2019

Plan with me :: January

Happy Monday, ladies! Today, I am starting a new series called "Plan with me". As mentioned in this post, we're welcoming 2019 with open arms. The first step towards making 2019 our best year yet is planning and setting goals. Long-term goals are great but specific and measurable goals are equally important. To hold myself accountable, I will be sharing my monthly goals here. I also hope to inspire some of you to share your monthly goals as well. It's always best to set a goal with numbers. Notice my goals are quantitative goals. When you put a specific value to something, it becomes measurable and more achievable. If you do join me, please share your monthly goals below. Here is what I want to accomplish and what I am looking forward to for the month of January.
2019Planner_SydneysFashionDiary {I purchased this planner and am excited to fill it with goals/plans/activities}

Monthly goals:
- Work out at least 4 times a week: Getting back in the fitness game after a long break is hard. My goal is to work out at least 4 times a week (preferably 5 times a week)
- Drink 60 o.z. of water or more per day: I drink so little water a day. It's kind of scary! My goal this month is to drink at least 60 o.z. of water per day. I have this 20 o.z YETI tumbler. I keep reminding myself that I need to drink at least 3 cups per day
- Read one book: I rarely read. This year I want to challenge myself to actually sit down and read instead of browsing my phone. Starting out with one book per month.
- No buy January: We had a really big Christmas so we're doing a no buy January. I made some purchases in Dec and also got a few things for Christmas. Will share them throughout the month. 2 weeks in and I haven't purchased anything.
- Cut down on sugar: This goal is more for the kids. We went a bit overboard during the holidays with sweet treats. I will be cutting down on sweet snacks when grocery shopping
- Watch one movie with the kids: Life has been busy lately but this month, I want to make an effort to watch at least one movie with the kids.

Looking forward to:
- Getting back into daily routines and schedules: After an extended break, I am looking forward to getting back to the grind.
- The new season of the Bachelor: So excited for the new season of the Bachelor. I really like Colton and am looking forward to see how this season unfolds.
- Celebrate my sister in law's birthday: Looking forward to a night out to celebrate my sister in law's birthday
- Teach the girls how to ski: We're planning to teach the kids how to ski this year. They might like it or they might not. Regardless, I want them to develop an appreciation of nature and enjoy doing outdoor activities.

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