Saturday, November 23, 2019

What my teenage daughter asked for Christmas

Today, I am kicking off the holiday season by sharing Courtney's Christmas wishlist. I've been sharing my kids' Christmas lists for years now. For us, it's an annual tradition that they come up with their own holiday wish list. It's a great way to teach kids to really think about what they are asking for as well as help minimize stress and make the holidays more fun. I then will share their lists with family members. It's a win-win situation all around. That being said, here is what she asked for this year.
1. Boar bristle hair brush set: This set has over 1000 glowing reviews. Both of my girls have pretty long hair so I am not surprised to see this on her list.
2. Laser projector: A cool gadget for kids bedroom. I might have to get one for Madelyn as well
3. LED strip lights: Can you tell she's into having lights in her room? (lol!)
4. UV LED nail lamp: A popular beauty gadget for teenage girls.
5. Silk pillow case: We've all heard about the benefits of silk pillows cases. If SLIP pillow cases are out of your price range, this 100% Mulberry silk pillow case is a good alternative. It has almost 3000 positive reviews and is available in a whopping range of 30 colors.
6. Kids weighted blanket:  Weighted blankets are all the rage. They have proven to help relieve anxiety and stress for adults and children. Again, this blanket has almost 5000 glowing reviews. Comes with a bunch of color/weight/size options.
7. Tombow dual brush markers: Both of my kids are into art. Tombow products are on their lists every year.
8. The comfy blanket sweatshirt: This might look like a silly thing to ask for but trust me, it's the worlds coziest piece of clothing. It's so soft, you'll feel like you're wearing a blanket around. We are doing a white elephant with friends this year and I am thinking about getting this for the gift exchange.
9. Chi hair curler: Last but not least is a new hair curler. It's time to get her own hair curler (lol!) We share the same one for years.

There you have it! If you have a teenager, I hope you find this list helpful. I will share Madelyn's list shortly. If you have other cool ideas/suggestions, I'd love to hear.

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