Sunday, December 29, 2019

Up to 80% off sale items

I scoured the Internet to find you the best sale items that are still in stock. Check them out below if you're interested. Prices are so good!
1. Windowpane wrap coat ($38 - was $220): I did try this coat on in store and it's lovely! I purchased a XSP online
2. Faux fur bomber jacket (65% off)
3. Everyday suede pumps (only $18 - was $128)
4. Denim jacket (70% off)
5. Suede jacket (50% off)
6. Saint Laurent burgundy Kate bag (30% off)
7. Top handle bag (60% off)
8. Tory Burch boots (50% off)
9. Gucci sunglasses (40% off)


  1. Is there a code for Banana Republic shoe? Price still as show

    1. I didn't realize they offer discounts based on specific colors. Only the white one is $18. So sorry about that.

  2. Hi Sydney. Happy holidays! I am 5'3 122lbs and interested in the Windowpane wrap coat. Do you think I should go with the XS or S? Thanks!

    1. I think you should go with the S. I am 5'2 105 lbs and the XS fit me perfectly. Hope that helps! Happy New Year, Annie =)

    2. Ordered the S and SP to try on. Thank you!

    3. That's awesome! Mine will be arrived today. I will keep you posted.