Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Some good news in the midst of all the craziness

Today, I wanted to come on here to share a bit of good news with you. We can all agree that this is a very unsettling time for everyone. You'll get to the point that little things will set you off. It's devastating what is happening. We can't control what's around us, but we can control our responses. I truly believe that thinking positively will lead to a happy and successfully life no matter how bad the situation may get.
I don't really share much of what we do for a living on here due to privacy reasons. I did mention a few times that my husband spends a lot of time at work (typically 60 hours per week). Not to mention a busy travel schedule. There is no such thing as work life balance for him. He had been with this company for over 11 years (the company is ranked #14 Fortune 500). He had a very stressful, high-demanding job. He managed several million-dollar projects at once. It's the main reason that I will never take a management job. I want to be available and take care of the kids when they need us. As the kids get older, we've been talking about making a career change so that he can work less hours and be more present with the children. However, finding the right job with the right company isn't an easy task (especially for an executive position). Long story short - Last week, he joined a startup company as a Director of Information Technology. I couldn't be more excited for him. It's a big transition from working at one of the largest corporations in the US to a startup of 25 employees. In the startup world, there are a lot of unknowns but it can also be an exciting journey. Working alongside the CEO, he's hoping to make an impact and contribute to the company's growth and overall success. We are both career-driven so this is a wonderful opportunity for us. I wish him the best in this new chapter of his career!
To celebrate his achievements (and his birthday), I got this bag for him and he loves it. It looks very sharp and professional in person. It's a well-designed bag and the quality is absolutely fantastic. A 15" MacBook can fit comfortably in there. The bag has many interior compartments to keep everything safe and organized. I love the smoked chrome hardware. I am glad that I got it for 30% off because the bag is definitely not cheap. This particular style comes in 5 different colors. The promotion code is still valid if you're interested. He took this bag to work on his first day (the day that Gov. Mike Dewine issued a statewide stay at home order - Talk about perfect timing). I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.

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