Monday, September 21, 2020

Mother Daughter Matching Masks

Masks have become a part of daily life now and they are here to stay. By wearing a mask, you're stopping the spread and protecting others. Since masks are required in schools, I've been searching for kid-friendly, comfortable masks, in a breathable fabric at the beginning of the school year for Madelyn. After trying out a handful of masks, we decided these are the most comfortable out of the bunch. Comfort is my number one concern when it comes to finding the right mask. They must be comfortable enough for her to wear for at least 7 hours while in school without needing to touch them for take them off too frequently (they do have mask breaks throughout the day). These cute masks are made of 100% tee shirt cotton fabric and they are insanely comfortable. Earloops are made of the same soft fabric (which is key). She won't ear anything with elastic earloops.
Not only these masks are comfortable and fit well, they are also super cute. Tie-dye is fast becoming one of the biggest lockdown fashion trends. These cute masks are sure to raise a smile even though she couldn't show off her sweet smile while in school. My girl (still) loves to match with Mom so these masks sure put a smile on her face. If these tie-dye masks aren't our thing, there are other cute patterns here.
MotherDaughterMask_SydneysFashionDiary MotherDaughterMask_SydneysFashionDiary

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