Tuesday, January 5, 2021

What I got for Christmas 2020

Hope everyone had wonderful holidays. Yesterday was my first day back to work (a.k.a my closet) after a 2-week break. Let me tell you, it was rough. Everyone in my team sounded so sleepy on the 9:00 a.m. call =)  Today, I am here to share my annual "What I got for Christmas" post. I love watching this type of video on YouTube. Sometimes, these videos give me some really good gift ideas for next Christmas. Despite unexpected challenges in 2020, we pushed through obstacles and achieved our goals together as a family. A month before Christmas, my husband asked what I would like for Christmas and to be honest, I literally had no idea. It's been a strange year. We are not going to anywhere nor seeing anyone so all my designer items are collecting dust in my closet. There is no reason for me to acquire more so I asked for comfy stuff and a few things for the house. Starting off with what my husband got me for Christmas.
WhatIGotForChristmas2020_SydneysFashionDiary (1)
1. Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer: I am a fan of the brand. He got me this multi-cooker years ago for Mother's Day. I accidently destroyed it. He went out and got me another one because he knows how much I use it. For Christmas, he got me this Breville smart oven & air fryer combination. Sadly, the estimated delivery date is April 1st. Never thought I have to wait 4 months for an oven =) We don't eat fried foods regularly but if you have a list of delicious and healthy air fryer recipes, I would love to know.
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2. GloPRO Microneedling Regeneration Facial Set: I have done microneedling a few times in the past. However, it's hard to justify paying $200 per session. This year, I wanted to dive in and explore the at-home microneedling tools. It's a more affordable and convenient way to get micro-needling benefits at home (especially during the pandemic). I will report back in a few months. This particular set is sold out but other sets are available here.

3. Mini K√•nken backpack: I got the medium size for our trip to Peru and I love it so much. I asked for the mini size for Christmas. It's small but big enough to hold all my everyday essentials. This is the perfect bag to take when going on a hike or a day trip. I am so happy to have both sizes in my closet.

4. Gucci Ace Bee sneakers: As I turn to comfort fashion during the pandemic, it's no surprise that sneakers was the type of footwear I wore the most last year. More than likely, it's going to my choice of footwear in 2021 as well. I've been eyeing these Gucci sneakers for quite some time now and am thrilled that hubby got them for me for Christmas. They are so comfortable right out of the box. This particular style runs a tad big so I would suggest go down a half size. I am typically a size 37 but got these in a 36.5. They fit perfectly with room to spare. 
5. Comfy matching sets: I asked for more comfy matching sets because that's all I wear now. The kids got to pick out several sets from various stores. I am so excited to have these additions. I will photograph them soon. They are very affordable (all under $50) if you're interested.

6. A friend of mine got me this bottle of Chanel Chance perfume. This scent brings back old memories. I used to love this scent so much. I still do but I am more into Jo Malone fragrances now but happy to have a new bottle of my old favorite.
CounterHeightBarStools_SydneysFashionDiary (1)
7. New kitchen barstools: This was a Christmas gift for both of us. We moved into this house in 2014. At the time, we were in need of kitchen barstools. We got these affordable ones from Amazon (only $50 each). Although, they have served us well, they are starting to fall apart (especially with us being home and using them all day everyday for the past 9 months). We decided it's time to find a replacement. Plus the base of those old barstools scratched the heck out of my floors (as seen above). We are planning to restain the floors soon it's not a big deal for now. While browsing, we stumbled upon these counter-height barstools and fell in love. I especially love the quilted detailing. While they're not overly expensive, they are not cheap either. I was nervous about buying something from a brand that I am not familiar with. However, I am happy to report that these barstools are amazing. They are sturdy, functional, extremely comfortable and look great in our kitchen.

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