Saturday, April 17, 2021

What we did in Cabo San Lucas

2 (1){Lovers Beach - Cabo San Lucas} 
Happy Saturday, everyone! In today's post, I am sharing what we did in Cabo. It was our first time visiting. When we travel, everyone in our family gets to pick one thing that they would like to do on vacation. Then I will try to plan around those activities. It's important to be aware of everyone's interests so that we can make the most out of our precious vacation days. We all have something to look forward to and at the end of the trip, everyone is happy because they get to do what they wanted. It works every time for our family.
1. Horseback Riding: Madelyn is beyond obsessed with horses after coming back from the trip to the Smokies. Horseback riding was on Madelyn's must-do list. We did a 2-hour ride and had a fantastic experience horseback riding on the beach. No need to have prior experience. There are many photo opportunities and the staff are more than happy to take pictures of you with your own camera.

2. ATV Riding: This one was on my list. I've never driven an ATV before and wanted to try for years. It was so much fun! We rented 2 double rider ATVs. Hubby with the little one and I was with Courtney. You must be at least 16 years old to drive an ATV. The ride itself was great (over 20 miles through the sets of desert dunes and along pristine beaches). If you have older kids, I highly recommend doing this. Don't forget to bring plenty of sunscreen with you. We had so much fun and would totally do it again.

SwimWithDolphins_SydneysFashionDiary (1)
3. Swim with dolphins: This one was on Courtney's list. The girls were able to experience for the first time swimming with the dolphins and let me tell you, it was a once in a lifetime experience for them. At first, Madelyn was hesitant to get in the water because it was freezing. However, the instructor was understanding, made her feel at ease and didn't rush anyone to get in the water. At one point, I thought she was going to back out but she didn't. The kids had such a fantastic and memorable time.

4. The famous El Arco de Cabo: You can’t visit Cabo and not visit the El Arco de Cabo. I have seen this in many pictures and looked forward to seeing it first hand. This beautiful landmark is located at the very tip of Baja California and about a mile south of Cabo San Lucas. There are water taxis that take you there but I am not comfortable enough to be on one of those glass bottom boats so we booked a tour with Blue Sky Cabo to be on a yacht. The experience was fantastic. It's beautiful how the arch was form naturally. The view was pretty amazing! Get my dress here *on sale*


Activities we planned but didn't get to do:

5. Parasailing: We did book but had to cancel due to high wind

6. Whale watchingWhale watching season in Cabo ranges from early December to mid-April. It was the tail end of the season when we were there. Was hoping to see some whales on the way to the Arch but unfortunately, we didn't. Whale watching will definitely be on the top of my list for the next visit.

7. Flora Farms: Another spot that we didn't get to visit due to schedule. Flora Farms is located about 5 minutes from downtown Los Cabos and about 35 minutes from Cabo San Lucas. I've heard amazing things about this. Unfortunately, the tour of the farm is fully booked for our entire stay. Another one to put on my list for the next visit.

I'll talk about what's like to travel outside of the US during the pandemic in my next post and share a few video clips that I took while we were there.

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