Monday, July 12, 2021

My Top 10 Products To Buy At Trader Joe's

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. Wanted to share something a little different today. I am a real creature of habit when it comes to food. I do not get bored of eating the same food over and over. However, after being home and cooking 3 meals a day for over a year, I'm finally warming up to the idea trying new food items. 6 months ago, I made my very first trip to Trader Joe's and the rest is history. I loved everything I purchased during that trip. I don't get to go to Trader Joe's often. It's a bit of a drive for me but when I go, these are my favorite items to get.
1. Trader Joe's Mini Ice Cream Cones: I have to set a limit on how many cones the kids can have per day. Otherwise, they would go through the entire box in one sitting. It's amazing and trust me, it's not easy to have just one.

2. Trader Joe's Hashbrowns: I generally do not care for hashbrowns but my kids love them. These are probably the best frozen hashbrowns you can buy. I cook them in the NuWave oven for 12 minutes and they come out perfect every time. Their crunchy texture and salty taste make them so delicious.

3. Trader Joe's Sparkling Berry Lemonade: There is nothing like an icy glass of cold lemonade on a hot steamy afternoon. It is light, bubbly, not too sweet, not too sour and absolutely delicious. It's basically summer in a bottle.

4. Trader Joe's Steamed Pork & Ginger Soup Dumplings: If you have a late-night Chinese food craving, this will cure your craving. They are everything you want in a dumpling. Filled with tender pork, flavored with fresh ginger, green onion, and sesame oil. Sometimes, I add a little chicken broth, some vegetables (Bok Choy or Spinach) and I got myself a nice bowl of dumpling soup.

5. Trader Joe's Mac & Cheese: I actually don't like Mac & Cheese but this is one of the kids' favorites. It's so creamy and cheesy. I typically add a piece of grilled chicken and make it a meal for them. If you have a picky eater at home, give this a try.

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6. Trader Joe's Belgian Waffles: If you need a quick breakfast option for one of those hectic morning, this is a wonderful option. They are extremely light, airy and come out perfect every time. I toast them in the toaster oven (no sogginess whatsoever).

7. Trader Joe's Croissants: These croissants taste heavenly if you're looking for a special afternoon treat. Between the 2 flavors, I prefer the almond one but the chocolate version is equally delicious. Keep in mind that they must be allowed to rise overnight. I typically put them on a baking sheet and leave them overnight in the oven before I go to bed. In the morning, they rise beautifully. These TJ's croissants would give any French bakery run for their money.

8.  Trader Joe's Ube Pancake Mix: If you're a fan of Ube, this is a must-try. It has a chewy texture with a slight coconut flavor. This is a seasonal item and one of those popular TJ's products. It typically sells out quickly. If you see it in store, grab a box (or two).

9. Trader Joe's Korean short ribs: I love Korean beef short ribs and these are pretty legit. These ribs are thin so the key is not to overcook them. I usually throw them on the outdoor grill for approximately 2 minutes on each side and they're good to go. Super easy and very tasty. For a quick dinner option, they for sure will hit the spot.

10. Trader Joe's Frozen Pizzas: Last but not least is TJ's frozen pizzas. I am not a fan of froze pizzas whatsoever but these were the best froze pizzas I've ever had! It's big enough for two. If you're looking for a cheap dat night option, get this and a bottle of wine and you're good to go =)

There you have it. Those are my favorite items to buy from TJ's. I have more to share but that's another post for another day. Share your TJ's favorite(s) in the comment, I'd love to try.

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