Thursday, March 2, 2023

What my husband and I got for Christmas

Finally sharing with you my annual "What I Got For Christmas". This post is obviously very late since we're already in March but better late than never. I didn't go crazy this year for 2 reasons: #1: Nothing really catches my eye when it comes to luxury goods. I'm very contented, satisfied and happy with what I have in my closet. I don't buy just to buy anymore. Money can be used towards long-term goals #2: We're going to Japan in 20 days! I want to save $$ and purchase something special there. I will share what I have in mind in a separate post. With that being said, I wanted to share a few things I got last Christmas.
My husband got me this Canon RF 24-105mm lens for Christmas. As mentioned in this post, I upgraded my camera to the Canon EOS 6D Mark II and purchased the EF 85mm lens to go with it. While I love the 85mm lens, it serves a very specific purpose. Since we're going to Japan, I'd like to take one all-around lens with me. After doing some research, he decided to go with the Canon RF 24-105mm lens. I am so excited to have this new lens to play with.

The girls got me this Nest candle set. I actually asked for this last year but it was completely sold out. They couldn't get it for me. I believe they found the last set in-store at Saks. I love candles in general and this holiday set smells divine

I've been looking for a wristlet for quite some time. My Chanel WOC is great for special occasions but I wanted something that I can loop round my wrist. This Saint Laurent clutch is so beautiful. I've always been a fan of Saint Laurent. The color is called which I believe "Vintage Peach" is a new color.

That's what I got for Christmas. I always wanted to share what I got for my husband for Christmas because it's very special. I finally upgraded his wedding band after 14 years of being marriage. It was a complete surprise when he opened it.  His reaction was priceless. Courtney, my husband and I have the matching rings. I probably will get Madelyn hers when she turns 16 just like I did for Courtney.Without a doubt, our rings hold great sentimental value.

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