Saturday, August 21, 2010

Giveaway winner and fabulous finds!

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A BIG THANK to Allison Izu for sponsoring this giveaway and everyone who entered. The winner of Allison Izu and PetiteLittleGirl's giveaway is PETITEXXS. Congrats to PetiteXXS! Please contact me with your address/style/sizes so I can pass it along to Allison. If you didn't win this giveway, no worries. ExtraPetite is hosting another HUGE giveway sponsored by Allision Izu. Click here to enter

I love to shop at the end of the season for the next year. I guess that’s part of being a Mom. Clothes only last my little girl for 6 months. I stock up on jeans, tops, shorts in bigger sizes for the following year. I find many great deals at the end of each season. While out shopping last week, I not only found tons of stuff for her, I also scored some fabulous finds for myself. The best part is I do not have to wait until next year to wear these. Click below to see some fabulous finds.

I picked up this pretty scarf from H&M. You guys probably remember seeing this scrarf. It is previously seen on PAG. I love the linen material and pretty flowers. I have seen this scarf on her back in June and cannot believe that it's still available in my local store. I got the last one for $3.00. Sweet!

I scored another scarf at LOFT for $4.99 (originally $29.50). This skinny scarf is made out of 100% silk. This scarf can be draped, knotted or worn as a belt. It definitely adds interesting touch to my outfits

Have a great weekend, everyone!



Omg! I'm thrilled that PetiteXXS won lol. She was sad that she never wins any of the giveaways : )

I have that H&M linen scarf in the taupe color, and I saw that one for $5 and KNEW I shoulda gotten it. The ends just unravel though (my taupe one is in bits and pieces now) but I still like the look of it a lot. Good finds!


Love those scarfs! I bought the same one (and eight more) at the Loft. I couldn't say no at $4.88!

The Little Dust Princess

Congrats to PetiteXXS!! Great scarf finds. I especially love the H&M one you have! Such a great deal too. :D


Yay congrats to PetiteXXS!

I love both those scarves ~ it's such a fun way to accessorize an outfit, and keep your neck warm at the same time! I didn't know Loft sold fun prints like that, very nice!


Congratulations PetiteXXS! That animal print scarf is my favorite out of the ones you got, nice ombre colors!


I bought the LOFT scarf for my sister when she visited a couple of weeks ago, at a much higher price than 4.99 of course. I love that scarf. I especially love the way you used it as a belt. Have to show my sister your blog post.


What an awesome surprise! I guess I can't say I never win anything anymore! :P Thanks Sydney/Allison for hosting the giveaway and thanks to everyone for the congrats! :D

I keep seeing that H&M scarf (simplyvonne has a couple too I think)... I guess you really can't go wrong for that price! I also like how you used the LOFT scarf as a belt too... the ones I got are too fluffy for that hmm

Pop Champagne

the scarf is nice, and $4.99 that's sweet! congrats to petitexxs for winning!


Love the scarf! Congratulations to the winner.


what some great finds and deals!! jealous of your hot weather...i'm wearing a scarf today bc it's cold and not for accessorizing reasons. lol


Congrats PetiteXXS!!!

I like that Loft scarf as a belt.


congratulations to petitexxs! :)
I like it when you can use scarfs in so many ways like that! :)


Congrats PetiteXXS! I hope to see a pic of you in your new denim in an upcoming blog post.

I need to get into this scarf trend. I don't know how to wear it casually in the summer, even if it's a light material; I only imagine scarves worn in cooler months. Also, I don't wear enough plain clothes so the scarf doesn't clash w/it.


Huge Congraats to winner :) and the scarfs are late days...i was looking for some nice skarf and i´m really inspired by selection of yours :) and on the second one that a zebra prints or a tiger prints? but it looks nice anyways :)

Sydney at PetiteGorgeous

The H&M scarf is pretty. I like the pop of purple.


hello! thanks for stopping by my blog earlier this week :)

love yours! & congrats to the petitexxs!
how old is your little girl? my son is 27 month old... & it's getting crazy! hehe

anyway, pls feel free to visit again and follow if you like. ;]

best wishes;

Really Petite

Congrats to PetiteXXS!!!! :)

And love both of your scarves! I tried the LOFT scarf on and it was too much at that time for me to pull the trigger! Great finds!!


Ladies, I am thrilled that PetiteXXS is the winner of this giveaway. I can't wait to see her new denim in a future post.

@Vicky: Can you ask for price adjustment if the sale is within 2 weeks?

@TralalaHana: I think it's a tiger print but I am not 100% positive. I like it either way :)

@Cindy: Thanks for stopping by. My little girl is 5. I guess your son is going through terrible 2 stage?


That first scarf is so beautiful on you! I'm so happy PetiteXXS won :D She is so lovely and deserves some awesome petite treats!


Nice scores! I especially like the first scarf and the prices can't be beat either.


Congrats to Petitexxs, I envy you!!

Those scarfs are such great finds and versatile.

Ms. Shopportunity

Congrats, Petite XXS! Oh, and PLG - I love, love, love that second scarf. What a exquisite purchase for a bargain price!

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