Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lookbook: Spring/Summer Silk Dress

Fall is less than a month away so I thought I would wear my summer dresses more often before I had to put them away. Floral prints is always a big trend during spring and summer. I am not a floral-print kind of girl. Whenever I go shopping, I tend to pick out solid/simple patterns vs. floral or complicated prints. While out shopping a few months ago, I found this little cute dress at Bebe and thought it would be perfect for spring/summer. One thing that attracted me to this dress is the interesting design and its artsy look. I couldn't believe I actually liked the floral print dress . Click here to read more

What I am wearing:
Dress: Bebe Silk Dress in XXS (similar here or here)
Sandals: Steve Madden (similar here)

What I love about this dress is that it is made from 100% silk so it is very breathable. It is figure-friendly for petite frames since it has a A-line cut. It fits snugly at the top and flows away from the body. It is fully lined and the length was just perfect for my height. It fell few inches above my knees. For someone who is taller than me, this dress probably is a bit short for them. I also love the details of this dress especially the back

Front & Back Details

The only thing that I don’t like about this dress is that it has a deep V-neck. It would be nice if the straps were taken up by few inches. For now, I am just going to wear it with a cami underneath.
Pretty floral-print

This dress can be paired with sandals for a casual look during the day or with high heels and dangle earrings for a night out. This dress is a great addition to my summer wardrobe. Do you recognize the bracelet I am wearing in my last picture? I talked about this bracelet here. The length was shortened by T&Co to fit my tiny wrist.

Do you have your favorite summer dress?



  1. this dress is so pretty! i love the delicate florals. for some reason though i'm not too big on the black x but mostly the black string going all the way down the skirt part. you still pull it off very well~

  2. I really like the dress, the back is so cute! Like Angie I am not the biggest fan of the black x (what is it supposed to be? faux-zippers?) but it's really a great summer dress.

    I have several favorite summer dresses, my favorite right now is this MbMJ dress that has a full skirt.

  3. this dress is so cute. PS. Love your legs, tan and toned!

  4. Love the design of the dress. You look gorgeous in it!


  5. i love bebe dresses...it's been hot this week so i'm wearing something bebe every day. haha

    i love the floral print on you. your makeup looks nice too btw!

  6. I'm with Angie. The black lines really throw me off. but I like the floral print of this dress. It's hard to find a floral print that is not cheesy or too bold. Length of the dress is adorable.

  7. You look lovely, and the colors are so pretty and fresh and vibrant! I love that the print is pastel colors, it really softens the look and makes it super girly.

  8. That is a really pretty dress and the print is so unabashedly girly-- love it! I can never justify spending a lot on a casual summer dress because our summers here in Vancouver are short at best... so I tend to spend my money on less summery dresses that can carry me through all seasons with the addition of tights and such. That is one dress that I definitely wouldn't mind having though!

    HAve a great day girl!

  9. You look very pretty. That dress is unique. The lines are so fitting. I bet it's comfortable too being that it's silk.

    Isn't it so sad that summer is almost over? I guess we'll have sweaters, jeans and boots to look forward to. Oh yes, also one more fashion week!

  10. You look very pretty. Overall I like the dress except for the black lines (which I am not sure why they are there). The back of your dress is so adorable.

  11. Cute dress except I'm not a huge fan of the exposed seam or whatever the black lines are either. The criss cross back is a nice detail though! :)

  12. I agree with some of the ladies above that I really like the print and colors of this dress but I'm thrown off by those black zigzags and seams! Hmm. I do like the A-line cut on you though...that's something that wouldn't look nearly as nice on shorter petites.

  13. Ladies, thanks for your comments. I agree with you guys about the black lines. It's hard to tell why the black zigzags are there. Bebe's style is just unpredictable sometimes. Overall, I like the dress really well. It's definitelly not one of the usual summer dresses

  14. It's so cute! Not sure about the black lines, haha. I'm not really a floral print girl.

  15. I love summer dresses!!!! This one looks great on you! I agree with the ladies...the zig zag is distracting but like you said- Bebe's design is very unpredictable!!!

    But love the print and the fit! You look so pretty!!!