Sunday, September 19, 2010

ASOS (again!)

My post title said it all, I took advantage of free shipping both ways to U.S and placed another order with them. The free shipping is extended until 09.25 if you’d like to try. I have ordered from them twice in the past and both orders turned out fine. Although I still had to return some of the stuff but I was able to keep a few things that I like. Just when I started to get comfortable with them, they failed me! Everything in this order is going back to ASOS for several reasons.

I can never have enough pencil skirts. I have tried different skirt styles and pencil skirt fits my body type the best. They’re also appropriate for work environment. I have only one white linen skirt from Bebe and I wear that skirt to death during summer. I thought it would be nice to have an alternative. I ordered  ASOS Workwear Linen Pencil Skirt  in regular UK6 as my back up

What I like:
- The skirt stays nicely on my waist
- The length is also perfect (again this is a regular UK6 - not petite)

What I don't like:
- For some reasons, the front/back design wasn't the same as stock photo
- Material is super thin (you can see through in person)
- It's not lined


Verdict: Although it is not that expensive, I am still going to return it because I know I am not going to wear it (especially for work)

I also ordered this ASOS Cowl Front Blouse in regular UK6. I ordered this blouse because the style is quite unique. I also love the pale pink color.

What I like:
- Style is unique (I don't have anything similar to this blouse in my closet)
- The soft color 

What I don't like:
- Super long when not tucked in
- Drape neck is too long and it would not work with my short torso. This top makes me look even shorter
- I am not too enthuse about the visible seams design on back and front of the blouse

Verdict: This blouse is also going back. For almost $50.00 bucks, this top is not worth keeping for being made from 100% polyester.

I also ordered a trench in petites. Stay tuned for the review later in the week. Below are some deals that ASOS is currently having:
 - Free shipping both ways to U.S. (ends 09.25)
- 20% off selected top (not sure when this promotion will expired)
- 10% NUS student discount (dunno what NUS card is all about but if you do, please share)



Ping said...

i definitely agree with you on both aspects. the skirt is a nice fit, but i can tell how the material can be see through in person. the blouse is a really pretty color, but the draping is a tad too long and too heavy looking...I think for $50, it's a little too much. at least shipping is free!

Me said...

White skirts are tough to find! I would feel very uncomfortable in that skirt for work. Slips are a pain! Give me a properly lined white skirt please!! That top looks very pretty on you in the pictures, but $50 is a bit much when you can get two or three tops from LOFT (on sale, of course) for that price! :)

Too bad those two items are returns. Can't wait to see the trench!

Elle said...

I really like the fit of the skirt...too bad it's see through! But your assessment of both items was right on, I can't wait for the trench review!

p.s. I ordered a dress like two weeks ago (it shipped the next day according to ASOS) and it's still nowhere to be seen...did your order take longer this time?

Unknown said...

Aww sorry to hear none of the items are to your liking; the skirt fits you so well too! I've been looking at a few things on Asos as well, I'm definitely going to take advantage of the free shipping promo :)

Sydney's Fashion Diary said...

@Elle: It usually takes 2 weeks for the order to arrive. I guess that's understandable because they're from Europe. The only thing I don't like is that there is no tracking whatsoever. You just have to wait until your order shows up at the door.

Elle said...

Thanks Sydney. I was concerned because I don't think my last order took this long...but I should cut them some slack. I am just so spoiled by ordering things through US retailers and have packages show up within two-three days. Thanks again.

Vicky said...

I really like the color of the Cowl neck top. Too bad the drape neck is too long, otherwise it's really a keeper.

curls-and-pearls said...

Looking forward to seeing the trench. I agree, those two items are returns. You have many more flattering items of clothings.

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

I love your outfit! The skirt is cute and I love your top!

April said...

Wow great pieces you purchased! It's official--you look stunning in absolutely EVERYTHING!!!!

Jean said...

I wonder what they do with the items at the US return center...ship them all back to europe? I read somewhere though that ASOS is coming to the US soon so maybe shipping will be faster.

Too bad about these items. I was not so impressed by ASOS either. The non-sale prices are high for the materials they use.

PetiteXXS said...

The fit of the skirt doesn't look too bad, but I agree with the returns... no lining on a white skirt is a deal breaker! I have my ASOS package waiting for me to open right now... hopefully first time's a charm!

Banhannas said...

I actually like the design in real life better than the stock photos! The picture looks like there is an awkward V shape in the front area. It does fit you very well but definitely a no go if its too sheer.

Stephanie said...

I would probably get things caught in that blouse like food or something, hehe. Free shipping? woo, I'm checking it out!

Frankincensy said...

I think NUS means National Union of Students, the main student organisation in the UK. A number of British shops aimed at younger women offer discounts if you present your student card. :)

Callandra said...

Although you look beautiful as usual, I would return both too! Visable seams on clothes is a big pet peeve of mine....I think it makes the clothing look cheap and the skirt is see through as well?!

Unknown said...

I love ASOS! One of my favorite places to shop. Nice blog, i am a new follower. Please check out my blog as well when you get a chance, hope you follow back : )

AubreyOhDang! said...

Dear heavens-that skirt is a mess!

kileen at cute and little said...

Thanks for the ASOS review! I've actually never ordered from this site before and am curious about how their clothes fit.

I agree with you that the skirt is too see-through. I would be paranoid all day at work in something like this! The blouse also seems too heavy and over-burdens a short torso.

Can't wait to see the trench. Thanks for an awesome post!

Unknown said...

You are sure a fan of ASOS! I haven't gotten myself to pull the trigger just yet..LOL

Is the quality pretty good or is it like H & M and F21?

Sydney's Fashion Diary said...

@Jean: I was wondering about that too. It's nice to know that ASOS is coming to U.S. At least petites could find something there that fits somewhat decent. I am not too impressed with the quality either.

@PetiteXXS: Yay, you're finally ordering from them. I am looking forward to see what you've got.

@Stephanie and @Kileen: Yup, free shipping both ways until 09.25. You guys should try :)

@Frankincensy: Thanks for the info. I definitely don't have NUS card but it's good to know

@Jonesy: Thanks for stopping by. I will check out yours

@RP: I would say the quality is about the same as H&M (which is better than F21) but more expensive if they're not on sale

SewPetiteGal said...

I think the skirt looks great on you but I would not like the see-through part of it. Is there a slip that you could wear with it?

Looking forward to the the trench review!

Anonymous said...

Replying to your comment on my post:
I always thought it was a Canadian brand, but after looking at their site, I learned they have locations in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

I've seen them for sale a few times at Beyond the Rack though. You can't access the site until you're registered though. Click here for an invite.

April said...

I gave provided your link on my newest YouTube Allison Izu denim review. :) You looked so great in them I had to give you a shout out by providing a link to you! :)

Sydney's Fashion Diary said...

Thanks April. You're so sweet :)

Jen said...

It seems like ASOS just appeared out of nowhere and now everyone is gushing about the fabulous finds! I don't blame them though, I love everything there!! Including this outfit :-)

Cherie said...

I love the pencil skirt on the picture too! And I've been seeing pretty ASOS pieces, I hope they'll have a store here too :)

Vijay said...

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its simple love said...

They fit so perfectly on you! You look absolutely stunning.


p.s. Thanks for telling me about your giveaway!

Christine said...

i LOVE asos, they have so many gorgeous clothes and accessories <3

x Christine