Thursday, September 30, 2010

Petite Fashion Challenge #2

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I had a blast joining other petite ladies in PFC #1. Petite Fashion Challenge #2 is hosted this time by Kelly @ AlterationsNeeded. I had no hesitation in joining everyone again. Personally, I think this challenge is a bit easier to accomplish than the first one :)

The challenge: In honor of the fast approaching cool, fall weather, what better way to get ready than to find ways to make your wardrobe do double duty. Pick at least one item in your closet (not jeans, that's too easy!), and create two outfits, one for spring/summer, and one for fall/winter.

My item: A pair of shorts :) Obviously, shorts are for summer. One thing to keep in mind is that not all shorts would work. The key to success is to choose a winter fabric such as wool, herringbone or tweed. Those fabrics are winter appropriate and any of them would work. I found this herringbone pair of shorts at Express the other day and am in love with them. Size 00 fits me perfectly. I rarely found anything that would fit me off the rack at Express but this pair is an exception. It has shorter hemmed which makes my legs look longer

You can clearly see the 2 outfits below are definitely summer outfits. I love these shorts. They fit snugly around my waist, great length and pretty lace panels on the sides

Outfit details:
Shorts: Express Herringbone in 00 (get them here)
Tops: Both are from Macy's  - very old (similar here and here )
 This top is very similar to the one on the right & still available in XXSP 
Sandals: Steve Madden (buy similar style here)

To make this outfit wearable during cold months, I paired them with:

- A basic blazer (any blazer would work as long as the color coordinated). The blazer I am wearing was a gift from my friend oversea. Since the shorts already had some kind of patterns, I’d have to pair them with a solid blazer. In general, I would love to have this tweed blazer or this wool blazer (still available in 00P)
- A pair of booties. I got those booties the other day at Target and I really like them. They are not the most comfy boots but for the price, I am not complaint! Very cute details on the sides
- Black tights to keep my legs warm. I also got these tights from Target. They're Hanes. These tights are thick and sturdy enough to my liking
- Some jewelry to lighten up the outfit (any statement necklace would work). I picked that necklace because it standouts and adds an interesting touch to the outfit but still blended in. Mine was on clearance but Express has some similar styles in stores. I would stay away from black necklace

The outcome: Here is my final look! What do you guys think? I would not wear this outfit when it's snowing outside - I am not a big fan of cold weather. Winter in Ohio can be brutal. I definitely am seeing myself wearing this outfits many times during Fall

**Update**: Just in case you're wondering (Twitter friends have already knew about this), I am hosting PFC #3 in October. Mark your calendar and join me for a fun challenge. More details will be posted in the near future.



These shorts are incredible!!! (I am going to run out and try to get some), your fall outfit is incredible and I have tried to achieve that look but not as effectively as you did. Thank you for the outfit breakdown! :)


LOVE this look!! You did so well with this one! And I love your little collage :)

I don't think I could pull this look off (tights and shorts) but you rock it!


Both looks are very nice, especially like the winter version. The white baby doll top is cute on you.

Don't you love the style and material of Express pants/shorts? I was tempted to purchase some shorts during my last visit but I know they will end up sitting in the closet.


I love those tweed shorts!! Shorts over tights are one of my new faves for cold weather (tried it for the first time last year) and the final outfit you put together is fantabulous. I saw those booties too from Target. I know what you mean about how they aren't the most comfy. I ended up returning all of my bootie order from there because I wouldn't b e able to walk far in any of them.


@ Elle: If you get them, I want to see them on you. I think they'll look fabulous on you since you're a bit taller than me.

@CP: You should try. I am sure you can pull it off. You rock in your outfit too

@Nelah: I wish you had time to participate in this challenge. I like Express but didn't have so much luck with them. This pair of shorts are amazing! P.S: I'll be hosting next month and would love to have you join. It'll be fun :)

@PAG: I am still debating on whether I should keep them or not. I have worn them several times around the house (on hard surface) and they seem OK. I like the style but not so much with the material. I would return them too if you don’t think you would wear them


I didn't see you on the list on AN so I read your comment and I remembered to come here. =0D Your fall outfit makes my fall outfit look so wimpy! Yours is so sophisticated, I think I should have used darker colors actually it looks awesome on you! So funny how we turned out to have similar outfits. I have learned and now I must remedy my fall look. =0D


I looove your winter look. and these shorts. I'm really tempted to go to express and find them haha. You did a great job and look so polished!

The Little Dust Princess

I love your transformation! I have a pair of tweed shorts similar to those from F21. (seen here) The size XS in that pair fits really small! :D

You look really good in all of those outfits. Very feminine and chic : )


i love the transformation too! the last outfit is so chic and sophisticated. i'd say its my fave outfit of yours!!! great job!

Sydney at PetiteGorgeous

I really like your fall outfit. This fall I plan to wear shorts with tights, too, for the first time. I'm a little nervous (hubby doesn't like the style), so we'll have to see :). The necklace is very pretty.


Great job. I love both looks. :)


I love seeing all these shorts and skirts over tights looks for the fall/winter. You look so stylish and put together. I think I may have to go buy myself some booties now...


I've always liked the idea of shorts over tights but I wasn't able to find any shorts that fit this summer so can't try that yet. Your cold weather outfit looks very sleek and I really like the lace panel on the side of the shorts.


Okay, I have to tell you that you are my favorite for this challenge! Those tweed shorts are so fierce, and paired with that jacket, those opaque tights and booties....shut up!! Love it so much!


is that lace on the side of these shorts?

I also own the hook belt you're wearing in the 1st picture. I like how I can adjust it! I need to buy more of these.

You know...this shorts&sheer tights thing totally works for some people (i.e. YOU!), but I just cannot do it! My legs look wayyyy too thin in them. Black tights don't help skinny legs look less like chicken legs. sigh.

but this outfit is so chic! the booties just tie everything together so well. Great job Sydney!


Lovely, lovely. Shorts over tights with booties are definitely one of my favorite looks in the fall.


When I saw the shorts, I have to admit I was skeptical about turning them into a fall look. But what you did is FLAWLESS and so stylish! Absolutely gorgeous.


@Hanna: Your outfit looks just fine. Each both has its own uniqueness :)

@TLDP: How funny! I have those exact same shorts. I worn them in one of my post too. I love how she styled them.

@Aubrey: Yup, laces are on both sides of those shorts (super cute!). Those belts are just what I need it. Several readers have asked me about the belt. I might do a quick post to show them. Those belts are pretty awesome for petites


I like the blazer and shorts look on you and Hanna! Very modern! I don't think I can pull that look, since I have chubby short thighs, so this outfit might not be for everyone. But one of these days, maybe I'll try the look and see what happens. lol


i always get inspired by your posts! love how you styled it for fall, those shorts can be dressed up or down :)


Oh so cute. Love how you paired the shorts with a blazer and black tights. Gorgeous.

My Republic of Fashion

Great shorts and i just love that last outfit. Very chic...perfect! :)SarahD


Love the fall look! I love Express and how small some of their sizes go.

Petite Chic[k]

I've never been brave enough to try shorts over tights but you pull them off so well, I may just have to try it myself! I've been in Express once or twice but never bought anything because the clothes seemed too business-like for me (I'm only 18!) but those shorts are really cute!


oo the shorts look totally different between the 2 outfits i love it!


Dang you look like a model for Express in the "fall/winter" outfit! It's so pretty and fashionable, yet looks comfy too! Love the necklace you added, it really adds to the ensemble!


I LOVE your final look! I like the black tights and just everything looks PERFECT!!!


Love those shorts! What a great pick for multi-season styling!

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