Monday, September 27, 2010

Say hi to my sister and our blog sale

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How was your weekend? Mine was fabulous. Lots of good food, good laughs and great family time. Speaking of family, I'd like to welcome my sister N. to my blog. She is also a petite herself (at 5ft and 93 lbs). She has been following my blog for a while and really enjoy it. While I have passion for fashion, her passion more towards jewelry and make-up. We thought it would be perfect to combine our interests and open up a blog sale. Although I would love to join the fun at AN's marketplace but I don't have the access to it during work hours. Click here to see our featured items

Some highlights:

- Blog sale consists of items from my closet (new and preowned) as well as beauty products (featuring Model 21 eyelashes and hand-made jewelry. My sister is a full-time college student therefore, her schedule is pretty tight. I am helping her to start this up. Hopefully, she'll have her own online store to sell strictly beauty products and jewelry in the near future.
Click here to shop my closet

- Shipping rates are applied to US shoppers only (we'll ship beauty products and jewelry for free - ends 10.31). Since I have met some amazing ladies from Canada, I will ship to Canada as well. Please contact me before purchase so we can figure out the shipping rates.

Featured items

- Asking prices are based on my purchased price. They might be more or less expensive than what store currently offers (depends on when my items was purchased). My asking price is based on my purchased price plus sales tax plus Pay Pal fees

Please stop by our blog and show us some love :) We're hoping to have everything posted next week. It would be very much appreciated if you could spread the word. As always, happy shopping!




I just took a peek at the blog sale website, it looks awesome!


you two are both so pretty :)

Sydney at PetiteGorgeous

Congrats on having your blog sale site up :). The jewelry pieces are so pretty! Looking forward to seeing beauty and makeup posts on your blog.

Pop Champagne

congrats on getting our site up, I'll be checking it often since I think we have similar sizes. and awww sister love!!


What a talented and lovely sister you have. This is so exciting, I can't wait to see more and become the customer :)


Woohoo, thanks for counting me in ;)

I will definitely take a closer look at home tonight!


ohh awesome!! i will definitely take a look. glad to hear you had an awesome time with the family!


Awww, you and your sister are both so beautiful (great genes, your parents must be a lovely couple).

The site looks great and I'll be checking in a lot to see if I might fit any of it. :)

The Girlie Blog

Your sister is also very pretty.


Awwww you guys are too cute! Great idea to collaborate... Looking forward to see more from your sis too.


The Little Dust Princess

You guys are both gorgeous! Can't wait to see more items posted! :D


great items. thanks for the nice blog comment.

Style, She Wrote

Great picture and selections!


we are so cute!!!!!!



Great idea, the sale. Nice things too :)

Really Petite

You both are so adorable!!! And glad you have a blog sale!! Looks like you have tons of cute stuff! :)


sounds great! Good luck!

CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog
CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog
CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog


You and your sis are cute!! :)


Hey girl :)))

I gave you a blog award :D You can find out more about it on my blog :)



its simple love

Congrats to your sister! That should be fun having something in common like that. And i wish I could buy your clothes for sale but I am not petite like you! Though I adore your fashion.


p.s. It's the last day to enter my Lil Petite Jewelry Giveaway!!!

Dear Girl

Hi, i saw you at MY Fashion Diary for the award. I am following not because of the give away contest..but of my interest to meet a blogger in Vietnam=) I am interested to see how my fellow Asian country is and the fashion is like=) I am always mistaken as a Vietnamese and they talk to me in Hmong here in the state I live.(lol) you are welcome to follow me if you like my blog, if not, that is ok..but at the same time, i'll take a chance to enter for the give away=)



hello sister xxx

My Republic of Fashion

Such a cute pic of you two! :)SarahD

Sakie and Thomas Gantz

Cute photo. :-)

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