Friday, October 15, 2010

Petite Fashion Challenge # 3

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This month, I am so excited and honor to host the Petite Fashion Challenge # 3. Everyone seemed to enjoy the Petite Fashion Challenge #1 and the Petite Fashion Challenge #2 including myself. If you are interested in hosting a future PFC, click here to sign up. It was fun to see how everyone overcame the challenge based on their own fashion sense.
Petite Fashion Challenge # 3 is…"The look for less"

I have always been a big fan of the show  “The look for less”.  I love to see and review fashion trends, fashion shows, fashion designers, and celebrity style. I understand that not everyone has a celebrity's budget but that should not stop us from dressing like one.
The challenge:
Who is your celeb style icon? Pick an outfit from your favorite celeb and show us how to recreate that look for less. Usually, your style icon reflects your personal style and also your body type. In this challenge, your style icon doesn’t have to be a petite.
How to participate:

• If you'd like to participate and have your own blog, submit your blog's URL using the entry form below. Schedule your post for 8:00PM EST (5:00PM PST) on Thursday October 28.
• To schedule your post: set the desired time and click “Publish”. Last time, I set the time and went to bed. I woke up the next morning and wondered why my post didn’t get posted. Now I know why :)

• Please include the Petite Fashion Challenge button above and link back to this post (just copy and paste the HTML code below)
• I will link everyone's posts and publish at 8:30 PM EST. I know it's kind of early for those of you who live in  SoCal but I can't stay up late anymore :)

• If you'd like to participate but don't have a blog, email me at PetiteLG(at)gmail(dot)com. I will include your entry with everyone's.

Ladies, are you ready for this challenge?



I'd like to participate, but I don't really have a favourite celebrity fashion icon!


Hmmmm deciding whether or not I should participate in this! I'm not quite as tiny as you ladies are but it looks fun!


Wow this certainly is a challenge! I have many favorite celebrity icons but I don't have anything in my closet that would even come close to their looks! I'll sign up anyway though and see what I come up with ;)


Thanks for hosting PFC #3! I'll have to do some digging for celebrity styles and recreations - this will be a fun challenge!


What a great idea, so original and it sounds like fun!!!


OH I AM PUMPED!!!! I really like this idea and I think I can make it happen :) Looking forward to seeing everyone's picks!

Alterations Needed

Oh geez...gotta go dive into my closet now! This one is going to be tough!


This is gonna be a toughie for me! I have to find an icon AND and recreate an outfit from my own clothes?! Time to go browse google images...!


This sounds fun but difficult, I don't think I have my style icon. Have to think really hard on this one before I make a commitment.


Great idea Sydney!! I love that show as well (and What Not to Wear hehe), and I also like the blog Look4Less and the outfits for <$100 blog too. I hope people get creative with this challenge and do some of the more "difficult" outfits!


Hi Sydney! This is a great challenge! I'll sign up, but I have no idea what I'll do. Don't be surprised if I chicken out the last minute. :)


what a fun one...this challenge definitely intrigues me. hmmmm i gotta go think of something good. thanks sydney for hosting this one. have a good weekend.


ooh this is great :) if i can remember i'd love to participate

My Republic of Fashion

Can't wait to see all the outfits. :):)SarahD


This is definitely a challenge! I found a great resource called style bistro. It allows you to search certain looks. For example, "scarves." I am trying to search by an item that I already have, and find a picture of a celebrity I want to mimic.


I'm excited about this one! Great idea!


awesome idea! my icons are victoria beckham and kim kardashian. i'll have to dig around for some photos.


love the idea. i'll have to do some celeb style digging! thanks for the style bistro tip, michelle!


ooh, this is challenging. i'm going to have to find a style icon! thanks for hosting!


This is quite challenging as I, too, will have to find an icon and work around it with my quite monotone wardrobe.

Thanks for hosting!

I am Khatu

ok, someone need to keep me informed of all the challenges. I never know who is hosting it each month. any who I need to find a celeb... arg.


I'm done with the challenge! yaay :) this site helped me out a lot: they have outfits categorized by celebrity which is perfect for this challenge!!

Thanks PetiteLG for hosting :D


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