Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday edition: Deals from my favorite stores

It's that time of the year and retailers are trying hard to get some last minute sales. We as the consumers sure will take advantage of the deals. There are many sales going on this week from my favorite retailers. I am going to share some incredible sales that I was lucky to catch with you before they’re gone. If you’re still looking for the last minute gifts, I hope this post will save you some $$

GAP: Gap was having a sale on top of the discount yesterday. I tweeted yesterday about the sale. Their discount changes daily so it’s hard to keep up with. I decided to stop by the mall yesterday and see what they have in stores. One thing to keep in mind is that they do not carry petite sizes in stores. I truly wish they do. That would be pretty awesome. I found this cowl neck sweater (as previously seen on Jean @ ExtraPetite) for $14.00. This sweater was originally $54.50. It got marked down to $19.99 and 30% off on top of that. Pretty sweet deal huh?  Continue reading...

Final price: $14.00 (originally $54.50)

Final price: $14.00 (originally $54.50)
Click here to see this sweater on me

If you don’t need petite sizes, this price is a steal because this exact same sweater is selling for $49.99 online. I am not sure why there is such a big difference in price for in stores vs. online. I got a couple of sweaters for my family. These sweaters below are also $14.00 in stores if you’re interested in

Ann Taylor LOFT: They sent out an email this morning for their special deal (today only). The LOFT cozy cable V-neck sweater is $25.00 (originally $49.50 - $59.50).
Final price: $25.00 (originally $59.50)

Ann Taylor: They are having 50% off all cashmere accessories. I have never experienced with Ann Taylor cashmere. Please share if you have.
Final price: $29.00 (originally $58.00)

JCrew: Of course, there is JCrew sale. I stopped by the store yesterday and tried on a couple of items. I stayed strong during this sale. I have not ordered anything yet. This coat below becomes the favorite item within the petite community.
Final price: $135.00 (originally $298.00)
Click here to see the review from Jean @ ExtraPetite

Happy holiday to all of you, readers!


Elle said...

LOVE your picks! I like those sweaters a lot but I rarely wear sweaters so I really should refrain from ballooning my closet even further. But I'd be interested in reviews about the cashmere gloves...still putting together presents for my mom and she loves gloves. :)

Ping said...

oh i love that cowl neck sweater! i'm so on the fence on getting....
its such a good deal, i'm trying to resist....

J / punksjunk / mjvp said...

I just got the cowl neck sweater at Loft for $25 in XXSP and am pretty happy with it. I also grabbed the V-neck sweater earlier on in the season and find the cut super flattering as the sweater is a bit on the longer side (plus the SA accidentally put 40% off on top of the $25 deal, hehe).
I wish the GAP CO was more consistent with their store/online pricing!! I rarely order anything online because things are so marked down in-store!
Thanks for the deals Ping! Have a great weekend!!

Jean said...

Great picks and I'm going to stalk the Gap items you've mentioned here and on twitter to see if there is another sale this weekend.

It's wonderful that you stayed strong during J.Crew. they will have new items and colors next sale and who knows, it may be better. Also I think I'm one of the only ones who likes that coat, Lol! I don't think it worked out for any petites other than me and Cynthia.

I was a little confused by J's comment above lol, but now I see she probably just saw Ping's comment. Thanks for the deals Sydney : )

PetiteXXS said...

I think I'm already all shopped out for the year hehe. I have two of the Gap cowl necks in petite sizing, but at pretty good deal too since I got it during the Black Friday $20 sale with an additional coupon. I also picked up a bunch of LOFT items last weekend from their 40% off sale plus savings cards. And finally, I have things from J.Crew still coming in the mail. Yeah, I think I'm done for the year :P

Kileen said...

great picks!! i'm hoping to stop by Gap this weekend to see if they have any good sales too!

Unknown said...

Oh gosh, please don't tempt me~! I have done enough shopping! LOL

Great picks! Thanks for sharing!