Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday edition: My 2010 Christmas wish list(s)

I can’t believe Christmas is less than 10 days away. There is no secret that I love the holidays especially Christmas. Not just for the presents, but for being with my loved ones, taking time off from work and of course, holiday shopping. Speaking of taking time off from work, I am so jealous that the husband is taking 17 days off straight to spend time at the gym and going places with the little one. I wish I could take more time off to be with them.

Today I’d like to share my Christmas wish lists with you guys. I hope you can use some of these ideas and find some last minute gifts for your loved ones. Why there are two? You asked! One is for the husband and one is for my petite secret Santa. If you aren’t familiar with secret Santa, there is a website called There are 13 of us who signed up and joined the drawing. Once the deadline has passed everyone that signed up is drawn a name and they receive a note to let them know who they have. A big thank to Miss Jessy @ TheLittleDustPrincess for organizing this event. It’s a fun and neat idea for doing gift exchange. Come back here on 12.30.10 and see what I've got from my secret Santa. This is what I put on my Christmas wish list for the gift exchange. Everything is under $25.00. These items are great for stocking stuffers. Continue reading...

1. Sephora ultra lip gloss set
2. Stila backstage eye shadow palette
3. OPI mini collection
4. Merona leather pumps
5. LOFT argyle boot socks

Since I already got my Christmas gift earlier this year (and it was quite costly), I only put little and inexpensive things on my Christmas wish list this year for the husband. Everything is under $100.00. I am very fortunate to be able to buy things that I needed throughout the year. There isn’t a whole lot that I want and certainly there isn’t a thing that I have to have. We kept reminding ourselves that Christmas isn't about presents. These are just little things to make Christmas morning more special.

1. Colehaan riding boots:  Purchased – see them on me here

2. Ann Taylor perfect leather pumps: Purchased – I will share them in the future post

3. Brother sewing machine: I took a sewing lesson a few months ago and never did anything with it. This is just a basic sewing machine for a beginner. My Mom is an excellent sewer and I hope to learn a few techniques from her.

4. Laneige Moisturizer: I have no clue when it comes to skin care products. Since I started blogging, I’ve learned quite a bit about skin care products from other beauty bloggers. The one that stands out the most is the Laneige skin care.

5. Laneige Night Cream: These products are super affordable and have great reviews.

6. A&F jeggings: I have been obsessed with jeggings lately. It is really difficult to find a perfect fitting pair of leggings for petite. I try to stay away from A&F and haven't been in stores in ages. I stopped by last week and quickly tried these on. I am telling you, they’re amazing. I am wearing size 0. Smallest size is 00. They are super thick leggings and come in several colors.

7. LOFT slippers: Like I mention here, my feet are cold all the time. Instead of wearing socks 24/7, I think these slippers are a good alternative. They are super adorable. I try them on in store and they run ½ size larger. They are currently 40% off.

8. Ann Taylor skinny leather belt

That is all for me. It is pretty short and sweet. What’s on your Christmas wish list? Please share! I might add more to my wish list after I see yours :)



Anonymous said...

Great list! : ) I wanted to send you something from your wishlist, but didn't know if your SS got any for you yet so I ended up choosing face masks. Quite relaxing! Let me know your experience after you get the chance to try it out. Hope you can read my instructions..I have such poor printing skills. haha

xx The Little Dust Princess

Nelah said...

I have been thinking about getting a sewing machine too but I don't know how to use it so not worth the investment tor me. I have lots of beauty products on the list, something I have always wanted to try along with a tripod for my camera and a newer version of PhotoShop.

My husband always goes crazy with Christmas shopping and I work hard convincing him not to buy expensive items. We are going overseas next year so I will just buy most things there.

SewPetiteGal said...

Thanks for sharing your list! I have that same sewing machine :) As for my list, I'm looking for a thigh/knee-length gray winter coat with a slim silhouette. I'm eyeing one at Nordstrom that I'm waiting to go on further sale.

C said...

Great list! I don't think bf and I will be exchanging gifts this year. I know, we're such scrooges haha. I pretty much buy everything I want so he says I'm too hard to shop for. The A&F jeggings sound so cool, I'll have to remember to try them on the next time I'm at the mall.

A Shine Bunny said...

Laneige has some awesome skin products especially for Asian skin!! I'm using their toner right now!

Jean said...

Great wish list! My parents just started to use this concept...every year they say that gifting to me is a headache because I don't like the clothes that they pick this year we all put up wish lists.

You can't go wrong with the AT patent belts. They have several colors and if you get a repeat of one you can go exchange it for another, I'm sure : ) Do you already have a leather hole puncher?

Sydney's Fashion Diary said...

@The Little Dust Princess Jessy, you're so sweet. I will try it this weekend. My face is kinda breaking out a bit right now :( Your hand writing is fine. Wait until you see mine. It's horrible! I can't remember when was the last time I actually use a pen to write something

@Nelah You can take a sewing lesson at Joann. I know the basic stuff. My Mom can help me with more advantage stuff. My husband is the same way. I actually had to gather the coupons for him before he goes shopping for me. I know you're excited about your trip next year.

@SewPetiteGal It's pretty cool that you have the same sewing machine. Your sewing skill is beyond words. Do you have the link for the jacket that you're eyeing for? I want to see :)

@Cee My husband said the same thing. That's why he asked for Christmas wish list every year.

@A Shine Bunny I am glad that it works for you. I am very excited to try their products. Thanks for sharing

@PetiteAsianGirl We started the wish list 2 years ago when I ended up return everything that the husband bought for me. I felt bad but I don't want to keep them if I am not going to wear them. Christmas wish list is a great way to get what you want but still kinda surprise. I love those AT belts. I don't have a hole puncher but size small fits me well

Eugenia said...

I didnt know AF had jeggins! I want a pair too just to wear for a quick not so sloppy look! The only ones I've found are so cheap looking, but I dont know if I want to pay almost 60 bucks for the AF ones :/

Kileen said...

Great wish list!! I have Laniege skincare on my list too. And can't wait to see the AT pumps on you!

PetiteXXS said...

I haven't heard of Laneige products before, thanks for sharing! I agree that wishlists are a good thing too. Too bad I can't get my parents to sign up for it (they'll never admit they want anything, always telling me to save my money and buy a house lol).

Toni Tralala said...

This is a great list! The OPI Mini Collection is such a great steal! I love OPI. <3

It makes me smile knowing that someone likes sewing as much as I do! When there's something needed to be sewn, I quickly volunteer for it. Isn't it a joy? :)

PearlsAndGreenTea said...

IPAD 2!! Dying for one!!


Callandra said...

What a sweet idea from the Dust Princess. It's always so much fun to buy for someone secretly ;) I'm looking forward to seeing your perfect leather pumps! (My sister bought the slippers from the Loft and won't take them off!) Lol

Unknown said...

This is quite a list! I am waiting for the new Ipad to come out and hubby and I are each getting one! Heheheh