Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Getting my dream Chanel bag (Part I): How to convince your significant other

The name Chanel is associated with timeless sophistication. There is no doubt that they are beautiful and classic. It’s every girl’s dream to own a Chanel bag including mine. We all love it and want it. The only thing that keeping us from those beauties is the hefty price tag. For me, it’s not about having that kind of money to spend on something, it’s about where should I spend that money on. Having a family, I have no choice but prioritize things. There are things that I could spend the money on such as family vacation, home improvements. Spending money on a purse is the last thing on the list. The thought of getting myself a Chanel bag has died down until recently.

Oh how I love you!

My little girl is going to first grade this school year. That means no more tuition for private school and a little extra room in my monthly shopping budget. The first step is trying to convince the husband that spending 2K on a handbag is OK (can’t believe I just said that). We stopped by a Tiffany store last night and he asked me what piece of jewelry I would like next. Perfect opportunity! I told him I don’t want any more jewelry. I am saving up for a Chanel. This is how our conversation went...
Husband: “Chanel? is that a purse?
Me: Yes, it’s not just a purse. It’s a timeless and classic purse.

Husband: OK, why do you have to save up for it? How expensive is it?
Me: Well, it depends but I am thinking about spending 2K for it.

Husband: **Speechless for 5 seconds**. Why does it cost so much?
Me: Because they are made from only the best material such as lambskin.

Husband: Lambskin probably costs $30.00 in China
Me: **Ignored my answer**. It’s also a timeless piece that I know I am going to love and keep forever.

Husband: You said that with all of your purses.
Me: **Ignored again** – This conversation is going nowhere. It is also an investment piece since prices keep going up.

Husband: It’s not an investment piece if you can’t make any profit out of it.
Me: Several years from now, if I want to sell it, I bet you anything, I’ll get all my money back plus something extra.

Husband: But you said you’ll keep it forever.
Me: Oops! Well, I am just saying.

Husband: I just want you to understand that luxury items are NOT a status symbol.

Me: Of course =)

Husband: OK! You can get whatever you want. You deserve only the best. Just make sure you do your research. I always have a soft spot for you.


The funny thing is that we had this whole conversation inside a Nordies. The SA probably wondered what in the world they were talking about.


  1. Soooo cute! LOL!!! I think I still have to convince myself and then I will work on my husband ;)

    It really is such a beautiful and classic piece. It's just such a huge mindshift for me to spend that much $ on something for myself as opposed to a vacation although we drop thousands on a car which I couldn't care less about (just has to be safe and get me where I need to go!) but I guess we see that as a "neccessity".

    I can't wait to see what you get!

  2. lol, i love this conversation! sounds like something my bf and i would have too. although my bf is understanding about buying expensive shoes (he bought me my first and only pair of Loubies), he can't understand the reasoning behind purses. i'll have to work on him for that one! :)

  3. I am laughing so hard! Your husband asked every rebuttal question that I would've thought of, were I a man : )

  4. HAHA thank you for sharing this convo. The $30 lambskin from China comment made me lol. Probably so true!

    If I had to do it over, my convo with bf would go something like this:

    Me: You see that pretty bag? It's a Hermes. It starts around $8k+

    Bf: WTF

    Me: It's a classic and timeless piece.

    Bf: Again, WTF

    Me: Now look at this gorgeous Chanel. It's also a classic and timeless piece. Best part? It's only around $3k

    Bf: Huh, that's not bad at all. Go for the Chanel

  5. hahaha great rebuttal!:D wow nice you deserve this!^_^

  6. the guy I'm recently dating told me he was going to buy an electronic drum set... his vice is music and mine is girly stuff:

    HIM: So the drum set ended up costing a little under $1K.. phew lots of $$!

    ME: Yea...Its okay I just bought a purse for $1300.

    HIM: ..........(silence)........... Looks like I should have bought a better drum set! :P

  7. Lol! I swear hubby and I had almost the exact same conversation! He was asking me how many years I'm planning to keep it and how is it an investment piece if it's "timeless" and kept forever :P But like your husband, mine wants me to be happy so he's leaving it up to me... I'm seriously tempted too but am so not used to dropping that amount of money on a single item!

  8. You two are so cute! He put up a good defense (lol at lambskin being $30 in China!!), but my favorite part of this story is that he caved! :) Can't wait to see the pics of whatever Chanel purse you decide on.

  9. This conversation is too cute and funny. $30 lambskin from China lol, probably costs less than that over there. It seems like you are one step closer to your dream Chanel :) Everyone in this community has been infected with Chanel fever!

    My husband is an opposite and probably a dream husband for many women, he never questions no matter how expensive an item is. He even encourages me to buy without hesitation but I am a big enemy to myself and have trouble spending such huge amount of money something.

  10. Wow, I had this SAME conversation with my SO a few nights ago. I said that I wasn't considering buying the bag NOW (still have thousands of school debt to pay off), but that I might buy it someday when I'm making a good amount of money.

    HE said that even if I made half a million a year, that wouldn't justify spending so much on a purse because I could give that money to charity.

    I said, but I will ALSO give to charity in ADDITION to getting my purse. :D

    But he wouldn't budge and instead told me that I was different from when he first met me and he didn't think I was this materialistic!

    Conversation FAIL.

  11. The way I got my husband on board was to tell him that the prices of Chanel continue to rise so technically it's an investment! LOL

    Anything investment worthy- he's on board:D

  12. Hhhmm..........I think I've had that conversation a few time myself! Lol It's obvious that your husband is an amazing man and that he loves you very much!.....Sounds like a "Happy Ever Afer" to me ;)

  13. You lucky girl! And what a very sweet and considerate hubby! :)

  14. LOL I can totally imagine myself having that exact same conversation with the BF! You have a good husband who has that soft spot for you :)

  15. LOL how cute! he's a smart man! i hope you show us when you get it. ekk!

  16. Does your husband have a brother? If he's single, that's even better. hmmm????

  17. haha...that conversation was so funny! Except I was the one saying your husband's lines!

    HIM: Let me get you a Chanel. It's classic and timeless.

    ME: I don't need a $$ purse. It's a slippery slope that I don't want to go down. Thanks.

    A couple weeks later...

    HIM: Happy birthday!

    ME: Ooooh...I looove Chanel!

    Of course now that he's created the monster, I start every argument with, "Don't piss me off. Or I'm going to Chanel and buying one item every day until you agree with me." His response, *shudder*.

  18. hahah thanks for sharing the conversation. It made my day. :P Your hubby was hilarious with the China comment. SO TRUE! LOL My bf sort of allows it because he understands..he's into fashion too. He just doesn't want me to overspend. : ) Good luck with both of our Chanel purchases! I'm doing my research as well : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  19. Hahahahah I am chuckling as I read the conversation. I am having a hard time to convince my BF of my "bag purchases"... haha I think this conversation will eventually come up :D

  20. I love this post, you two sound so cute!! Good luck on your research and can't wait to see what you get!

  21. This was perfect! I loved reading the conversation, and it's the exact same one I've had with not only my boyfriend, but also with my mom and others!

  22. Lucky girl!! And your conversation was so cute....whenever I tell my friends about bag I want, they make a similar China! Can't wait to see your chanel when you purchase it!! I'm trying to save up for my first chanel too!!

  23. hahahha love this post! that is one ah-mazing purse but oh so expensive. go for it though! hahah

    Also, I have a new blog and I'm offering a giveaway be sure to check it out. :-)

  24. You have no idea how much effort I put in to hold off laughing OUT LOUD in my cubicle today when I was reading your post. It is just hysterical! And btw, I was supposed to be in a somber mood because I have spent a little over a week on solving a design issue, and no breakthrough yet. I was sitting there with a head almost exploded and there came your post. Thank you so much for sharing. And thank your hubby for making this conversation happen. Love it. Also I linked your post on my Chanel post. Everyone should read this. lol.

  25. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments. I am glad you found this post somewhat entertained :) I still laugh at myself thinking about our “serious” conversation last night. I have no intention to drop that kind of $$ on a purse just yet. There is still a lot of research to do but I am super excited knowing that I will be a proud owner of a beautiful Chanel soon. For those of you who interested in getting a Chanel, Bloomingdale is offering 20% off on all purchases when you open their store credit card (from 03.10 – 03.13). For big purchases, 20% discount definitely helps.

  26. In response to the idea that Chanel bags are an investment because the prices rise over time - do they rise above the cost of inflation? And, more importantly, will anyone buy a used chanel bag for more than what the seller paid for it? I was under the impression that used bags sell for less than their original cost, but maybe I'm wrong.

  27. Awww what a good hubby! It would be such a BEAUTIFUL item to give your daughter as a vintage piece and she'll cherish it forever :)

    I don't know that I can convince my hubby - when I had my giant Balenciaga phase, he about blew a gasket until I reminded him I was using my own money ;)

  28. ROFL. I'm so late in commenting but I read each and every one of your reader's comments. I about died when I read Cee's explanation on how to woo her bf into Chanel. So clever!
    So when is "soon" and what style of Chanel are you thinking of?

  29. You are one lucky lady to have such a wonderful hubby!! jealous :D My hubby is different from yours. Every time,I want to buy something big, he would just say no! He think it is too much money to spend on a purse. "sighnn...."hmmmm

  30. Sumo - absolutely ... it's happening every day, BUT only for the most classic styles. I've been watching and bidding on a few bags (the date codes inside the bag shows what year the bag was made, so that gives you a rough idea of what the seller paid for it) and the going prices of pre-owned classic flaps in excellent condition are definitely going for more than their original price. I'm watching a bag where the seller included a photo of price tag of $1900 something (she bought it years and years ago) and the ending bid was $3000 (current selling price is $3400 plus tax).

    Chanel has been doing 20% price hikes so I would say that's exceeding the rate of inflation : (

  31. Sounds exactly like a convo my hubby & I would have too. Very cute~

  32. This is very cute :) I'm so heart warmed by it!! "I have a soft spot for you" AW! :)

  33. LOL So glad you posted this!! Too adorable =)

  34. Hi I'm a new reader to your blog. This is just how my conversations with my husband goes except for the last bit! Should I pretend I got a fake CC?!!

  35. first of all your conversation with your husband is hilarious

    i went through the same thing with my husband but i promise you once you get your husband on board he'll be all about it.. when we were first dating my husband was SHOCKED that my LV bag was $600 (even though i bought it with my OWN money!)

    4 years later the hubs has gifted me with 5 chanel bags. i originally had two more but i sold them and i actually made money back from them!!! my husband now jokes that my chanel bags seem to have a better return value then his stock portfolio! tehehehe :)

  36. LOL. I use the "it's an investment" line all the time! Have fun doing your research! Make sure your handbag is the perfect one, but prepare to go Chanel crazy and want them all!

  37. Can I please have your husband call E and so I would have an easier time convincing him! I love this conversation, I shall bookmark for reference!



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  38. haha NICE! I love it! What a great husband. And I totally agree, I'm actually saving up for my first REAL purse and I really want it to be a Chanel too, so I couldn't help but read this post! lol Whichever you pick, I know will be great, and you'll love forever, because you had to save for it, and research it, it will always mean more than any other piece.


  39. You're > that < much closer to finally scoring your perfect purse! Have fun picking!

  40. Hahahha Sydney! Your husband is hilarious! XD Haha this reminds me of my convos with my boyfriend, but usually over small, trivial things. Such as video games...
    (How long are you going to play it for? What about all the other video games you just bought? Didn't you say the game had bad reviews? Why don't you just buy it later when the price drops? Do you really need to preorder it NOW?! etc. etc.)

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing your new Chanel, whenever you get one! I'm also lemming one as well, but my financial situation would never allow me to buy one. ;/ It is definitely an investment, as the price increases every year. :)

    I'm still smiling over what your husband said. So funny! You should feature a short blog post about him, or allow him to write one. I bet it would be just as funny, if not more funny, as this one!

  41. WOW. I agree with your husband... except for the last part where he caves in. Sorry, but that's a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a purse. My bf loves me to death, but I would think there's something wrong with him if he felt that meant he should spend large sums of money to promote my shopping habit.

    Sorry for the harsh words, but I'm a huge advocate of saving money.

  42. you'll be spending 3K+ on it, not 2K. i just bought mine. i want more, but husband wont allow. i'll have to wait a cpl of years for the next chanel :(

  43. yes, last i checked the same chanel bag was priced at $3400. i'm convincing the bf i need to buy it now before it goes up even more! lol

  44. So how much is the classic chanel flap bag???????

    Does anybody know please??