Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Review: Ann Taylor Petites Spring Items

I wanted to do a quick post today since Ann Taylor is having a promotion right now. Get 25% off any 2 full-price items or 40% off any 3 full-price items with code "ANNSTYLE".

I felt in love with the Ann Taylor Silent Clusters Sheath Dress when I saw it in store last month. To my surprise, hubby brought it home for me on Valentine’s day. Originally, he got a size 0R and of course it was way too big on me. I reordered the dress in a 00P and was hoping for the best.

I have to tell you up front that I don’t love the dress. It’s a very pretty dress for sure but for some reasons, I just do not love it. Twitter friends already know this dress didn’t work out for me. I wasn't going to do a review but these items are online exclusive so I thought I would do a quick post just in case you’re interested. Continue reading..


What I like:
- This dress is very pretty in person. It has beautiful print and absolutely perfect for the upcoming Spring.
- It made out of 100% silk and the quality is exceptional.
- With the promtion, the price isn’t too bad for a silk dress.


What I don’t like:
- Mostly because of the fit: The length is great for my height but the overall fit wasn’t slim enough throughout. There was so much room around the chest area. Although the arm holes fit pretty well.
- It’s kind of funny but the silk material is so slippery that my belt wouldn’t stay on.
- This dress is too fancy for every day wear. I can’t see myself wearing it more than a few times.

I also ordered this Petite Drape Neck Top (online exclusive) as a filler for free shipping. I absolutely love the color. It looks incredibly beautiful on the model. I was disappointed when I tried it on. The armholes were too small, therefore it is pulling across my chest (see where the arrow is). Although the armholes are small, the draped neckline is too roomy. I was having a hard time keeping the “triangle” stay straight. Also with the empire waist, I can’t wear really wear a belt with this top. Overall, it just wasn't  flattering on me.



It was very sweet of my husband to picked up this dress for me. Unfortunately, both of the items are going back. He told me I can pick out whatever I like for the replacement. I am having a hard time deciding what I want. With all the Chanel talk on Twitter, I am in a mood to save up for a big purchase :)


  1. Thanks - this is an awesome review!


  2. thanks for the heads-up on these items. it's too bad that they didn't work out better and i think returning them is the right move. i agree that if you don't see anything that catches your eye you should save up for a Chanel! that's my current plan anyways too. :)

  3. What a sweet hubby!! Bummer nothing worked out but more money saved right?

    And saving up for a Chanel is a fabulous idea:-)

  4. Sorry to hear they didn't work out but I love both pieces on you especially the second top. The design and color are unique and feminine but I can see how tight those armholes are and how sheer fabric is.

    Great idea for a big purchase, can't wait to see what you will get. I have been thinking about getting a designer handbag (I love Lady Dior) since last year but still couldn't pull the plug for a $2,700 handbag *_*

  5. Hmm I agree I don't like how the top fits on you. I really love that dress though - the cut is similar to the BR dress I picked up from PAG's first blog sale.

  6. I love the dress, very pretty!

  7. Thank you for taking the time to review the dress, Sydney. I remembered your sneak peek from awhile back and couldn't wait to see more. The print of the dress is indeed gorgeous, but in the end, it sounds like a wise choice to return. I'm pretty much in the same boat as you -- but if it ever goes on mega sale... I think I'll try to pick one up.

    Hehe, your husband didn't know what he got himself into by saying pick out any replacement :) I think Chanel would be a nice upgrade, but I'm biased of course.

  8. Thanks for the reviews! Too bad that dress didn't work out...its really pretty!

  9. Too bad those items didn't work out! The print of the dress really is beautiful but anything that doesn't fit well / or fit your lifestyle isn't worth keeping. Same with the drape top although you should find another top in that color - so beautiful!

  10. I have to agree with SewPetiteGal that the print is absolutely lovely! I really love it with the shoes. I can see why you don't want to keep it, the close up pics you can see the roominess in the chest area.
    Not a fan of the drape top though! I agree with you in all of the points but it really does hang too low.

  11. That is a shame that neither item worked out. They are such pretty pieces!

  12. OMG...I luv your blog! I find it so hard to find the right fit and your blog is truly inspirational! xo

  13. I LOVE that blue cardigan in your first picture. It's a shame the drape top doesn't fit, because I love the color too! I've never had luck with drapey types of tops though, I don't have broad enough shoulders or a large enough chest to make them work.

  14. @Cee I am in love with your Chanel flap. Although, I know I would have a hard time dropping 4K (?) on a bag :)

    @Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

    @ShortBlonde The blue cardigan is from Banana Republic. I think it's called Merino Wool Cardigan. The color of the second top is gorgeous but too bad it didn't fit :(

  15. I just ordered that first dress...it should be here on Friday. I bought it on a whim, so we shall see if I keep it. Sorry it didn't work out for you, but the blue colors look lovely on you nonetheless. :)

  16. Sorry you didn't like the items. I actually thought the dress looks nice, but of course it must be different on. And yes, your husband is so sweet!

  17. I've been really impressed with your restraint lately! Too bad they didn't work out, but I'm sure you'll find better things :) I'm also seriously contemplating my first Chanel... but will likely start low with a WOC since the $3-4K are waaay out of my price range.

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  19. Nice blog! :) Keep up the good work!


  20. I love the dress! the cardigan and belt look awesome with it

    Miss Neira

  21. Oh your Valentines dress is soo pretty Sydney! yes, I agree, you are one lucky Mrs!



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  22. Your husband is so sweet! And I love how you wore that dress with the cardigan and belt in that first photo. Why do you not like it? Looks very classy on you :). But I suppose if you don't love it, it's only best to return it. And something Chanel sounds like a good exchange! ;)

  23. What a great review. I love the first dress very chic. Your makeup is beyond flawless. I wish I was as skinny as you are so I could look half as fab as you in those outfits.


  24. If you didn't point it out, I wouldn't have noticed. I think it looks good on you, it's a pretty color.