Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Closet remix: Spring lookbook

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Spring is finally here!!! The weather is getting warmer and I couldn’t be happier. What I love to wear are vibrant colors to jump start the Spring season. I am definitely looking forward to putting away my winter clothes and wearing some bright and colorful pieces. I am so excited to put this outfit together. This outfit was featured in "How bloggers wear LOFT - Spring". I bought this flirty fuchsia top last Fall but only had a chance to wear it once. It is a perfect match when paired with this Abstract Floral Print Pencil Skirt. It’s refreshing and absolutely adorable.

What I am wearing:
Top: LOFT Rosette Halter Cami (buy it here)
Skirt: Abstract Floral Print Pencil Skirt - size 00P (buy it here)
Wedges: Macys (old) - (buy similar here or here)
Belt: AT Perfect Leather Belt (buy it here)
Bracelet: Amrita Singh Hampton Collection (buy it here in black)

I know some of the petite bloggers have purchased this skirt. I absolutely adore the print. Unfortunately, the cut is boxy and not very petite-friendly. I had to clip about 2 inches in the back in these photos. Also, the length is a bit short for my liking even though I am not that tall. I am not sure what I am going to do with it yet. I am hoping my Mom can alter the waist for me. I really like it. I probably can get away with a shorter length but waist gap bothers me so much. Regardless, I am very happy wearing this outfit :)


I hope you ladies have a great rest of the week and enjoy the spring weather.



I love seeing bloggers' outfits change with the seasons! You look darling in the floral rosette top and the skirt. I'm shocked it's about two inches too big in the waist. Will it be an easy alteration for your mom? I can't believe your mom and Vicky's dad and Kileen's mom(?) can all do alterations. I'm so impressed. No one in my family sews so I can't reap any benefits!


The skirt is tight around your hips, right? That's why you have to wear it higher up, which causes the waist gap? Booo! I had the same problem, so I sized up. Now it sits lower on me, but not as fitted throughout. Gosh, if only LOFT would tweak just a tiny bit so it'd fit both of us perfectly :) This is a completely adorable outfit. I've been wearing this combination too. Perfect for spring!

Re shoes: I find wedges to be super comfy in general and have had pretty good success with Nine West in the past. I'm still breaking this pair in -- my toes feel a bit pinched if I wear them for too long. I haven't had problems walking. I'd recommend them, but don't pay full price! I got them at 30% off during their F&F about a month ago. A lot of online sites sell them too, and I'm sure there will be coupon codes/sales eventually. I actually think the color would suit your skin tone better since you're paler than I am. Let me know how it goes!

John B. Marine

You are so cute, Sydney! You bloom with beauty with this lovely top and skirt combination. As per usual, your lovely hair, cute face, and sweet smile make any lovely outfit even more lovely.


Love the way the rosette top looks with the skirt's print! So spring and happy looking!

BTW - fam and I will be in Columbus sometime in the next few weeks (getting an Asian haircut, eating dim sum, going to CAM, and then Jeffersonville outlets) - anything else we should check out in the area? Thanks! :)


You're absolutely gorgeous, you and the clothes you wear! :) you're such an inspiration!


I love this outfit, so bright and cheery. I had similar issues with LOFT skirts, so I forgo them for now...especially since I don't wear pencil skirts that often. =)


what a pretty spring outfit! i love the bright colors and the blouse is gorgeous. you look great Sydney.


this outfit is perfect for spring!! i had such a hard time with this skirt too (with huge waist gap) that I ended up returning it since i didn't want to deal with alterations (even though my mom is able to alter them for free for me). the skirt is perfect with the bright top!


I think it looks beautiful! The bright top is perfect.


Such a nice Spring look! The colours and the print - lovely!


I love this skirt, and the top you chose to pair with it is perfect and screams spring!


It seems that all the petite bloggers who tried this skirt has some issue with it...glad you're able to work it in your wardrobe...this top looks great on both you and Cee. The color is so on trend!

Really Petite

Love this spring outfit on you! Pretty outdoor pics too Sydney :D


@PetiteAsianGirl I am not sure if it is going to be an easy alteration for my Mom or not. I'll have to check with her this weekend.

@Cee I am not sure what the problem is. It just doesn't fit right. Thank you for the recommendation on the shoes. I'll have to do some research online.

@SewPetiteGal Ooo..You're coming to Columbus? I have a few places in mind. I'll email and let you know.


This outfit is soooo gorgeous (meant to comment like five other times), I love how spring-y it is and makes me feel all warm inside!

The Little Dust Princess

You're so beautiful!! <3 I love the outfit and the bright colours.


You look so pretty! I love how bright the colors are - this outfit is really flattering on you :) Too bad the skirt is too wide though...hopefully your mom will be able to take it in.

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews)

LOVE the colours! Sydney, you're so gorgeous! I've seen this skirt on a few ladies petites and non petites. Strange about the fit!


u're one petite hottie!!!:) the skirt is gorgeous,actually i'm loving the whole look!!!great style and blog...following u now...

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