Monday, April 18, 2011

A quick trip to H&M

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As you already know, the H&M Conscious collection has hit stores last week. I was so excited to find out that my local store does carry this collection. Everything looks so beautiful and breezy in the lookbook. I was in love with most of the items. I couldn’t help but stop by my local store on the day the collection first launched. I am not sure about your local stores but mine only carries half of the items from this collection. In order to make the display look fuller, they mixed the items from this collection with some other spring items. I quickly tried on a few things but ended up not getting anything from this collection. I love the idea but this collection is rather disappointing. However, I was able to use the 20% discount on this dress.

I am wearing a size 4 in these photos. The fit is true to size as expected for a size 4.  It's tagged at $$29.95. With 20% discount, I was able to snatch this dress up for a mere $24.00. Not bad at all! What I love about this dress is a muted floral print. Since the color is so springy and refreshing, I thought this was one of the items from the Conscious collection. It’s not! This dress is just one of their new arrivals. If I have to nitpick, it would be the exposed zipper. I have never been a fan of the exposed zipper. Since the dress is casual and I only plan to wear it on the weekend, it’s no biggies. No belt is required since the dress is very well fitted.


On a completely unrelated note, my sister just restocked on M.O.D.E.L 21 eyelashes. We only have 2 boxes left for No. 16. We will not restock this style. There are 20 boxes left of No. 7 and 20 boxes of  No. 17. No. 17 is a new item. I am wearing them in this post and I love it! It gives you a natural look in person but shows up pretty well in the pictures.
What I am wearing:
Dress: H&M - size 4
Sandals: Target Mossimo Panya in cognac (buy here)
Eyelashes: M.O.D.E.L 21 No. 17 (buy here)
Purse: LV Musette Tango

Below are the items I tried on from the Conscious collection but didn’t end up buying. Did you pick up any items from this collection? Please feel free to share!




the first white dress is so stunning on you. i would definitely go back for that if i were you! also, the dress you wore in your outfit photo is very pretty too i like the backing


That first dress is so beautiful! I love the muetd floral print as well. Do you happen to have the tag # for it?


I'm glad my H&M wasn't the only one that was understocked. I'm still determined to visit as many as possible to find the items I want :)

The dress you picked up is super cute. I actually like the exposed zipper as it fits with the casual look well.


I love the dress you purchased, especially the pricing you snagged it at! I like how you've styled it with flat gladiators to make it more casual and wearable. Can't wait to see all the petite spring looks from everyone!

Poster Girl

The H&M Conscious pieces look so amazing on you! I also tried on the one shoulder dress but found it to be too long for me. I also tried some items on and reviewed them on my blog. I ended up buying the crochet vest, the Natalie Portman dress, and the tiered tank dress.


Great looking dress, Sydney. It hugs your body nicely. Can't believe the the price you got it for. Nice find.

Really Petite

You look so great in everything!! I saw that first dress and didn't think anything of it until I saw it on

You have an amazing body:)


I like the deep U plunge in the back of the dress, adds more sexy to it! The shape of the dress really compliments your body and the print really captures the new spring weather. I really like the peach dress that you tried on too!

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews)

Sydney the dress you bought fits you really well! I also really like the first change room pic dress. It's defintely a going out on the town dress but it looks lovely on you.


This dress is STUNNING on you!! I love it! I also really like the draped dress you tried on - so very pretty!

If you ever want to visit my "farther LOFT" store for it amazing selection - it's located at Tri-County Mall:
11700 Princeton Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45246-2535
They usually have a TON of small sizes XXSP / XSP in items that have long since sold out at other stores and online.


you look so good! I love that dress, especially the floral pattern. I also like that white one shoulder dress you tried on. if i were to buy something from that collection, it's be that particular dress.



i really love this dress on you and it's perfect for the spring. and i actually really like the dress on the left that you tried on from the Conscious Collection. if only the TX H&M would open up already. :)

cute & little


@aneetac Hi there! The tag # is 04466130043120. Thank you for stopping by.

@SewPetiteGal Ooo..thank you for the store info. I will keep that in mind for future shopping :)


The dress is so pretty. I love this pastel color and print. Great choice, Sydney. This dress accentuates your curves and that tiny waist (and firm tummy which I do not have anymore!!!).


How were you able to get 20% off???

The Little Dust Princess

I think I saw that dress and wanted to purchase it as well!!! I just never tried it on, but now that I see it on someone, I think it looks AMAZING! I have to go try one on now. LOL I purchased from the kids department for the Conscious Collection. The women's department didn't really appeal to me. :( And I had trouble finding the scalloped dress in my size!


@Peebees The 20% discount was with H&M's iPhone or Android app promotion. However, the discount code expired on 04/14.


Those dresses look so lovely on you. I never really shop in H&M but will check the store next time :)

Petite in the City

I saw that white dress too, but I've seen the same dress b4 at h&m in different colours and with non-sustainable materials, and for $40! My friend has it in green she got it last oct, and it looks great. So I felt like the Conscious Collection was overpriced. Plus, not sure when to wear a white dress like that!

Anyways the Conscious Collection was disappointing for me too. I wanted the items with scalloped details but my store didn't carry any of it, I bought only a pair of tencel shorts, you can check out the stuff I tried on on my blog post!



I love the dress you bought and the white one shouldered dress! You look lovely in everything :)


I think you made a great choice in choosing the blue flower print dress. I also wasn't super excited about H&M's conscious collection but I did like the eyelet shorts in black it was feminine, conservative and casual


This is extremely beautiful! Great pick dear! I love the faint flower petals and the colour!

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