Monday, May 30, 2011

Bold colored shorts

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I hope you all had a great long weekend. My Memorial Day weekend filled with family fun and relaxation. It was pretty uneventful. Temperatures are jumping up to the low-90s this weekend. It's my favorite time of the year as I get to bust out my sundresses and short shorts. I've always been scared to wear bold colors other than white, black, and every shade of grey. I thought it was time to add something colorful to my wardrobe. I picked up this F21 linen blend short a few weeks ago from F21. I love the pop of bright color. It is so fun and cheerful - perfect for those hot summer days!

Since the color is so bright, I wanted to pair it with a basic white tee to create an easy breezy weekend outfit. The white tee tones down this bold color. I am wearing an XS in this post. The waist measures 27" and the length measures 8". If you’re interested in these shorts, use code "MDSHIP" to get free shipping on orders over $15 (promotion ends today). Thanks to Jean of! This pair of shorts comes with a cheapy patent leatherette belt as pictured. It is also available in lovely mustard color. Unfortunately, the linen material was so thin for the mustard ones so I passed. I can’t tell you how much I love these Target wedges. I literally wear them with everything. I love nude wedges. They will trick your eyes and make your legs look miles long.

What I am wearing:
Shorts:F21 Linen Blend Short - sz XS (buy here)
Tee: F21 Basic Tee - sz S (buy here)
Wedges: Target Tawny Wedge Sandals - Taupe (buy here)

Are you a fan of bright colors? What color would you pair with this royal blue short?



Such a simple yet chic outfit, Sidney! I love the color of these shorts. I think I have a sleeveless top the same color. :) I love colors. I do not have hesitation when it comes to bright and cheerful colors, but I love my basic greys as well. :) I had to stop myself from getting any more grey things last year since I noticed that all I was drawn to were in different shades of grey. lol.


just bought some purple shorts from J. Crew. Love this look!

John B. Marine

Cute and casual. Happy Memorial Day to you, Sydney! The shorts are surely bold in color. Bold colors are certainly great when there's something lovely that just pops out from the rest of the outfit. These shorts are cute on you paired with the basic T-shirt and the sandals.


The shorts are really pretty! They're so timeless. I feel like you can wear them summer after summer. I would totally wear yellow with them because I think these two colours work really well together!

Have a great day!


You are rocking those shorts girl! Love them :)


The shorts look great on you! I like how the opening at the leg isn't too wide. Usually there is so much extra space between the shorts and my legs ><

The Little Dust Princess

I love it! I've been shopping around for bright coloured bottoms lately, but still looking for "the perfect" item!


So cute and PERFECT for the weather we've been having here :) Hope you're staying cool!


Ahh, it's so funny you wrote this post, Sydney! I was *this* close to adding the yellow or blue pair into my cart earlier today, but decided to pass on both. I'm glad to hear the yellow is sheer. So thank you for saving me a trip back to the store :) The blue pair makes your legs look a mile long! Hot, hot, hot! I'm definitely a fan of all the bright colors this summer. It's great for colorblocking!


Cute - you're the embodiment of summer! And I have those exact wedges! I also love them!


I love bold-colored shorts!! These are fabulous, and they look great on you. Good fit and a great shade of blue- although I'd definitely wash them seperate. :)

Wendy's Lookbook

Thank you so much for featuring these shorts! I just ordered two, the purple and yellow ones, because of you! You look amazing in them.


Your outfit is so chic and comfortable Sydney, a perfect welcome to summer. You and I must have had the same mind since I wore white and blue combo this weekend except that my shorts are white and top is blue.

20 York Street

HOly gorgeous legs Syd! I love, love them more than the shorts! Well, duh!

Yes, I'm back! Your comment made me smile all day!

p.s. haay, if only I had access to F21, I'd get that!


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Twenty York Street


I am loving the trend of bold colored shorts over bold colored jeans(they're not very slimming), gives you just enough of pop of color to your look. I've actually been favoring a lot of reds, so I'm currently on the lookout for red shorts, let me know if you find any cheap ones around!


i need to go to f21 to look for shorts! I really like that one on not sure if im a fan of colored shorts yet just because Im so plain when it comes to shorts.

btw you def dont look like someone with a 6 yr old child! you look gorgeous! i need to get my pre baby body back! :(


sydney-- you look great in those shorts! i am loving the bright color trends for the bottoms. I just picked up some orange color shorts the other day from f21. can't wait to get them.


@b_ra Thank you for your suggestion. I will try yellow next time :)

@Cee That's so funny! I wish you picked those shorts too. I know you'll rock them.

@FashionableAsians I will def. keep an eye out for you. F21 usually has a large selection of trendy items.

@Ping Orange sounds so fun. I can't wait to see your post.

Really Petite

I love these shorts on you Sydney and you have legs for days!!! :D


What a great casual and relaxed outfit! It reminds of something I saw on Wendy's Lookbook too. LOL. You always look so put together and chic. =)

Petite Chic[k]

I love your shorts! I am such a fan of bright colors, but I'm also a little scared of wearing them on short shorts. I have a pair of burgundy ones and two in multi plaid, but that's about as wild as they get. I'll definitely be on the lookout for brighter shades!


Love how gorgeous and chic this outfit is!

S and O

Cute shorts!
Nice color too :D


I really love this look for summer! It looks so fresh! I also LOVE nude wedges, definitely elongates the leg..and yes yours seem to go on for miles! lol


very nice! and you are tiny! your legs look so good in these shorts! nice shape!


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