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Review: The Limited Eyelet Skirt - Size 0

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Feminine details are one of the top spring trends. Lace, ruffles, eyelet, crotchet - I love them all. I like the Ann Taylor Factory crochet skirt (as seen here on Cee) but it is way too expensive and also required alterations. While walking by The Limited last week, I decided to step in just to look. I can’t remember when was the last time I actually bought something from them. Their sizing runs huge and certainly is not petite-friendly. I was beyond thrilled to walk out the store with this eyelet skirt

I went home and read the online reviews for this skirt. The majority of reviews are complaining about the skirt is being too small and too short. True to their words, a size 0 fits me decent. I have not been able to fit anything from the Limited for years. For this skirt, there is still half an inch waist gap but it can be easily fixed with a belt. It’s not a perfect fit but it’s doable. Since the skirt is white, I wouldn’t want it to be too fitted.


Although the description stated “pencil skirt”. It is certainly not a pencil skirt. It is more of a mini skirt. I would prefer pencil skirt but I don’t mind having different things in my closet. The quality is excellent and I love the eyelet details. I have noticed that The Limited has changed recently. Their style is definitely more chic and stylish than what I remembered. I actually liked quite a few pieces there but of course, the sizing is still an issue for petites. The measurements as follow: waist = 13", length = 18".

Since the skirt is super feminine, I wanted to toughen it up with a button down shirt. I also picked up this BR chambray shirt in crystal blue last week. I am wearing an XSP in this post. It was a tad big for me. I think I am going to take this back and order the XXSP online. Although the description said “chambray” but it's more like a baby blue color. I love linen material. It is great for spring and summer.

What I am wearing:
Skirt: The Limited Eyelet Skirt - size 0 (buy here - currently 30% off)
Shirt: BR Petite Chambray Shirt - size XSP (buy here - 30% off with code BRKING30)
Shoes: Target Panya Strappy Wedge in Cognac (buy here)
I received a coupon in the mail last week for $15.00 off any purchase at the Limited. I threw it away thinking that I am not going to use it. When I was at the cash register, I thought I am going to mention it anyway. The worst that could happen is they'll say no, right? Luckily, the SA took it without any problems. She gave me $15.00 off on top of the sale. I ended up paying less than $35 for this skirt. Overall, I really like this outfit. It definitely brightens up my day.



That's so nice of them! Shows that it really doesn't hurt to ask ... I'm usually not ashamed to ask for any potential discounts ; )

I was curious what your unexpected find was at the mall since your tweet last week. The Limited is definitely an unconvential place for tiny petites to shop - I've tried their stuff a few times and almost always it was huge. Great find here, and of course I love eyelet with chambray and cognac!


What a beautiful skirt. I'm going to have to head to the Limited and check this out. Limited is definitely not a place I can usually find pants/skirts because the 0s are too large. Sometimes I find a top there that fits me well. I am excited to look for this skirt!

The Little Dust Princess

The skirt is so pretty! Another great outfit, Sydney. : )


Loving the skirt! I've never shopped at the Limited before, the one near me has very unattractive store displays so I never feel tempted to walk in lol I actually had a similar OOTD last yr with a blue blouse and a white skirt, I just think the colors look really sharp together :P


oh wow, this is a great skirt!! i actually had a couple coupons for The Limited too but saw that they expired. :( i think i might just end up picking up this skirt too. so lovely!

cute & little


Sydney, you look stunning! I love your pairing of soft colors in this outfit and the play of different texture combinations. Gorgeous!

Ski Petite

What a cute skirt and it looks great with the button down. I just checked on BR but it out right now in XXSP and XSP so I'll have to wait :)

Recovering Shopaholic

love the feminine and boyish pairing! great find - the Limited is re-opening in our mall soon, so I will definitely make it a point to check them out again!


That skirt is so pretty....the Limited has had much cuter things recently, but it does suck that things run huge...I usually find there skirts/dresses to be really long, but occasionally find something that works!


I really love this whole look from head to toe: chambray + eyelet + strappy sandals = Gorgeous! And yay for getting great customer service at the Limited!

Natasha xoxo

What a lovely skirt!

xo, tasha
twenty-something blog


I've tried on a few things from The Limited before, and you are def right about their sizing not being petite-friendly. I'm surprised that this skirt runs as small as it does. It looks great on you! I'll have to keep an eye out for this when I'm shopping next time :)


pretty skirt, sydney! looks great on you and i love how you paired it with that top and belt. i agree with you that its not quite chambray! i saw it in the store, but it still looks nice.

Really Petite

So gorgeous Sydney!!! I wanted to comment last night but tweeted you instead..hehehe

Great find and it fits you nicely!! And I like how you used the belt from the H & M camel skirt....I do that too! Even though it's not real leather- I love it and always steal it to wear with other outfits. Hehehe


Lovely skirt, Sydney! I want want want but I think I have way too many lace/crochet items already :)


oooh very pretty. not quite chambray but still really cute outfit!


love this entire look! so soft and clean :)


that skirt is sooo cute on you!!! and love the sandals!!!


What a terrific buy! It looks amazing on you (I love how you styled it!)


@Really Petite I wear that belt with everything :)

Christine Yun

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! I'm petite just like you! You have such a great and informative blog! Keep up the great work!



Adorable ensemble! Love your hair too. I so wish mine had more volume.


I never would have thought to pair lace with chambray! I love it!!

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